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Packages for uploader

Older packages

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor Already in Debian
slideshow XHTML/JavaScript Slideshow Generator 2.3.5-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz No No
rtpaudio RTP Audio sound streaming system 2.0.6-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz No No
tsctp SCTP Test Tool 0.7.9-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz Yes No
rserpooldemo GUI tool for the RSerPool Demo system 3.1.1-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz Yes No
rsplib RSerPool implementation RSPLIB 3.4.3-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz Yes Yes
hipercontracer Command-line programs for HiPerConTracer 1.6.6-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz No Yes
netperfmeter Network Performance Meter (measurement program) 1.9.3-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz No Yes
bibtexconv BibTeX Converter 1.3.3-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz No Yes
subnetcalc IPv4/IPv6 Subnet Calculator 2.4.20-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz No Yes
td-system-tools Metapackage for system information and maintenance tools 1.5.1-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz Yes No
socketapi Development package for Socket-API 2:2.2.22-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz No Yes
sctplib Documentation of the user-space SCTP implementation SCTPLIB 1:1.0.29-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz No Yes
nornet-trace Triggered Trace Service for NorNet Core 2.0.10-1 (unstable) Thomas Dreibholz No No