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Details about package imsprog

Name: imsprog (PTS)
Uploader: Mikhail Medvedev <> (Debian QA page)
Description: imsprog - Linux chip programmer for CH341a devices

Package uploads

Upload #1


Version: 1.4.1-1
Uploaded: 2024-05-28 04:54
Source package: imsprog_1.4.1-1.dsc
Distribution: unstable
Section: devel
Priority: optional
Vcs-Git: -b debian/latest


 imsprog (1.4.1-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * New upstream version
     - Renamed udev rule from 99-CH341.rules to 71-CH341.rules (for uaccess)
       and removed MODE=660 and GROUP+=plugdev
   * Fix debian/watch

QA information


  1. New features:
        Added support new chip type - AT45DBxx DataFlash.
        Added new chips to the chip database.
    In appsteram metadata files:
        Fix: asv-url-redefined
        Fix: icon-not-found
        Fix: asv-developer-name-tag-deprecated
        Fix: appstream-metadata-malformed-modalias-provide - include non-valid hex digit in USB matching rule 'usb:v1a86p5512d*'
    In udev rules:
        Renamed udev rule from 99-CH341.rules to 71-CH341.rules and removed deprecated MODE=660 and GROUP+=plugdev
    Mikhail Medvedev at May 28, 2024, 4:57 a.m.