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Only approved members of the Debian project (Debian Developers) are granted the permission to upload software packages into the Debian distribution. Still a large number of packages is maintained by non-official developers. How do they get their work into Debian when they are not allowed to upload their own packages directly? By means of a process called sponsorship. Sponsorship means that a Debian Developer uploads the package on behalf of the actual maintainer. The Debian Developer will also check the package for technical correctness and help the maintainer to improve the package if necessary. Therefore the sponsor is sometimes also called a mentor.

Note, not only Debian Developer are allowed to review packages. Everyone is encouraged to review packages! We appreciate your efforts as well.

Getting your package into Debian

See our introductory page for maintainers and learn how to use and get your packages into Debian. Furthermore see our introductory page on sponsorship to learn how to get in touch with a sponsor.

If you are curious about Debexpo, the software which is running this site, you can read more about Debexpo on the Debian Wiki.

Recently uploaded packages


Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
setcolortemperature setcolortemperature - Set screen color temperature 1.1-1 Jacob Adams Yes


Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
edbrowse edbrowse - /bin/ed-alike webbrowser written in C Serge Hallyn Yes
gnustep-base gnustep-base-common - GNUstep Base library - common files
gnustep-base-doc - Documentation for the GNUstep Base Library
gnustep-base-examples - Examples using the GNUstep Base Library
gnustep-base-runtime - GNUstep Base library - daemons and tools
libgnustep-base-dev - GNUstep Base header files and development libraries
libgnustep-base1.24 - GNUstep Base library
libgnustep-base1.24-dbg - GNUstep Base library - debugging symbols
1.24.9-2 Eric Heintzmann Yes
budgie-desktop budgie-core - Core package for budgie-desktop
budgie-core-dev - development package for budgie-desktop
budgie-desktop - Desktop package for budgie-desktop
budgie-desktop-doc - documentation files for the budgie-desktop
gir1.2-budgie-desktop-1.0 - GNOME introspection library for budgie-desktop
libbudgie-plugin0 - plugin library for budgie-desktop
libbudgietheme0 - theme library for budgie-desktop
libraven0 - raven library for budgie-desktop
10.2.5-1 David Mohammed Yes

Some days ago

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
lua-torch-cwrap lua-torch-cwrap - CWrap package for Torch Framework 0~20160222-gdbd0a62-1 Zhou Mo Yes
lua-torch-paths lua-torch-paths - Filename Manipulation Package for Torch Framework
lua-torch-paths-dev - Filename Manipulation Package for Torch Framework (dev)
0~20160203-g68d579a-1 Zhou Mo Yes
lua-torch-torch7 libtorch-luat - of Torch Package for Torch Framework
libtorch-luat-dev - of Torch Package for Torch Framework (dev)
libtorch-th - of Torch Package for Torch Framework
libtorch-th-dev - of Torch Package for Torch Framework (dev)
lua-torch-torch7 - Torch Package for Torch Framework
lua-torch-torch7-dev - Torch Package for Torch Framework (dev)
0~20160604-g69d7a01-1 Zhou Mo Yes
lua-torch-sys lua-torch-sys - System Package for Torch Framework 0~20160415-g8d2b8fa-1 Zhou Mo Yes
lua-torch-xlua lua-torch-xlua - Lua Extension Package for Torch Framework 0~20160617-g0dd5f4c-1 Zhou Mo Yes
lua-torch-trepl lua-torch-trepl - REPL Package for Troch Framework
torch-trepl - REPL Package for Troch Framework
0~20160613-g06128f9-1 Zhou Mo Yes
cplay cplay - A front-end for various audio players 1.50-1 David William Richmond Jones Yes
libcorkipset libcorkipset-dev - C library to store sets/maps of IP address (development files)
libcorkipset-doc - C library to store sets/maps of IP address (documentation files)
libcorkipset1 - C library to store sets/maps of IP address
1.1.1+20150311-1 Roger Shimizu Yes
lua-torch-nn libtorch-thnn - of Neural Network Package for Torch Framework
libtorch-thnn-dev - of Neural Network Package for Torch Framework (dev)
lua-torch-nn - Neural Network Package for Torch Framework
0~20160604-gd23a8f5+dfsg-1 Zhou Mo Yes
vizigrep vizigrep - graphical file contents search tool using regular expressions 1.3-1 Jason J. Herne Yes
yabar yabar - Modern and lightweight status bar for X window managers 0.4.0-1 Jack Henschel Yes
runescape runescape - Multiplayer online game set in a fantasy world 0.1-1 Carlos Donizete Froes Yes
shadowsocks-libev libshadowsocks-libev-dev - lightweight and secure socks5 proxy (development files)
libshadowsocks-libev1 - lightweight and secure socks5 proxy (shared library)
shadowsocks-libev - lightweight and secure socks5 proxy
2.4.7+20160618+ds-1 Roger Shimizu Yes
speedcrunch speedcrunch - High precision calculator 0.11-1 Felix Krull Yes

Older packages

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
asciiquarium asciiquarium - simulation of an aquarium using ASCII art 1.1-1 Niklas Sombert Yes
minetest-mod-mesecons minetest-mod-mesecons - Digital circuitry blocks for minetest 2016.05.15-1 Julien Puydt Yes
iroffer-dinoex iroffer-dinoex - IRC file distribution bot 3.30-1 Weilu Jia Yes
vlc libvlc-dev - development files for libvlc
libvlc5 - multimedia player and streamer library
libvlccore-dev - development files for libvlccore
libvlccore5 - base library for VLC and its modules
vlc - multimedia player and streamer
vlc-data - Common data for VLC
vlc-dbg - debugging symbols for vlc
vlc-nox - multimedia player and streamer (without X support)
vlc-plugin-fluidsynth - FluidSynth plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-jack - Jack audio plugins for VLC
vlc-plugin-notify - LibNotify plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-pulse - PulseAudio plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-sdl - SDL video and audio output plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-svg - SVG plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-zvbi - VBI teletext plugin for VLC
2.0.3-5+deb7u3 Mateusz Łukasik Yes
luakit luakit - fast and small web browser extensible by Lua 2012.09.13-r1-9 Herminio Hernandez Jr Yes
diodon diodon - GTK+ Clipboard manager
diodon-dev - GTK+ Clipboard manager (development files)
gir1.2-diodon-1.0 - GTK+ Clipboard manager (GObject introspection data)
libdiodon0 - GTK+ Clipboard manager (main library)
1.5.0-1 Oliver Sauder Yes
minetest-mod-torches minetest-mod-torches - Minetest mod - A mesh-based torch replacing in-world torches 5-1 Julien Puydt Yes
telegram-desktop telegram-desktop - official telegram messaging app 0.9.51-2~rc5 Nicholas Guriev Yes
ufo2otf ufo2otf - Take UFO font sources and generate OTF’s and webfonts 0.2.2-1 Pierre Rudloff Yes
mpd-sima mpd-sima - Automagically add titles to MPD playlist 0.14.1-2 Geoffroy Youri Berret Yes
minetest-mod-nether minetest-mod-nether - Minetest mod - Nether portals and materials 2-1 Julien Puydt Yes
sedutil sedutil - Tool to use TCG Opal 2.0 compatible Self Encrypting Drives (SED) 1.12-1 Jan Luca Naumann Yes
tycho libtycho-java - Build Eclipse plugins with Maven 0.24.0-1 Luca Vercelli Yes
login-webcam login-webcam - Take picture on failed login 1.0.2 GenaBitu Yes
xonsh xonsh - Python-ish, BASHwards looking shell
xonsh-doc - Python-ish, BASHwards looking shell (documentation)
0.3.2+dfsg-1 Gordon Ball Yes
libterm-animation-perl libterm-animation-perl - ASCII sprite animation framework 2.6-1 Niklas Sombert Yes
lacme lacme - ACME client written with process isolation and minimal privileges
lacme-accountd - lacme account key manager
0.1-1 Guilhem Moulin Yes