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Only approved members of the Debian project (Debian Developers) are granted the permission to upload software packages into the Debian distribution. Still a large number of packages is maintained by non-official developers. How do they get their work into Debian when they are not allowed to upload their own packages directly? By means of a process called sponsorship. Sponsorship means that a Debian Developer uploads the package on behalf of the actual maintainer. The Debian Developer will also check the package for technical correctness and help the maintainer to improve the package if necessary. Therefore the sponsor is sometimes also called a mentor.

Note, not only Debian Developer are allowed to review packages. Everyone is encouraged to review packages! We appreciate your efforts as well.

Getting your package into Debian

See our introductory page for maintainers and learn how to use and get your packages into Debian. Furthermore see our introductory page on sponsorship to learn how to get in touch with a sponsor.

If you are curious about Debexpo, the software which is running this site, you can read more about Debexpo on the Debian Wiki.

Recently uploaded packages


Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor Already in Debian
kanjidraw handwritten kanji recognition - gui 0.2.0-1 (unstable) Felix C. Stegerman Yes No


Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor Already in Debian
filezilla Full-featured graphical FTP/FTPS/SFTP client 3.54.1-1 (experimental) Phil Wyett Yes Yes
openh264 H.264 encoder/decoder by Cisco - shared library 2.1.1-1 (unstable) Bastian Germann Yes No
mini-httpd Small HTTP server 1.30-3 (unstable) Khoa Tran Minh Yes Yes
ircii Internet Relay Chat client 20190117-1+deb10u1 (buster) Håvard Flaget Aasen Yes Yes
objfw portable framework for the Objective-C language HTML documentation 0.90.2+git20210315-1 (experimental) Gürkan Myczko Yes No

Some days ago

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor Already in Debian Visual Interface Builder for GNUstep 1.2.28-1 (experimental) Gürkan Myczko Yes Yes
binutils-sh-elf GNU binary utilities for embedded SuperH devices 1 (experimental) John Scott Yes No
usbredir Simple USB host TCP server 0.9.0-1 (unstable) Lin Qigang Yes Yes
fpart sort file trees and pack them into bags 1.3.0-1 (unstable) martymac Yes Yes
open-invaders Space Invaders clone 0.3-6 (experimental) Hugo Torres de Lima Yes Yes
molotov Create a bootable media from a Windows 10 iso image 1.2-1 (unstable) Cézar Augusto de Campos Yes No
nbsdgames text based mini games for your terminal 4.0-1 (unstable)
4.1-1 (experimental)
Gürkan Myczko Yes No

Older packages

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor Already in Debian
budgie-screensaver Screensaver and screen lock for the Budgie Desktop 4.0-1 (experimental) David Mohammed Yes No
hipercontracer Command-line programs for HiPerConTracer 1.6.0-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz Yes No
bibtexconv BibTeX Converter 1.2.0-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz Yes Yes
git-autofixup Automatically fixup commits with related changes 0.003001-1 (unstable) Daniel Gröber Yes No
rsplib RSerPool implementation RSPLIB 3.3.1-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz Yes Yes
awf-gtk3 Theme preview application for GTK 2.4.0-1 (unstable) Fabrice Creuzot Yes No
git-subrepo Alternative to git-submodule(1) and git-subtree(1) 0.4.3-1 (unstable) Daniel Gröber Yes No
dmidecode SMBIOS/DMI table decoder 3.3-2 (experimental) Jörg Frings-Fürst Yes Yes
td-system-tools Metapackage for system information and maintenance tools 1.2.0-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz Yes No
awf-gtk4 Theme preview application for GTK 2.4.0-1 (experimental) Fabrice Creuzot Yes No
tensorwatch Debug, monitor and visualize for Python Machine Learning docs 0.9.0-1 (experimental) Gürkan Myczko Yes No
blag-fortune anarchist quotes for fortune 1.5.0-1 (UNRELEASED)
1.5.0-1 (unstable)
tous Yes Yes
python-radexreader Reader for the RADEX RD1212 and ONE Geiger counters (CLI) 1.2.0-1 (unstable) Fabrice Creuzot Yes No
awf-gtk2 Theme preview application for GTK 2.4.0-1 (unstable) Fabrice Creuzot Yes No
asciidoc Highly configurable text format for writing documentation 9.1.0-1 (unstable) Leon Marz Yes Yes
human-theme-gtk Human theme for GTK 1.3.0-1 (unstable) Fabrice Creuzot Yes No
python-docker Python 3 wrapper to access's control socket 4.1.0-1.2~bpo10+1 (buster-backports) Shane Frasier Yes Yes
newlib C library and math library for embedded systems (source) 3.3.0-1.1 (unstable) John Scott Yes Yes
cpufetch Simple yet fancy CPU architecture fetching tool 0.97-1 (unstable) clay stan Yes No
sfxr-qt sound effect generator, QtQuick port of sfxr 1.3.0+git20210422-1 (experimental) Gürkan Myczko Yes No
dtkcommon dtk common dev files 5.5.2-1 (unstable) clay stan Yes No
rednotebook Modern desktop diary and personal journaling tool 2.22+ds-1 (experimental) Phil Wyett Yes Yes
uriparser documentation files for uriparser 0.9.5+dfsg-1 (experimental) Jörg Frings-Fürst Yes Yes
dtkcore Deepin Tool Kit Core library (utilities) 5.4.13-1 (unstable) clay stan Yes Yes
dtkgui Deepin Tool Kit Gui utilities 5.4.13-1 (unstable) clay stan Yes Yes
dtkwidget Deepin Tool Kit Widget library utilities 5.4.16-1 (unstable) clay stan Yes Yes
color-picker Powerful screen color picker based on Qt 1.0.1-1 (experimental) Hugo Torres de Lima Yes No
dpa-ext-gnomekeyring GNOME keyring extension for dde-polkit-agent 5.0.4-1 (unstable) clay stan Yes No
ibmtss IBM's TCG Software Stack (TSS) for TPM 2.0 and related utilities 1.6.0-1 (unstable) Debora Velarde Babb Yes No
vimb vim like browser 3.6.0-1 (unstable) Martin Atukunda Yes No