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Only approved members of the Debian project (Debian Developers) are granted the permission to upload software packages into the Debian distribution. Still a large number of packages is maintained by non-official developers. How do they get their work into Debian when they are not allowed to upload their own packages directly? By means of a process called sponsorship. Sponsorship means that a Debian Developer uploads the package on behalf of the actual maintainer. The Debian Developer will also check the package for technical correctness and help the maintainer to improve the package if necessary. Therefore the sponsor is sometimes also called a mentor.

Note, not only Debian Developer are allowed to review packages. Everyone is encouraged to review packages! We appreciate your efforts as well.

Getting your package into Debian

See our introductory page for maintainers and learn how to use and get your packages into Debian. Furthermore see our introductory page on sponsorship to learn how to get in touch with a sponsor.

If you are curious about Debexpo, the software which is running this site, you can read more about Debexpo on the Debian Wiki.

Recently uploaded packages


Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
libwcat1 Process monitoring library 1.1-3 (unstable) Georgy Komarov Yes


Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
flask-openid OpenID support for Flask applications (documentation) 1.2.5+dfsg-4 (unstable) Emmanuel Arias Yes

Some days ago

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
oidc-agent Commandline tool for obtaining OpenID Connect Access tokens on the commandline 4.0.0-2 (UNRELEASED) Marcus Hardt Yes
enki text editor for programmers 20.03.1-1 (unstable) Peter_Ji Yes
elfio C++ library for reading and generating ELF files 3.7-1 (unstable) Serge Lamikhov-Center Yes
shotcut video editor 20.09.13-1 (unstable) Gürkan Myczko Yes
libip2location IP geolocation library from IP2Location. 8.0.9 (unstable) IP2Location Yes
python-qutepart Code editor component 3.3.1-1 (unstable) Peter_Ji Yes
iotop-c simple top-like I/O monitor (implemented in C) 1.12-1 (unstable) Boian Bonev Yes
tftp-hpa HPA's tftp client 5.2+20150808-1.2 (unstable) Romain Porte Yes
ycm-cmake-modules Extra CMake Modules for YARP and friends 0.11.4-1 (unstable) Daniele E. Domenichelli Yes
logrotate Log rotation utility 3.17.0-1 (unstable) Christian Göttsche Yes
zipios transitional package (unstable) Francois Mazen Yes
xbrzscale Intelligent graphics file upscaling tool 1.8-1 (unstable) Peter Blackman Yes

Older packages

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
golang-github-teambition-rrule-go Go library for working with recurrence rules for calendar dates. 1.6.0-1~exp1 (experimental) Arun Kumar Pariyar Yes
kylin-screenshot Powerful yet simple-to-use screenshot software 1.0.0-1 (unstable) handsome_feng Yes
golang-github-rickb777-date Go library that provides functionality for working with dates. 1.13.0-1~exp1 (experimental) Arun Kumar Pariyar Yes
age simple, modern and secure encryption tool 1.0.0~beta4-1 (UNRELEASED) Johan Fleury Yes
golang-github-rakyll-magicmime Go bindings for libmagic to detect MIME types 0.1.0-1 (unstable) Jai Flack Yes
tinymux text-based multi-user virtual world server (unstable) Stephen Dennis Yes
fonts-elstob font for medievalists 1.008+ds-1 (unstable) Gürkan Myczko Yes
siconos modeling and simulation of nonsmooth dynamical systems (simulation runner tool) 4.3.0+dfsg-1 (unstable) Stephen Sinclair Yes
jag arcade and puzzle 2D game 0.3.8-1 (unstable) Carlos Donizete Froes Yes
kylin-scanner Scanning utility based on SANE 1.0.0-1 (unstable) handsome_feng Yes
python-discord API wrapper for Discord written in Python 1.4.1+dfsg-1 (unstable) Robin Gustafsson Yes
gimagereader Graphical GTK+ front-end to tesseract-ocr 3.3.1-2 (unstable) Philip Rinn Yes
mtd-utils Memory Technology Device Utilities 1:2.1.2-0.1 (unstable) Bastian Germann Yes
searx-admin Web based management interface for searx 0.0~git20170823.95fe63b+ds-1 (unstable) Fred Le Meur Yes
system-info Print basic system information and banners 1.0.0~rc2-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz Yes
git-revise handy git tool for doing efficient in-memory commit rebases & fixups 0.6.0-1 (unstable) Nicolas Schier Yes
goverlay Graphical UI to help manage Vulkan/OpenGL overlays 0.3.8-1 (unstable) Stephan Lachnit Yes
growlight Disk manipulation and system preparation tool 1.2.11-1 (unstable) Nick Black Yes
fonts-teluguvijayam TrueType fonts for Telugu script (te) 2.1-1 (unstable) Karthik Yes
libjs-material-design-lite Material Design Lite (CSS, JS) 1.3.0+dfsg-1 (unstable) Fred Le Meur Yes
fonts-source-serif-pro Adobe's open source serif typeface for setting text 3.001R-1 (unstable) Widianto Nur F Yes
jgmenu simple modern standalone X11 menu 4.2.1-1 (unstable) Leandro Cunha Yes
bambootracker YM2608 (OPNA, sound chip of Yamaha) music tracker 0.4.4-1 (unstable) Gürkan Myczko Yes
colmap Structure-from-Motion and Multi-View Stereo 3.6+really3.6-1 (unstable) Gürkan Myczko Yes DAB/DAB+ Software Radio 2.2-1 (unstable) Gürkan Myczko Yes
fonts-inter Inter font family 3.15-1 (unstable) Gürkan Myczko Yes
solo-python command line interface for SoloKeys 0.0.26-1 (unstable) Philip Rinn Yes
golang-github-rickb777-plural Simple Go API for Pluralisation 1.2.1-1~exp1 (experimental) Arun Kumar Pariyar Yes