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Details about package openvpn3-client

Name: openvpn3-client
Uploader: Marc Leeman <> (Debian QA page)
Description: openvpn3-client - virtual private network client (version 3)

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Version: 21+dfsg-1
Uploaded: 2024-02-29 12:31
Source package: openvpn3-client_21+dfsg-1.dsc
Distribution: unstable
Section: net
Priority: optional
Closes bugs: #904044


 openvpn3-client (21+dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Initial release. (Closes: #904044)
   * d/control: do not depend on openvpn2 dev headers
   * d/postinst: create user before chown
   * d/README: add comment on lintian-warning unicode-impl.hpp
   * d/README: update dfsg motivation
   * remove sum files (see d/README.source)
   * New upstream version 21+dfsg
   * d/control: update description to client
   * d/patches: import unicode impl llvm
   * d/README.source: update wrt to unicode-impl.hpp
   * d/lintian-overrides: false positive on modified unicode file
   * d/copyright: add Files-Excluded
   * d/lintian-overrides: patch file needs override
   * d/lintian-overrides: fix build-depends-on-obsolete-package
   * d/lintian-overrides: remove superfluous pattern
   * d/copyright: add Unicode
   * d/control: pkg-config is transitional
   * d/lintian-overrides: upstream does not yet have a index to search (watch)
   * d/patches: add DEP-3 headers
   * d/control: extend with more 64 archs (tested amd64/arm64)
   * d/README.source: explain 64bit architectures
   * d/control: wrap-and-sort on Build-Depends
   * d/rules: enable unit tests
   * d/docs: ship
   * d/rules: remove options provided with dh 13
   * d/copyright: add vendor/ copyrights
   * d/copyright: correct keywords based on review
   * d/copyright: work through licensecheck output

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