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Package list


Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor Already in Debian
opengnb P2P de-centralized layer 3 VPN (unstable) xiao sheng wen(肖盛文) Yes No
check-mk-agent general purpose monitoring plugin for retrieving data 1:2.0.0p25+dfsg-1 (unstable) Juri Grabowski Yes No
strawberry audio player and music collection organizer 1.0.4-1 (unstable) Peter Blackman Yes No
ngraph-gtk create scientific 2-dimensional graphs 6.09.06-1 (unstable) Hiroyuki Ito Yes Yes
cloudflare-ddns dynamically update a DNS record using Cloudflare 2.0.0-1~bpo11+1 (bullseye-backports) Andrea Pappacoda No Yes
wxmaxima GUI for the computer algebra system Maxima 22.05.0-1 (unstable) Gunter Königsmann Yes Yes
mosh Mobile shell that supports roaming and intelligent local echo 1.3.2-2.2 (unstable) Nicholas Guriev No Yes


Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor Already in Debian
xbyak JIT assembler for x86(IA32), x64(AMD64, x86-64) 6.052-1 (unstable) Andrea Pappacoda Yes Yes
qrtr Userspace reference for QRTR -- tools and services 0.3+git20201207.9dc7a88-1 (unstable) Arnaud Ferraris No No
xbitmaps Base X bitmaps 1.1.1-2.2 (unstable) Arnaud Ferraris No Yes

Some days ago

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor Already in Debian
multi-timer Set of countdown timers with alarm, up to 40 per set 0.2.0-1 (unstable) realroot Yes No
bats bash automated testing system 1.7.0-0.1 (unstable) Gioele Barabucci Yes Yes
open-ath9k-htc-firmware firmware for AR7010 and AR9271 USB wireless adapters 1.4.0-108-gd856466+dfsg1 (unstable) John Scott Yes Yes
safe library for safe c++ mutexes (development files) 1.0.1-1 (unstable) Matthias Geiger Yes No
golang-github-mattn-go-xmpp go xmpp library (library) 0.0~git20220513.1411b9c-1 (unstable) Martin Dosch Yes Yes
deepin-album album application for Deepin Desktop Environment 5.9.10-1 (unstable) Ma Aiguo Yes Yes
deepin-image-editor Public deepin image visual result library (shared library) 1.0.13-2 (unstable) Ma Aiguo Yes No
ytfzf POSIX script to find and watch youtube videos from the terminal.(Without API) 2.3-1 (experimental) Braulio Henrique Marques Souto Yes No
stacktile Layout generator for the river Wayland compositor 0.1.1-1 (unstable) Nick Hastings No No

Older packages

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor Already in Debian
golang-github-protonmail-go-mime Go Mime Wrapper Library (library) 0.0~git20220429.2192574-1 (unstable) Martin Dosch Yes No
sentrypeer SIP peer to peer honeypot for VoIP 1.4.1-1 (UNRELEASED) Gavin Henry Yes No
odr-dabmod DAB modulator compliant to ETSI EN 300 401 2.6.0-1 (unstable) Robin ALEXANDER Yes No
hpnssh secure shell client and server (metapackage) 8.8p1hpn16v1-1 (sid) Chris Rapier Yes No
git-multimail git-multimail is a tool for sending notification emails on pushes 1.5.0-1 (unstable) Bo YU Yes No
wayland-utils Wayland utilities 1.0.0-1 (UNRELEASED) Nick Hastings No No
ansible-compat Ansible compatibility goodies 2.0.2-1 (experimental) Josenilson Ferreira da SIlva No No
xchroot chroot for Xorg/X11 with unionfs/aufs support 2.7.4-10 (stable) Elmar Stellnberger Yes No
c-evo-nh Empire Building Game, C-evo: New Horizons (unstable) Peter Blackman Yes No
golang-github-gitchander-permutation Simple permutation package for golang (library) 0.0~git20210517.a5d7372-1 (unstable) Robert Greener Yes No
golang-github-ftrvxmtrx-fd Pass Go file descriptors and connections between different OS processes. (library) 0.0~git20150925.c6d8003-1 (UNRELEASED) Robert Greener Yes No
warpd modal keyboard driven pointer manipulation program 1.2.2-1 (unstable) clay stan Yes No
bundsteg printing pdf documents with inner margins including multiple pages 1.2-4 (stable) Elmar Stellnberger Yes No
cbetar2 A Buddhist text reader using CBETA APIs 19.2.1 (unstable) Meng-Yuan Huang Yes No
freetype FreeType 2 font engine for the debian-installer 2.6.3-3.2+deb9u3 (stretch) Hugh McMaster No Yes
fuzzel Launcher for wlroots based compositors 1.7.0-1 (UNRELEASED) Nick Hastings No No
qcoan Automaton and Turing Machine Simulator 2.0-11 (stable) Elmar Stellnberger Yes No
libkdumpfile Python bindings for libkdumpfile9 0.4.1-1 (unstable) Michel Alexandre Salim Yes No
pam-gnupg Unlock GnuPG keys on login 0.3-1 (experimental) Braulio Henrique Marques Souto Yes No
solvespace Parametric 2d/3d CAD 3.1~rc1+ds1-1 (unstable) Ryan A. Pavlik Yes Yes
drvtools Virtual drives with confined access rights, burning sparse files on iso 1.7.11-5 (stable) Elmar Stellnberger Yes No
powercap Development files for libpowercap 0.6.0-1 (unstable) Connor Imes No Yes
arqiver Simple Qt5 archive manager; front-end for libarchive, gzip and 7z. 0.9.0-2 (unstable) S. 7 No Yes
pygatt Python Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) and GATT Library 4.0.5-1 (experimental) Josenilson Ferreira da SIlva No No
base16384 Encode binary files to printable utf16be 2.2.0-1 (unstable) fumiama Yes No
wolfssl Development files for the wolfSSL encryption library 5.3.0-1 (unstable) Andrew Hutchings No Yes
clap command line arguments parser 0.14.0-3 (unstable) Franklin Timoteo dos Santos No Yes
davegnukem Retro-style 2D scrolling platform shooter 1.0.1-1 (unstable) Matteo Bini Yes No
td-system-tools Metapackage for system information and maintenance tools 1.5.0-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz Yes No
tsctp SCTP Test Tool 0.7.8-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz Yes No
odr-audioenc DAB and DAB+ encoder that integrates into the ODR-mmbTools 3.2.0-1 (unstable) Robin ALEXANDER Yes No

Uploaded long ago

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor Already in Debian
parsimonious fastest pure-Python PEG parser 0.9.0-1 (experimental) Josenilson Ferreira da SIlva No No
jimtcl small-footprint implementation of Tcl - shared library 0.81+dfsg0-2 (unstable) Bo YU No Yes
md2term Markdown parser for highlights and colors in terminal 0.0.7-1 (experimental) Braulio Henrique Marques Souto Yes No
hpx C++ Standard library for parallelism and concurrency 1.8.0~rc1-1 (unstable) Gürkan Myczko No No
vertcoin peer-to-peer network based digital currency - CLI tools 0.18.0-1 (unstable) vertion Yes No
rshell Remote shell for working with MicroPython boards 0.0.31-1 (unstable) Dave Jones Yes No
doas-portable slicer69's port of doas, a minimal replacement for sudo 6.3p6-1 (unstable) Scupake No No
opendoas minimal replacement for sudo, with persist support 6.8.2-1 (unstable) Scupake No No
doas metapackage for doas, a minimal replacement for sudo 7 (unstable) Scupake No Yes
odr-dabmux Digital Audio Broadcasting multiplexer compliant to ETSI EN 300 401 4.2.1-1 (unstable) Robin ALEXANDER Yes No
nast packet sniffer and lan analyzer 0.2.0-6.1 (experimental) Josenilson Ferreira da SIlva No Yes
zig Imperative, general-purpose, statically typed, system programming language 0.9.1-1 (unstable) Nick Hastings No No
river Dynamic tiling Wayland compositor 0.1.3-3 (unstable) Nick Hastings No No
quick-lint-js JavaScript linter 2.4.2-1 (unstable) Matthew "strager" Glazar Yes No
dpa-ext-gnomekeyring GNOME keyring extension for dde-polkit-agent 5.0.9-1 (unstable) clay stan No No
dde-polkit-agent PolicyKit agent for DDE 5.4.14-1 (unstable) clay stan No No
ngx-nchan Fast, flexible pub/sub server for Nginx 1:1.2.15-1 (unstable) Miao Wang Yes No
wlopm Wayland output power management 20220202-1 (unstable) Nick Hastings No No
yosys-plugin-ghdl VHDL to RTL synthesis plugin using GHDL 0.0~git20211127.09a32cd-1 (unstable) Daniel Gröber No No
calamares-extensions Mobile module for Calamares installer framework 1.2.1-1 (unstable) Undef Yes No
ibus-keymagic keymagic engine for IBus 1.4-1 (unstable) kokoye2007 Yes No
libview VMware's Incredibly Exciting Widgets 0.6.6-3 (unstable) Ileana Dumitrescu Yes Yes
hcxbtdumptool Small tool to capture packets from Bluetooth devices 0.0.1-1 (experimental) Paulo Roberto Alves de Oliveira (aka kretcheu) No No
kotlin-mode emacs major mode for kotlin 20210917git0-1 (unstable) Joshua Peisach Yes No
paho.mqtt.c Eclipse Paho MQTT C client - example files 1.3.9-2 (unstable) Roman Ondráček No Yes
xmrig High performance, open source CPU/GPU miner and RandomX benchmark. 6.17.0-1 (unstable) Ben Westover Yes No
fig2sxd convert XFig files to format 0.23-2 (unstable) Alexander Bürger No Yes
fldiff graphical diff program 1.1+0-7 (unstable) Paulo Roberto Alves de Oliveira (aka kretcheu) No Yes
electrum Easy to use Bitcoin client 4.1.5-1 (UNRELEASED) Mario Oyorzabal Salgado No Yes
kylin-ipmsg Messages fo UKUI 1.0.0-1 (unstable) KevinDuan No No
libstrangle Framerate limiter library for OpenGL and Vulkan applications 0.1.1+dfsg.1-1 (unstable) Linus Vanas No No
kylin-printer Printer installer for the UKUI desktop 1.0.0-1 (unstable) KevinDuan No No
bung Database, file, router and switch backup to file system for one or many devices 3.2.5-1 (UNRELEASED) Charles Atkinson No No
kylin-usb-creator Usb boot maker 1.0.0-1 (unstable) KevinDuan No No
fonts-lxgw-wenkai Chinese font "LXGW WenKai"(also known as "xia wu wen kai", "xwwk") 1.113+repack-1 (unstable) xiao sheng wen(肖盛文) Yes No
kylin-recorder Recorder tool for UKUI 1.0.0-1 (unstable) KevinDuan No No
kylin-calculator Calculator tool for UKUI 1.0.0-1 (unstable) KevinDuan No No
epub2txt2 extract text from EPUB documents 2.01-1 (experimental) Thiago Pezzo Yes No
ukui-clock contain clock alarm 1.0.0-1 (unstable) KevinDuan No No
time-shutdown parallels toolbox for UKUI 1.0.0-1 (unstable) Allen No No
ricochet-refresh Anonymous metadata-resistant instant messaging over tor 3.0.11-1 (unstable) Marco Simonelli No No
natron video compositing software 2.4.2+git20220109-1 (unstable) Gürkan Myczko No No
pinpoint hacker-friendly presentation program 1:0.1.8-6 (unstable) Joao Paulo Yes Yes
makemkv-oss MakeMKV BD decryption API library 1.16.7-1 (unstable) Ben Westover Yes No
makemkv-bin Proprietary components of makemkv 1.16.7-1 (unstable) Ben Westover Yes No
libt3window Library for creating window-based terminal programs 0.4.1-1 (unstable) Gertjan Halkes No Yes
makedeb A simplicity-focused packaging tool for Debian archives 11.0.1-1 (unstable) Leo Puvilland Yes No
flac123 Command line program for playing flac encoded files 0.0.12-1 (experimental) Josenilson Ferreira da SIlva No Yes
glyphsets Python API for evaluating glyph sets in font projects 0.2.1-1 (experimental) Paulo Roberto Alves de Oliveira (aka kretcheu) No No
qt-android-6.2 Qt for Android (x86_64) 6.2.3+ds-1 (UNRELEASED)
6.2.4+ds-1 (unstable)
Fab Stz Yes No
unionfs-fuse Fuse implementation of unionfs 2.3-1 (unstable) Bernd Schubert No Yes
golang-github-amalfra-etag go package to create HTTP ETags 1.0.0-1 (unstable) Benedikt Wildenhain Yes No
php-codeigniter-framework ${phpcomposer:description} 3.1.13-1 (unstable) Fab Stz Yes No
runit-services UNIX init scheme with service supervision (services) 0.5.0 (experimental) Lorenzo Puliti Yes Yes
php-kissifrot-php-ixr ${phpcomposer:description} 1.8.3-1 (unstable) Fab Stz Yes No
ukui-power-manager power management tool for the UKUI desktop (unstable) Allen No Yes
gost-crypto Linux kernel modules implementing GOST cryptography 0.3.4-1 (unstable) Dmitry Baryshkov No Yes
netperfmeter Network Performance Meter (measurement program) 1.8.6~rc2.1-1~bpo10+1 (bullseye) Thomas Dreibholz Yes Yes
php-giggsey-libphonenumber ${phpcomposer:description} 8.12.45-1 (unstable) Fab Stz Yes No
php-giggsey-locale ${phpcomposer:description} 2.1-1 (unstable) Fab Stz Yes No
debfetch Prints short info about Debian 1.1-1 (experimental) Ramon Mulin Lopes <aka mulin> Yes No
rserpooldemo GUI tool for the RSerPool Demo system 3.0.6-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz Yes No
socketapi Development package for Socket-API 2:2.2.21-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz Yes Yes
sctplib Documentation of the user-space SCTP implementation SCTPLIB 1:1.0.28-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz Yes Yes
rtpaudio RTP Audio sound streaming system 2.0.5-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz Yes No
python3-adns Python bindings to the asynchronous DNS resolver library 1.2.8~rc6-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz Yes No
cppinsights See your source code with the eyes of a compiler 0.7-1 (unstable) Yuri Musachio Montezuma da Cruz No No
libneat NEAT Sockets API Examples 1.0.3-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz Yes No
php-league-csv ${phpcomposer:description} 9.8.0-1 (unstable) Fab Stz Yes No
php-datto-json-rpc-http ${phpcomposer:description} 5.0.6-1 (unstable) Fab Stz Yes No
php-datto-json-rpc ${phpcomposer:description} 6.1.0-1 (unstable) Fab Stz Yes No
tesseract-lang tesseract-ocr data for Vietnamese script 1:5.0.0~git39-6572757-1 (unstable) Alexander Pozdnyakov Yes Yes
pacman-package-manager Simple library-based package manager 6.0.1-1 (unstable) Ben Westover Yes No
mbedtls lightweight crypto and SSL/TLS library - documentation 2.16.12-0+deb11u1 (bullseye) Andrea Pappacoda No Yes
exaile Exaile is a music player with a simple interface 4.1.2~beta1-1 (bullseye) Andre Flechs No Yes
xmpp-dns CLI tool to check XMPP SRV records. 0.2.4-1 (unstable) Martin Dosch Yes No
libshumate GTK4 widgets for embedded maps 1.0-1 (UNRELEASED) Matthias Geiger Yes No
milvus Vector dstabase for unstructured data. 2.0.0-1 (bullseye) Yunmei Li Yes No
spek acoustic spectrum analyser 0.8.2-4.1 (unstable) Matteo Bini No Yes
dwm dynamic window manager 6.3-0.2 (unstable) Matteo Bini Yes Yes
mplayer movie player for Unix-like systems 2:1.5+ds1-1 (unstable) Lorenzo Puliti No Yes
mppp C++11/14/17/20 library for multiprecision arithmetic 0.26-1 (unstable) Gürkan Myczko No No
soundtracker pattern-oriented music editor 1.0.3~pre1-1 (experimental) Josenilson Ferreira da SIlva No Yes
tesseract Tesseract OCR with all language and script packages 5.1.0-1 (unstable) Alexander Pozdnyakov Yes Yes
jupyter-radare2 simple radare2 Jupyter kernel 0.1-1 (experimental) Josenilson Ferreira da SIlva No No
sfeed Command-line tools for processing RSS and Atom feeds 1.4-1 (unstable) Sebastian Crane Yes No
guerillabackup resilient, distributed backup and archiving solution 0.1.1-1 (unstable) halfdog Yes No
liboauth C library implementing OAuth Core 1.0a API (runtime) 1.0.3-6 (unstable) Laurin Hagemann No Yes
go-junit-report Convert go test output to junit xml (program) 1.0.0-1 (UNRELEASED) Gabriel M. Dutra Yes No
synkron Qt based application for synchronising folders 1.6.2+r200+dfsg-1 (unstable) Fab Stz Yes No
cargo-strip subcommand that reduces the size of Rust binaries 0.2.2-1 (experimental) Josenilson Ferreira da SIlva No No
pwnat Proxy server that works behind a NAT 0.3.0-1 (experimental) Josenilson Ferreira da SIlva No No
gydl is a GUI wrapper around the already existing youtube-dl 0.1.1-1 (experimental) Braulio Henrique Marques Souto Yes No
mazeofgalious The Maze of Galious 0.63+dfsg1-1 (unstable) Pablo Yes Yes
njs njs support for Nginx 0.7.2-1 (unstable) Miao Wang Yes No
ngx-lua Lua module for Nginx 1:0.10.13-1 (unstable) Miao Wang Yes No
ngx-dav-ext WebDAV missing commands support for Nginx 3.0.0-1 (unstable) Miao Wang Yes No
ngx-fancyindex fancy indexes module for the Nginx 1:0.5.2-1 (unstable) Miao Wang Yes No
ngx-subs-filter Substitution filter module for Nginx 1:0.6.4-1 (unstable) Miao Wang Yes No
ngx-cache-purge Purge content from Nginx caches 2.3-1 (unstable) Miao Wang Yes No
ngx-ndk Nginx Development Kit module 1:0.3.1-1 (unstable) Miao Wang Yes No
ngx-auth-pam PAM authentication module for Nginx 1:1.5.3-1 (unstable) Miao Wang Yes No
ngx-upload-progress Upload progress system for Nginx 1:0.9.2-1 (unstable) Miao Wang Yes No
ngx-upstream-fair Nginx Upstream Fair Proxy Load Balancer 1:0~20120408-a18b409-1 (unstable) Miao Wang Yes No
ngx-rtmp RTMP support for Nginx 1:1.2.2-1 (unstable) Miao Wang Yes No
berry Minimal window manager 0.1.9-1 (unstable) Yuri Musachio Montezuma da Cruz Yes No
ngx-headers-more-filter Set and clear input and output headers for Nginx 1:0.33-1 (unstable) Miao Wang Yes No
ngx-geoip2 GeoIP2 Stream module for Nginx 3.3-1 (unstable) Miao Wang Yes No
ngx-echo Bring echo and more shell style goodies to Nginx 1:0.62-1 (unstable) Miao Wang Yes No
polymc Custom launcher for Minecraft 1.1.1-1 (UNRELEASED) dada513 Yes No