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Packages uploaded by Richard Ulrich

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Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
bitmonero bitmonero - secure, private, untraceable currency 0.10.1-1 Richard Ulrich No
ledgerblue python-ledgerblue - Python library to communicate with Ledger Blue/Nano S 0.1.8-1 Richard Ulrich Yes
ecpy python-ecpy - Pure Pyhton Elliptic Curve Library 0.8.1-1 Richard Ulrich Yes
trezor-agent trezor-agent - Using the Trezor bitcoin hardware wallet as hardware SSH agent 0.8.0-1 Richard Ulrich Yes
ed25519 python-ed25519 - Python bindings to the Ed25519 public-key signature system 1.4-1 Richard Ulrich Yes