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Packages uploaded by William Grzybowski

Older packages

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
fwlogwatch fwlogwatch - Firewall log analyzer 1.4-2 William Grzybowski Yes
onedrivesdk python3-onedrivesdk - Official Python OneDrive SDK for interfacing with OneDrive APIs 1.1.8-1 William Grzybowski Yes
fastentrypoints fastep - Adjust Python project to use fastentrypoints
python3-fastentrypoints - Make entry_points specified in load more quickly
0.12-1 William Grzybowski Yes
python-netsnmpagent python3-netsnmpagent - Allows one to write net-snmp subagents in Python 0.6.0-1 William Grzybowski Yes
pydevd pydevd - Script to start pydevd debugger
python3-pydevd - Debugger used in PyDev, PyCharm and VSCode Python
1.6.1+git20190712.1267523+dfsg-1 William Grzybowski Yes