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Only approved members of the Debian project (Debian Developers) are granted the permission to upload software packages into the Debian distribution. Still a large number of packages is maintained by non-official developers. How do they get their work into Debian when they are not allowed to upload their own packages directly? By means of a process called sponsorship. Sponsorship means that a Debian Developer uploads the package on behalf of the actual maintainer. The Debian Developer will also check the package for technical correctness and help the maintainer to improve the package if necessary. Therefore the sponsor is sometimes also called a mentor.

Note, not only Debian Developer are allowed to review packages. Everyone is encouraged to review packages! We appreciate your efforts as well.

Getting your package into Debian

See our introductory page for maintainers and learn how to use and get your packages into Debian. Furthermore see our introductory page on sponsorship to learn how to get in touch with a sponsor.

If you are curious about Debexpo, the software which is running this site, you can read more about Debexpo on the Debian Wiki.

Recently uploaded packages


Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
udfclient udfclient - userland implementation of the UDF filesystem 0.8.8-1 Pali Rohár Yes
helm elpa-helm - Emacs incremental completion and selection narrowing framework
elpa-helm-core - Emacs Helm library files
2.5.0-2 Nicholas D Steeves Yes
writegood-mode elpa-writegood-mode - Minor mode for Emacs to improve English writing 2.0.2-1 Nicholas D Steeves Yes
libgdamm libgdamm - C++ wrappers for libgda
libgdamm-dev - C++ wrappers for libgda. Development files.
libgdamm-doc - C++ wrappers for libgda. Documentation.
4.99.11-1 Pavlo Solntsev Yes
guerillabackup guerillabackup - resilient, distributed backup and archiving solution 0.0.0-1 halfdog Yes


Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
luajit libluajit-5.1-2 - Just in time compiler for Lua - library version
libluajit-5.1-common - Just in time compiler for Lua - common files
libluajit-5.1-dev - Just in time compiler for Lua - development files
luajit - Just in time compiler for Lua programming language version 5.1
2.1.0~beta2+dfsg-3.1 Zhou Mo Yes
golang-google-api golang-google-api-dev - Google APIs Client Library 0.0~git20161128.3cc2e59-2 Roger Shimizu Yes
usbwall devid-schema - LDAP schema file for devid device management schema
libpam-usbwall - usbwall PAM support allowing user-based device filtering
usbwall-daemon - Device filtering daemon, managing locally authorized devices
usbwall-deviddctl - Description to add with concertation with mainstream
0.5-1 Philippe Thierry Yes
libneat libneat-dev - NEAT Core API Development Files
libneat-docs - NEAT Core API Documentation
libneat-examples - NEAT Core API Examples
libneat-socketapi-dev - NEAT Sockets API Development Files
libneat-socketapi-examples - NEAT Sockets API Examples
libneat-socketapi0 - NEAT Sockets API
libneat0 - NEAT Core API
0.0.1~td147-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
libusrsctp libusrsctp-dev - Portable SCTP Userland Stack (Development Files)
libusrsctp-examples - Portable SCTP Userland Stack (Examples)
libusrsctp1 - Portable SCTP Userland Stack
1.0.0~td116-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes

Some days ago

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
openmeca openmeca - Multibody mechanical simulator 2.2.5-1 damien andré Yes
xtrs xtrs - emulator for TRS-80 Model I/III/4/4P computers 4.9d-3 G. Branden Robinson Yes
fonts-open-sans fonts-open-sans - humanist sans serif typeface by Steve Matteson 1.11-1 Gregor Riepl Yes

Older packages

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
rdma-core ibacm - InfiniBand Communication Manager Assistant (ACM)
ibverbs-providers - User space provider drivers for libibverbs
ibverbs-utils - Examples for the libibverbs library
iwpmd - Userspace component for iWarp RDMA services
libibcm-dev - Development files for the libibcm library
libibcm1 - InfiniBand Communication Manager (CM) library
libibcm1-dbg - InfiniBand Communication Manager (CM) library
libibumad-dev - Development files for libibumad
libibumad3 - InfiniBand Userspace Management Datagram (uMAD) library
libibumad3-dbg - InfiniBand Userspace Management Datagram (uMAD) library
libibverbs-dev - Development files for the libibverbs library
libibverbs1 - Library for direct userspace use of RDMA (InfiniBand/iWARP)
libibverbs1-dbg - Debugging symbols for the libibverbs library
librdmacm-dev - Development files for the librdmacm library
librdmacm1 - Library for managing RDMA connections
librdmacm1-dbg - Debugging symbols for the librdmacm library
rdma-core - RDMA core userspace infrastructure and documentation.
rdmacm-utils - Examples for the librdmacm library
srptools - Tools for Infiniband attached storage (SRP)
14-4 Talat Batheesh Yes
golang-gopkg-guregu-null.v2 golang-gopkg-guregu-null.v2-dev - Reasonable handling of nullable SQL and JSON values 2.2+git20150913.0.4ac4f00-1 Diego M. Rodriguez Yes
golang-gopkg-guregu-null.v3 golang-gopkg-guregu-null.v3-dev - Reasonable handling of nullable SQL and JSON values 3.1+git20160228.0.41961ce-1 Diego M. Rodriguez Yes
groonga groonga - Fulltext search engine (metapackage for library use)
groonga-bin - Commands for Groonga
groonga-doc - Documentation of Groonga
groonga-examples - Examples of Groonga
groonga-httpd - Groonga HTTP server
groonga-munin-plugins - munin-node plugins for Groonga
groonga-plugin-suggest - Suggest plugin for Groonga
groonga-server-common - Fulltext search engine (metapackage for server use)
groonga-server-gqtp - Fulltext search engine (metapackage for GQTP server use)
groonga-token-filter-stem - Stemming token filter for Groonga
groonga-tokenizer-mecab - MeCab tokenizer for Groonga
libgroonga-dev - Development files to use Groonga as a library
libgroonga0 - Library files for Groonga
7.0.1-1 Kentaro Hayashi Yes
telegram-desktop telegram-desktop - official telegram messaging app 1.0.27-1 Nicholas Guriev Yes
golang-github-dlclark-regexp2 golang-github-dlclark-regexp2-dev - Regex engine for Go based on the .NET engine 1.1.4+git20170331.0.902a5ce-1 Diego M. Rodriguez Yes
golang-github-gedex-inflector golang-github-gedex-inflector-dev - Go library that pluralizes and singularizes English nouns 0.0~git20170307.0.16278e9-1 Diego M. Rodriguez Yes
picocoin libccoin-dev - bitcoin library - development files
libccoin0 - bitcoin library - shared library
picocoin - spv client and block utilities
0.5-2 Joel De Jesus Yes
golang-github-andybalholm-cascadia golang-github-andybalholm-cascadia-dev - CSS selector library in Go 0.0~git20161224.0.349dd02-1 Diego M. Rodriguez Yes
sysbench sysbench - multi-threaded benchmark tool for database systems 1.0.5-1 jcfp Yes
gsignond gir1.2-gsignond-1.0 - gir bindings for gsignond
gsignond - gSSO daemon and default plugins
gsignond-doc - documentation for gsignond
libgsignond-common-dev - development files for gsignond
libgsignond-common0 - gSSO common library
1.0.6-1 Corentin Noël Yes
freeglut freeglut3 - OpenGL Utility Toolkit
freeglut3-dev - OpenGL Utility Toolkit development files
3.0.0-1.1 Nicholas Guriev Yes
libbloom libbloom-dev - simple and small bloom filter implementation in C (development fi
libbloom1 - simple and small bloom filter implementation in C
1.4-3 Roger Shimizu Yes
autofs autofs - kernel-based automounter for Linux
autofs-hesiod - Hesiod map support for autofs
autofs-ldap - LDAP map support for autofs
autofs5 - transitional dummy package for 'autofs'
autofs5-hesiod - transitional dummy package for 'autofs-hesiod'
autofs5-ldap - transitional dummy package for 'autofs-ldap'
5.1.2-1.1 Harald Dunkel Yes
qt5ct qt5ct - Qt5 Configuration Utility 0.31-2 Mateusz Łukasik Yes
drgeo drgeo - interactive geometry software 1.1.0-10.3 PatrickHetu Yes
libdsk libdsk-utils - library for accessing discs and disc image file (utilities)
libdsk4 - library for accessing discs and disc image file
libdsk4-dev - library for accessing discs and disc image file (development head
1.5.4+dfsg-1 Dominik George Yes
arc-theme arc-theme - Flat theme with transparent elements 20170302-1 David Mohammed Yes
calamares calamares - distribution-independent installer framework 3.1.0-1 Jonathan Carter Yes
openshot-qt openshot-qt - OpenShot video editor
openshot-qt-doc - documentation for OpenShot
2.3.1-1 Jonathan Thomas Yes
libopenshot libopenshot-dev - development files for the OpenShot library
libopenshot-doc - documentation of the OpenShot library
libopenshot11 - library for high quality video editing
python3-openshot - Python bindings for the OpenShot library
0.1.4-1 Jonathan Thomas Yes
libopenshot-audio libopenshot-audio-dev - development files for the OpenShot audio library
libopenshot-audio-doc - documentation for the OpenShot audio library
libopenshot-audio3 - library for high-quality audio editing
0.1.2-1 Jonathan Thomas Yes
golang-github-klauspost-reedsolomon golang-github-klauspost-reedsolomon-dev - Reed-Solomon Erasure Coding in Go 1.3-1 Roger Shimizu Yes
golang-github-xtaci-kcp golang-github-xtaci-kcp-dev - Full-Featured Reliable-UDP Library for golang 3.13+ds-1 Roger Shimizu Yes
gemmlowp gemmlowp-dev - small self-contained low-precision GEMM library 0~20170407-g719389f-1 Zhou Mo Yes