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Only approved members of the Debian project (Debian Developers) are granted the permission to upload software packages into the Debian distribution. Still a large number of packages is maintained by non-official developers. How do they get their work into Debian when they are not allowed to upload their own packages directly? By means of a process called sponsorship. Sponsorship means that a Debian Developer uploads the package on behalf of the actual maintainer. The Debian Developer will also check the package for technical correctness and help the maintainer to improve the package if necessary. Therefore the sponsor is sometimes also called a mentor.

Note, not only Debian Developer are allowed to review packages. Everyone is encouraged to review packages! We appreciate your efforts as well.

Getting your package into Debian

See our introductory page for maintainers and learn how to use and get your packages into Debian. Furthermore see our introductory page on sponsorship to learn how to get in touch with a sponsor.

If you are curious about Debexpo, the software which is running this site, you can read more about Debexpo on the Debian Wiki.

Recently uploaded packages


Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor Already in Debian
opam package manager for OCaml 2.1.5-2 (UNRELEASED)
2.1.5-2 (unstable)
Bo YU Yes Yes
open62541 implementation of OPC UA (IEC 62541) - tools and nodeset-compiler 1.4.1-1 (UNRELEASED)
1.4.1-1 (unstable)
Julius Pfrommer Yes No
emacs-libvterm fully-fledged terminal emulator inside GNU Emacs based on libvterm - module 0.0.2+git20240520.df057b1-1 (unstable) Xiyue Deng Yes Yes
imsprog Linux chip programmer for CH341a devices 1.4.1-1 (unstable) Mikhail Medvedev Yes Yes
xmacro Record / Play keystrokes and mouse movements in X displays 0.3pre-20000911-9 (unstable) Nicholas Skaggs Yes Yes
serious-engine Serious Sam - The Second Encounter 0~git20230724+dfsg-1 (unstable) Sébastien Noel Yes No


Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor Already in Debian
blobwars platform shooting game 2.00-5 (unstable) Bo YU Yes Yes
emacs-corfu Completion Overlay Region FUnction in Emacs 1.4-1 (unstable) Xiyue Deng Yes Yes

Some days ago

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor Already in Debian
winff graphical video and audio batch converter using ffmpeg or avconv 1.6.4+dfsg-2 (unstable) Peter Blackman Yes Yes
cdemu-client Command-line client to control CDEmu daemon 3.2.5-2 (unstable) Matteo Bini Yes Yes
gcdemu GNOME application to control CDEmu daemon 3.2.6-1 (unstable) Matteo Bini Yes No
adminerevo Web-based database administration tool 4.8.4-1 (unstable) Alexandre Rossi Yes No
scala-mode-el transitional dummy package, scala-mode-el to elpa-scala-mode 1:1.1.0+git20240113.4c6d636-1 (unstable) Xiyue Deng Yes Yes
lem Tool merging math and logic for executable definitions (tool) 2022-12-10+dfsg-1 (unstable) Bo YU Yes No
radsecproxy RADIUS protocol proxy supporting RadSec 1.10.1-1 (unstable) Sven Hartge Yes Yes

Older packages

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor Already in Debian
td-system-tools Metapackage for system information and maintenance tools 1.6.2~rc0-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz Yes No
makemkv-oss MakeMKV Blu-Ray decryption API library 1.17.7+ds-1 (unstable) Ben Westover Yes No
makemkv-bin Proprietary components of makemkv 1.17.7-1 (unstable) Ben Westover Yes No
js2-mode Emacs mode for editing Javascript programs (dummy package) 0.0~git20240418.9b90d31-1 (unstable) Xiyue Deng Yes Yes
emacs-cfrs Child-frame based read-string for Emacs 1.6.0-1 (unstable) Xiyue Deng Yes No
git-credential-oauth Git credential helper for GitHub and other forges using OAuth 0.11.3-1 (unstable) M Hickford Yes Yes
git-credential-azure Git credential helper for Azure Repos 0.3.0-1 (unstable) M Hickford Yes Yes
debian-el Transition package, debian-el to elpa-debian-el 37.12 (unstable) Xiyue Deng Yes Yes
lsm Link connectivity monitor tool - transitional package 1.0.21-1 (unstable) Lucas Castro Yes Yes
emacs-bazel-mode Bazel support for GNU Emacs 0.0~git20230919.769b30d-1 (unstable) Xiyue Deng Yes No
netplug network link monitor daemon (unstable) Pali Rohár Yes Yes
guile-curl Guile language bindings for cURL 0.9-1 (unstable) Shriram Ravindranathan Yes No