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Details about package libhx

Name: libhx (PTS)
Uploader: Jörg Frings-Fürst <> (Debian QA page)
Description: libhx32 - C library providing queue, tree, I/O and utility functions
libhx-dev - Development files for libhx
libhx-doc - Documentation files for libhx

Package uploads

Upload #1


Version: 3.25-1~exp1
Uploaded: 2020-05-17 13:19
Source package: libhx_3.25-1~exp1.dsc
Distribution: experimental
Section: libs
Priority: optional
Vcs-Git: git://


   * New upstream release.
   * Migrate to debhelper 13:
     - Bump minimum debhelper-compat version in debian/control to = 13.
   * Declare compliance with Debian Policy 4.5.0 (No changes needed).
   * Bump package name depending on the SONAME to libhx32.
   * debian/copyright:
     - Refresh years.
     - Add Upstream-Contact.
     - Replace Homepage.
   * debian/control:
     - Change homepage.
     - Add Replaces / Breaks.
     - Add Rules-Requires-Root: no.

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