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Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
ocaml-faad libfaad-ocaml - OCaml interface to the faad library -- runtime files
libfaad-ocaml-dev - OCaml interface to the faad library -- development files
0.3.3-1 Kyle Robbertze No
ocaml-opus libopus-ocaml - OCaml interface to the opus library -- runtime files
libopus-ocaml-dev - OCaml interface to the opus library -- development files
0.1.2-1 Kyle Robbertze No
ocaml-speex libspeex-ocaml - OCaml interface to the speex library
libspeex-ocaml-dev - OCaml interface to the speex library
0.2.1-1 Kyle Robbertze No
ncurses-hexedit ncurses-hexedit - Edit files/disks in hex, ASCII and EBCDIC 0.9.7+orig-5 Carlos Maddela Yes
nautilus-admin nautilus-admin - Extension for Nautilus to do administrative operations 1.1.6-2 Carlos Maddela Yes
nautilus-hide nautilus-hide - Extension for Nautilus to hide files without renaming them 0.2.3-4 Carlos Maddela Yes
dmalloc libdmalloc-dev - debug memory allocation library (development files and doc)
libdmalloc5 - debug memory allocation library
5.5.2-11 Carlos Maddela Yes
gudhi gudhi-utils - Utilities from the GUDHI library
gudhui - GUI for some of the functionality of the GUDHI library
libgudhi-dev - Generic open source C++ library for topological data analysis
libgudhi-doc - Documentation for the GUDHI library
libgudhi-examples - Example programs for the GUDHI library
python3-gudhi - Python 3 interface to the GUDHI library
2.2.0+dfsg-1 Gard Spreemann Yes
ocaml-theora libtheora-ocaml - OCaml interface to the theora library
libtheora-ocaml-dev - OCaml interface to the theora library
0.3.1-1 Kyle Robbertze No


Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
wireshark libwireshark-data - network packet dissection library -- data files
libwireshark-dev - network packet dissection library -- development files
libwireshark0 - network packet dissection library -- shared library
libwiretap-dev - network packet capture library -- development files
libwiretap0 - network packet capture library -- shared library
libwscodecs0 - network packet dissection codecs library -- shared library
libwsutil-dev - network packet dissection utilities library -- development files
libwsutil0 - network packet dissection utilities library -- shared library
tshark - network traffic analyzer - console version
wireshark - network traffic analyzer - meta-package
wireshark-common - network traffic analyzer - common files
wireshark-dbg - network traffic analyzer - debug symbols
wireshark-dev - network traffic analyzer - development tools
wireshark-doc - network traffic analyzer - documentation
wireshark-qt - network traffic analyzer - Qt version
2.9.0+git20180621082816~654ab0d9-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
libgooglepinyin libgooglepinyin0 - Pinyin engine fork from Google Pinyin on Android
libgooglepinyin0-dev - Pinyin engine fork from Google Pinyin on Android - development fi
0.1.2-5 Boyuan Yang No
photoflare photoflare - Simple but powerful Cross Platform Image Editor 1.5.3+git2018061919-1 Dylan Aïssi Yes
granite gir1.2-granite-1.0 - extension of GTK+ libraries (introspection files)
granite-demo - extension of GTK+ libraries (demo binary)
libgranite-common - extension of GTK+ libraries (common files)
libgranite-dev - extension of GTK+ libraries (development files)
libgranite5 - extension of GTK+ libraries
5.0+ds-1 Yangfl No

Some days ago

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
libminini libminini-dev - minimal INI file parser - development headers
libminini1 - minimal INI file parser
1.2.a-1 Yangfl No
hollywood hollywood - fill your console with Hollywood melodrama technobabble
wallstreet - fill your console with Wall Street-like news and stats
1.12-1 Yangfl No
pantomime libpantomime-dev - GNUstep framework for mail handling (development files)
libpantomime1.3 - GNUstep framework for mail handling (runtime library)
1.3.0+dfsg1-1 Yavor Doganov No
scim libscim-dev - development library for SCIM platform
libscim8v5 - library for SCIM platform
scim - smart common input method platform
scim-clutter-immodule - Clutter input method module with SCIM as backend
scim-dev - development files for SCIM platform
scim-dev-doc - development documentation for SCIM platform
scim-gtk-immodule - GTK+ input method module, with SCIM as the input backend
scim-im-agent - IM agent for SCIM platform
scim-modules-socket - socket modules for SCIM platform
scim-qt-immodule - Qt input method module with SCIM as backend
1.4.18-2.1 Hugh McMaster Yes
tesseract libtesseract-dev - Development files for the tesseract command line OCR tool
libtesseract4 - Tesseract OCR library
tesseract-ocr - Tesseract command line OCR tool
tesseract-ocr-all - Tesseract OCR with all language and script packages
4.00~git2601-29f280e4-1 Alexander Pozdnyakov No
ulfius libulfius-dev - Web Framework for REST Applications in - development
libulfius2.3 - Web Framework for REST Applications in C
2.3.6-1 Nicolas Mora No
glewlwyd fonts-glewlwyd - OAuth2 authentication server providing Json Web Tokens - font fil
glewlwyd - OAuth2 authentication server providing Json Web Tokens
glewlwyd-common - OAuth2 authentication server providing Json Web Tokens - common f
1.4.4-3 Nicolas Mora No

Older packages

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
pcc-libs libpcc-dev - Portable C Compiler (development files) 1.2.0~DEVEL+20180604-1 Yangfl Yes
mwic mwic - spell-checker to find misspellings and to show their contexts 0.7.5-1 Georg Faerber No
rust-getopts-0.2 librust-getopts-0.2-dev - Getopts-like option parsing - Rust source code 0.2.17-1 Wolfgang Silbermayr Yes
fibra python-fibra - Advanced cooperative concurrency using Python generators.
python3-fibra - Advanced cooperative concurrency using Python generators.
0.0.20-3 Mario Frasca Yes
python-plac python3-plac - Smartest command line arguments parser in the world 0.9.6-1 Mo Zhou No
python-thinc python3-thinc - Practical Machine Learning for NLP in Python 6.11.2-1 Mo Zhou No
network-manager-l2tp network-manager-l2tp - network management framework (L2TP plugin core)
network-manager-l2tp-gnome - network management framework (L2TP plugin GNOME GUI)
1.2.10-1~bpo9+1 Douglas Kosovic No
python-cytoolz python3-cytoolz - Toolz in Cython: High performance functional utilities Mo Zhou No
fonts-labiryntowy fonts-labiryntowy - Artificial alphabet. 1.53-1 Marek Marek Yes
zimlib libzim-dev - library implementation of ZIM specifications (development)
libzim3 - library implementation of ZIM specifications
3.3.0-1 Kunal Mehta No
melodic-nornet melodic-compute - MELODIC Compute Node
melodic-controller - MELODIC Controller
melodic-desktop - MELODIC Desktop
melodic-development - MELODIC Development Tools
melodic-management - MELODIC Management Tools
melodic-server - MELODIC Server
melodic-storage - MELODIC Storage Node
0.4.4-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
odp-dpdk libodp-dpdk-dev - OpenDataPlane DPDK faceplate library (development)
libodp-dpdk119 - OpenDataPlane DPDK faceplate library (runtime) Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov Yes
libusrsctp libusrsctp-dev - Portable SCTP Userland Stack (Development Files)
libusrsctp-examples - Portable SCTP Userland Stack (Examples)
libusrsctp1 - Portable SCTP Userland Stack
1.0.0~td118-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
linoleum linoleum - Java desktop environment and software distribution 1.6-1 Raphael Jolly Yes
anbox anbox - Android in a box 0.0~git20180612-1 Shengjing Zhu Yes
node-yamljs libjs-yamljs - JavaScript YAML 1.2 Parser & Encoder (Javascript library)
node-yamljs - JavaScript YAML 1.2 Parser & Encoder (node.js module)
0.3.0+dfsg-1 Andreas Moog Yes
odp libodp-common-dev - OpenDataPlane library (common development files)
libodp-generic-dev - OpenDataPlane reference implementation library (development)
libodp-generic119 - OpenDataPlane reference implementation library (runtime)
libodphelper-dev - OpenDataPlane helper library (development)
libodphelper119 - OpenDataPlane helper library (runtime)
odp-doc - OpenDataPlane library (documentation)
odp-linux-tools - OpenDataPlane examples Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov No
virtio-forwarder virtio-forwarder - SR-IOV virtual function to virtio packet forwarder Frik Botha Yes
pokemmo-installer pokemmo-installer - Installer and Launcher for the PokeMMO emulator 1.4.6-2 Carlos Donizete Froes Yes
jag jag - arcade and puzzle 2D game
jag-data - arcade and puzzle 2D game (data file)
0.3.5-2 Carlos Donizete Froes Yes
qtox qtox - Powerful Tox client that follows the Tox design guidelines 1.15.0-1 Yangfl No
looking-glass looking-glass-client - Low latency KVM FrameRelay implementation for VGA Passthrough 0+a11-1 Lennart Weller No
hipercontracer hipercontracer - High-Performance Connectivity Tracer (HiPerConTracer) is a 1.2.0~rc2.8-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
mgba libmgba - Game Boy Advance emulator (common library for mGBA)
libretro-mgba - Libretro wrapper for mGBA
mgba-common - Game Boy Advance emulator (common files for mGBA)
mgba-qt - Game Boy Advance emulator (Qt frontend for mGBA)
mgba-sdl - Game Boy Advance emulator (SDL frontend for mGBA)
0.6.3+dfsg1-1 Sérgio Benjamim Yes
bibtexconv bibtexconv - BibTeX Converter
ietf2bibtex - Create BibTeX entry for IETF document (RFC or Internet Draft)
1.1.12-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
ujson python-ujson - ultra fast JSON encoder and decoder for Python 2
python-ujson-dbg - ultra fast JSON encoder and decoder for Python 2 (debug ext)
python3-ujson - ultra fast JSON encoder and decoder for Python 3
python3-ujson-dbg - ultra fast JSON encoder and decoder for Python 3 (debug ext)
1.35-3 Mo Zhou Yes
dia dia - Diagram editor
dia-common - Diagram editor (common files)
dia-gnome - Diagram editor (GNOME version)
dia-libs - Diagram editor (library files)
0.98+git20180525122109~082e3cc5-0 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
anbox-modules anbox-modules-dkms - Android kernel driver (binder, ashmem) in DKMS format 0.0~git20180608-1 Shengjing Zhu Yes
nornet nornet-api - NorNet API
nornet-artwork - NorNet Artwork
nornet-database - NorNet Database
nornet-development - NorNet Development Tools
nornet-display - NorNet Display
nornet-filesrv - NorNet File Server
nornet-gatekeeper - NorNet Gatekeeper
nornet-management - NorNet Management Tools
nornet-monitor - NorNet Monitor
nornet-node - NorNet Node Control
nornet-server - NorNet Server
nornet-timesrv - NorNet Time Server
nornet-trace-service - NorNet Trace Service
nornet-tunnelbox - NorNet Tunnelbox Control
nornet-websrv - NorNet Web Server
nornet-wikisrv - NorNet Wiki Server
nornet-x11 - NorNet X11 Login
1.2.14-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
slideshow slideshow - XHTML/JavaScript Slideshow Generator
slideshow-core - SlideShow infrastructure files
slideshow-example - SlideShow example
2.2.10-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
osmose-emulator osmose-emulator - Sega Master System and Game Gear console emulator 1.2-2 Carlos Donizete Froes Yes
ocaml-flac libflac-ocaml - OCaml interface to the flac library -- runtime files
libflac-ocaml-dev - OCaml interface to the flac library -- development files
0.1.3-1 Kyle Robbertze No
neat-stuff neat-desktop - NEAT Desktop
neat-development - NEAT Development Tools
neat-management - NEAT Management Tools
0.5.0-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
backintime backintime-common - simple backup/snapshot system (common files)
backintime-gnome - GNOME front-end for backintime (transitional package)
backintime-kde - KDE front-end for backintime (transitional package)
backintime-qt4 - simple backup/snapshot system (graphical interface)
1.1.24-0.1 Fabian Wolff No
pcapy python-pcapy - Python interface to the libpcap packet capture library 0.11.3-1 Emmanuel Arias Yes
webmin webmin - web-based administration interface for Unix systems
webmin-acl - AdminUsers module for Webmin
webmin-adsl-client - ADSL module for Webmin
webmin-ajaxterm - ajaxterm module for Webmin
webmin-all - Module metapackage module for Webmin
webmin-apache - Apache module for Webmin
webmin-at - At module for Webmin
webmin-backup-config - Backup Configuration Files module for Webmin
webmin-bacula-backup - Bacula Backup System module for Webmin
webmin-bandwidth - Bandwidth Monitoring module for Webmin
webmin-bind8 - BIND module for Webmin
webmin-bsdexports - BSDexports module for Webmin
webmin-bsdfdisk - Partitions on Local Disks module for Webmin
webmin-burner - Burner module for Webmin
webmin-change-user - ChangeUser module for Webmin
webmin-cluster-copy - Cluster Copy Files module for Webmin
webmin-cluster-cron - Cluster Cron Jobs module for Webmin
webmin-cluster-passwd - Cluster Change Passwords module for Webmin
webmin-cluster-shell - Cluster Shell Commands module for Webmin
webmin-cluster-software - Cluster Software module for Webmin
webmin-cluster-useradmin - Cluster Users module for Webmin
webmin-cluster-usermin - Cluster Usermin module for Webmin
webmin-cluster-webmin - Cluster Webmin module for Webmin
webmin-cpan - CPAN module for Webmin
webmin-cron - Cron Manager module for Webmin
webmin-custom - Custom module for Webmin
webmin-dhcpd - DHCPD module for Webmin
webmin-dovecot - Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server module for Webmin
webmin-exim - Exim Mail Server module for Webmin
webmin-exports - Export Manager module for Webmin
webmin-fail2ban - Fail2Ban Intrusion Detector module for Webmin
webmin-fdisk - Partition Manager module for Webmin
webmin-fetchmail - Fetchmail module for Webmin
webmin-file - FileManager module for Webmin
webmin-filemin - File Manager module for Webmin
webmin-filter - Filter and Forward Mail module for Webmin
webmin-firewall - Firewall module for Webmin
webmin-firewall6 - Firewall6 module for Webmin
webmin-firewalld - FirewallD module for Webmin
webmin-fsdump - Dump module for Webmin
webmin-gray-theme - Gray Framed Theme module for Webmin
webmin-grub - GRUB module for Webmin
webmin-heartbeat - Heartbeat module for Webmin
webmin-htaccess-htpasswd - HTAccess Files module for Webmin
webmin-idmapd - Idmapd Daemon module for Webmin
webmin-inetd - Network Services and Protocols module for Webmin
webmin-init - Boot Manager module for Webmin
webmin-inittab - Inittab module for Webmin
webmin-ipfw - BSD Firewall module for Webmin
webmin-ipsec - IPsec module for Webmin
webmin-iscsi-client - iSCSI Client module for Webmin
webmin-iscsi-server - iSCSI Server module for Webmin
webmin-iscsi-target - iSCSI Target module for Webmin
webmin-iscsi-tgtd - iSCSI TGTd module for Webmin
webmin-jabber - Jabber module for Webmin
webmin-krb5 - Kerberos5 Configuration module for Webmin
webmin-ldap-client - LDAP Client module for Webmin
webmin-ldap-server - LDAP Server module for Webmin
webmin-ldap-useradmin - LDAP Users and Groups module for Webmin
webmin-logrotate - Logrotate module for Webmin
webmin-lpadmin - lpadmin module for Webmin
webmin-lvm - LVM module for Webmin
webmin-mailboxes - Read User Mail module for Webmin
webmin-mailcap - MIME Type Programs module for Webmin
webmin-man - Man module for Webmin
webmin-mon - mon module for Webmin
webmin-mount - Disk Manager module for Webmin
webmin-mysql - MySQL module for Webmin
webmin-net - Networking module for Webmin
webmin-nis - NIS module for Webmin
webmin-openslp - OpenSLP module for Webmin
webmin-package-updates - Software Package Updates module for Webmin
webmin-pam - PAM module for Webmin
webmin-pap - PPP Server module for Webmin
webmin-passwd - Passwd module for Webmin
webmin-phpini - PHP Configuration module for Webmin
webmin-postfix - Postfix module for Webmin
webmin-postgresql - PostgreSQL module for Webmin
webmin-ppp-client - PPP Client module for Webmin
webmin-pptp-client - PPTP module for Webmin
webmin-pptp-server - PPTPd module for Webmin
webmin-proc - Process Manager module for Webmin
webmin-procmail - Procmail module for Webmin
webmin-proftpd - ProFTPD module for Webmin
webmin-qmailadmin - QMail module for Webmin
webmin-quota - Quota module for Webmin
webmin-raid - RAID module for Webmin
webmin-samba - Samba Manager module for Webmin
webmin-sarg - Squid Report Generator module for Webmin
webmin-sendmail - Sendmail module for Webmin
webmin-servers - Servers module for Webmin
webmin-shell - Shell module for Webmin
webmin-shorewall - Shoreline Firewall module for Webmin
webmin-shorewall6 - Shorewall6 Firewall module for Webmin
webmin-smart-status - SMART Drive Status module for Webmin
webmin-software - PackageAdmin module for Webmin
webmin-spam - SpamAssassin module for Webmin
webmin-squid - Squid module for Webmin
webmin-sshd - SSHD module for Webmin
webmin-status - Status module for Webmin
webmin-stunnel - STunnel module for Webmin
webmin-syslog - Syslog module for Webmin
webmin-syslog-ng - System Logs NG module for Webmin
webmin-system-status - System Status module for Webmin
webmin-tcpwrappers - tcpwrappers module for Webmin
webmin-telnet - SSH Login module for Webmin
webmin-time - Time module for Webmin
webmin-tunnel - Tunnel module for Webmin
webmin-updown - UpDown module for Webmin
webmin-useradmin - User Manager module for Webmin
webmin-usermin - Usermin module for Webmin
webmin-vgetty - Vgetty module for Webmin
webmin-webalizer - Webalizer module for Webmin
webmin-webmin - Webmin module for Webmin
webmin-webmincron - Scheduled Webmin Functions module for Webmin
webmin-webminlog - WebminLog module for Webmin
webmin-wuftpd - FTP module for Webmin
webmin-xinetd - Xinetd module for Webmin
1.880+ds-1 Yangfl No
retroarch retroarch - Simple frontend for the libretro library 1.7.3+dfsg1-1 Sérgio Benjamim Yes
socketapi libsctpsocket-dev - development package for socketapi2
libsctpsocket2 - socket API library for sctplib
2:2.2.12-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
python-cymem python3-cymem - Cython Memory Helper 1.31.2-1 Mo Zhou Yes
python-preshed python3-preshed - Cython Hash Table for Pre-Hashed Keys 1.0.0-1 Mo Zhou Yes
pcc pcc - Portable C Compiler 1.2.0~DEVEL+20180604-1 Yangfl Yes
tsctp tsctp - SCTP Test Tool 0.6.6-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
hencsat hencsat-client - HENCSAT Client
hencsat-controller - HENCSAT Controller
hencsat-desktop - HENCSAT Desktop
hencsat-development - HENCSAT Development Tools
hencsat-management - HENCSAT Management Tools
hencsat-router - HENCSAT Router
hencsat-server - HENCSAT Server
0.3.4-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
rtpaudio libaudiocodeccommon0 - Shared library for RTP Audio (common audio codec handling)
libaudiocommon0 - Shared library for RTP Audio (common audio data handling)
libaudiodecoder0 - Shared library for RTP Audio (audio decoding)
libaudioencoder0 - Shared library for RTP Audio (audio encoding)
libaudioreader0 - Shared library for RTP Audio (audio input reading)
libaudiowriter0 - Shared library for RTP Audio (audio output writing)
libmediainfo0 - Shared library for RTP Audio (media information handling)
libmpegsound-dev - Development files for the sound decoder library
libmpegsound0 - Sound decoder library
libqosmgr0 - Shared library for RTP Audio (QoS management)
librtpaudioclient0 - Shared library for RTP Audio (RTP client-side audio handling)
librtpaudiocommon0 - Shared library of the RTP Audio sound streaming system
librtpaudioserver0 - Shared library for RTP Audio (RTP server-side audio handling)
librtpclient0 - Shared library for RTP Audio (RTP client-side handling)
librtpcommon0 - Shared library for RTP Audio (common RTP handling)
librtpserver0 - Shared library for RTP Audio (RTP server-side handling)
libtdtoolbox0 - Shared library for RTP Audio (common helper functions)
rtpaudio - RTP Audio sound streaming system
rtpaudio-clients - RTP Audio clients
rtpaudio-server - RTP Audio server
2.0.0~beta5-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
runescape runescape - Multiplayer online game set in a fantasy world 0.2-2 Carlos Donizete Froes Yes
libneat libneat-dev - NEAT Core API Development Files
libneat-docs - NEAT Core API Documentation
libneat-examples - NEAT Core API Examples
libneat-socketapi-dev - NEAT Sockets API Development Files
libneat-socketapi-examples - NEAT Sockets API Examples
libneat-socketapi0 - NEAT Sockets API
libneat0 - NEAT Core API
0.0.1~td191-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
python-murmurhash python3-murmurhash - Cython bindings for MurmurHash2 0.28.0-1 Mo Zhou Yes
lina lina - close to ISO Forth interpreter and compiler 5.3.0-2 Albert van der Horst Yes
zimwriterfs zimwriterfs - creates ZIM files from a locally-stored directory 1.1-1 Kunal Mehta No
kadnode kadnode - decentralized DynDNS alternative 2.2.3 mwarning No
sctplib libsctplib-dev - Headers and libraries of the userland SCTP implementation sctplib
libsctplib1 - Userland implementation of the SCTP protocol RFC 4960
sctplib-docs - Documentation of the userland SCTP implementation sctplib
1:1.0.20-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
subnetcalc subnetcalc - IPv4/IPv6 Subnet Calculator 2.4.9-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
fractgen fractgen - calculates fractal images 2.1.3-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
netperfmeter netperfmeter - Network Performance Meter (measurement program)
netperfmeter-plotting - Network Performance Meter (plotting program)
pdfproctools - PDF Processing Tools
1.7.7-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
pulseeffects pulseeffects - Sound input and output effects for PulseAudio 4.0.0-4 Mikhail Novosyolov Yes
python-scp python-scp - scp module for paramiko
python3-scp - scp module for paramiko (Python 3)
0.11.0-0.1 Fabian Wolff No - Installer for drm-free commercial games 2.9.0-1 Phil Morrell No

Uploaded long ago

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
spglib libsymspg-dev - C library for crystal symmetry determination (development files)
libsymspg1 - C library for crystal symmetry determination
python3-spglib - C library for crystal symmetry determination - Python3 bindings
1.10.3-1 Andrius Merkys No
ipmiutil ipmiutil - IPMI management utilities 3.1.0-1 Jörg Frings-Fürst No
python-jsonrpc python-jsonrpc-doc - documentation for json-rpc
python3-jsonrpc - Python implementation of JSON-RPC 1.0 and 2.0 (Python 3)
1.10.8-1 Ghislain Vaillant Yes
taptempo taptempo - command line tap tempo 1.3.0-1 Francois Mazen Yes
deepin-system-monitor deepin-system-monitor - System monitor for Deepin Desktop Environment 1.4.3-1 Yanhao Mo Yes
nuitka nuitka - Python compiler with full language support and CPython compatibil 0.5.30+ds-1 Kay Hayen No
wmbattery wmbattery - display laptop battery info, dockable in WindowMaker 2.51-2 Doug Torrance No
pygithub python-github - Access to full Github API v3 from Python2
python3-github - Access the full Github API v3 from Python3
1.40a3-1 Emmanuel Arias Yes
python-dataclasses python3-dataclasses - Python dataclasses backport from 3.7 0.5-1 Joel Cross No
orcania liborcania-dev - library for angharad programs, development files
liborcania1.2 - library for angharad programs
1.2.3-5 Nicolas Mora No
simple-scan simple-scan - Simple Scanning Utility 3.28.1-1 Jörg Frings-Fürst No
python-pygtrie python-pygtrie-doc - Python library implementing a trie data structure (common documen
python3-pygtrie - Python library implementing a trie data structure (Python 3)
2.2-1 Joel Cross No
python-mechanicalsoup python-mechanicalsoup - library for automating interaction with websites (Python 2)
python3-mechanicalsoup - library for automating interaction with websites (Python 3)
0.10.0-1 Ghislain Vaillant Yes
cen64-qt cen64-qt - Cross-platform graphical frontend for the CEN64 emulator 20180125-alpha-1 Dan Hasting No
android-platform-external-libunwind android-libunwind - libunwind for Android
android-libunwind-dev - libunwind for Android - Development files
8.1.0+r22-1 Umang Parmar No
jugglinglab jugglinglab - Application for creating and animating juggling patterns 0.6.2+ds.1-2 David Rabel No
youtube-dl-gui youtube-dl-gui - Front-end GUI of the popular youtube-dl media downloader 0.4-1 Félix Sipma Yes
golang-github-go-errors-errors golang-github-go-errors-errors-dev - errors with stacktraces for go 1.0.1-2 Raju Devidas No
spi-tools spi-tools - Simple command line tools to help using Linux spidev devices 0.8.1-1 Lubomir Rintel Yes
libplacebo libplacebo-dev - GPU-accelerated video/image rendering primitives (development fil
libplacebo4 - GPU-accelerated video/image rendering primitives (shared library)
0.4.0-2~bpo9+1 Jérémy VIES Yes
netctl netctl - Profile based systemd network management 1.16-1 Yangfl No
fclib libfclib-dev - read and write problems from the Friction Contact Library (header
libfclib0 - read and write problems from the Friction Contact Library (librar
3.0.0-1 Stephen Sinclair No
thunarx-python thunarx-python - These bindings allow one to create python plugins for Thunar. The 0.3.0-1 Frank Voorburg Yes
flent flent - FLExible Network Tester for bufferbloat testing and more 1.2.1-1~bpo9+1 Toke Høiland-Jørgensen No
keystone-engine keystone-engine - Multi-architecture assembler framework
libkeystone-engine-dev - Multi-architecture assembler framework - development files
libkeystone-engine0 - Multi-architecture assembler framework - shared library
python3-keystone-engine - Multi-architecture assembler framework - Python bindings
0.9.1-1 Christian Sharpsten Yes
pytest-qt python-pytestqt-doc - documentation for pytest-qt
python3-pytestqt - pytest plugin for Qt application testing (Python 3)
2.3.1-1 Ghislain Vaillant Yes
aribb24 libaribb24-0 - library for ARIB STD-B24 decoding (runtime files)
libaribb24-dev - library for ARIB STD-B24 decoding (development files)
1.0.3-1~bpo9+1 Jérémy VIES Yes
hoel libhoel-dev - database abstraction library written in C - development
libhoel1.4 - database abstraction library written in C
1.4.2-1 Nicolas Mora No
lavacli lavacli - LAVA XML-RPC command line interface 0.7-1 Senthil Kumaran S No
eggdrop eggdrop - Advanced IRC Robot
eggdrop-data - Architecture independent files for eggdrop
1.8.3-2 Cédric Barboiron Yes
python-meshio meshio-tools - command-line tools for meshio
python3-meshio - library for reading and writing mesh data (Python 3)
1.11.7-1 Ghislain Vaillant Yes
mspdebug mspdebug - debugging tool for MSP430 microcontrollers 0.25-1 Andrew Bradford No
verdigris verdigris - Header-only Qt moc replacement 1.0-1 Olzhas Rakhimov Yes
cplay-ng cplay-ng - Curses front-end for various audio player 2.4.1-1 Diego Sarzi No
nanomsg libnanomsg-dev - nanomsg development files
libnanomsg5 - high-performance implementation of scalability libraries
nanomsg-utils - nanomsg utilities
1.1.2+dfsg.1-1 Artem Popov Yes
xymonq xymonq - query cli for Xymon 0.8-1 Jonas Weber Yes
vlc libvlc-bin - tools for VLC's base library
libvlc-dev - development files for libvlc
libvlc5 - multimedia player and streamer library
libvlccore-dev - development files for libvlccore
libvlccore9 - base library for VLC and its modules
vlc - multimedia player and streamer
vlc-bin - binaries from VLC
vlc-data - common data for VLC
vlc-l10n - translations for VLC
vlc-plugin-access-extra - multimedia player and streamer (extra access plugins)
vlc-plugin-base - multimedia player and streamer (base plugins)
vlc-plugin-fluidsynth - FluidSynth plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-jack - JACK audio plugins for VLC
vlc-plugin-notify - LibNotify plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-qt - multimedia player and streamer (Qt plugin)
vlc-plugin-samba - Samba plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-skins2 - multimedia player and streamer (Skins2 plugin)
vlc-plugin-svg - SVG plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-video-output - multimedia player and streamer (video output plugins)
vlc-plugin-video-splitter - multimedia player and streamer (video splitter plugins)
vlc-plugin-visualization - multimedia player and streamer (visualization plugins)
vlc-plugin-zvbi - transitional dummy package
3.0.2-1~bpo9+1 Jérémy VIES Yes
youtube-dl youtube-dl - downloader of videos from YouTube and other sites 2018.01.27-1.1 Nicolas Braud-Santoni No
igtf-policy-bundle igtf-policy-classic - IGTF classic profile for Certificate Authorities
igtf-policy-experimental - IGTF experimental Certificate Authorities
igtf-policy-iota - IGTF IOTA profile for Certificate Authorities
igtf-policy-mics - IGTF MICS profile for Certificate Authorities
igtf-policy-slcs - IGTF SLCS profile for Certificate Authorities
igtf-policy-unaccredited - IGTF unaccredited Certificate Authorities
1.88-1~bpo9+1 Dennis van Dok No
chapel-1.16 chapel-1.16 - productive parallel computing
chapel-common-1.16 - productive parallel computing (common files)
chapel-compiler-1.16 - productive parallel computing (compiler)
chapel-doc-1.16 - productive parallel computing (documentation)
chapel-runtime-1.16 - productive parallel computing (runtime)
1.16.0-1 Ben Albrecht Yes
libfte python-fte - encryption library to thwart deep packet inspection censorship 0.1.0-2 Rolf Leggewie No
openalpr libopenalpr-data - Runtime data for the OpenALPR library
libopenalpr-dev - Development files for the OpenALPR library
libopenalpr2 - Automated License Plate Recognition library (OpenALPR)
openalpr - Command line program to operate the OpenALPR library
openalpr-daemon - Daemon to run OpenALPR in the background
openalpr-utils - Utilities for the OpenALPR library
python-openalpr - Python binding for OpenALPR library
python3-openalpr - Python 3 binding for OpenALPR library
2.3.0-2 Matthew Hill No
gitlint gitlint - Git commit message linter written in Python 0.9.0-2 Patrik Hagedorn (RykHawthorn) No
visidata visidata - rapidly explore columnar data in the terminal 1.2-1 Anja Boskovic No
qt5ct qt5ct - Qt5 Configuration Utility
qt5ct-bin - Qt5 Configuration Utility
0.35-1.1 Scarlett Gately Clark No
eclipse-titan eclipse-titan - TITAN TTCN-3 toolset from the Eclipse project 6.3.1-1 Gergely Pilisi Yes
yder libyder-dev - logging library written in C - development
libyder2.0 - logging library written in C
1.3.3-2 Nicolas Mora No
obkey obkey - Openbox Key Editor 1.2.2-1 luffah No
wxmaxima wxmaxima - GUI for the computer algebra system Maxima 18.02.0-2 Gunter Königsmann Yes
inetsim inetsim - Software suite for simulating common internet services 1.2.7+dfsg.1-1 GengYu Rao Yes
python-sparse python3-sparse - multidimensional sparse arrays for Python 0.2.0-1 Ghislain Vaillant Yes
python-schema pypy-schema - simple data validation library (PyPy)
python-schema - simple data validation library (Python 2)
python3-schema - simple data validation library (Python 3)
0.6.7-1 Ghislain Vaillant Yes
hdparm hdparm - tune hard disk parameters for high performance
hdparm-udeb - tune hard disk parameters for high performance (udeb)
9.54+ds-1 Alex Mestiashvili Yes
ghostwriter ghostwriter - Distraction-free, themeable Markdown editor 1.6.1-1 Sebastien CHAVAUX Yes
mkl-dnn libmkldnn-dev - Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networks (dev)
libmkldnn-doc - Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networks (doc)
libmkldnn0 - Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networks (lib)
0.13~20180406-ga5f6077-1 Mo Zhou Yes
auralquiz auralquiz - simple music quiz game using your own music files 1.0.0-1.1 Scarlett Gately Clark No
wmmon wmmon - Window Maker dockapp for monitoring system information 1.4-1 Doug Torrance No
storebackup storebackup - fancy compressing managing checksumming deduplicating hard-linkin 3.5-2 Oliver Meißner Yes
swagger-ui libjs-swagger-ui - Collection of assets to dynamically generate documentation 2.2.10+ds-1 Joel Cross Yes
wicd python-wicd - wired and wireless network manager - Python module
wicd - wired and wireless network manager - metapackage
wicd-cli - wired and wireless network manager - scriptable console client
wicd-curses - wired and wireless network manager - Curses client
wicd-daemon - wired and wireless network manager - daemon
wicd-gtk - wired and wireless network manager - GTK+ client
1.7.4+tb2-5.1 Marcio de Souza Oliveira No
arc arc - Archive utility based on the MSDOS ARC program 5.21q-6 Ricardo Fantin da Costa No
deepin-gettext-tools deepin-gettext-tools - Deepin Internationalization utilities 1.0.8-1~bpo9+1 Boyuan Yang Yes
iolang iolang - Dynamic prototype-based programming language
iolang-addons - addons for io language (metapackage)
iolang-asyncrequest - AsyncRequest addon for io language
iolang-bignum - BigNum addon for io language
iolang-bitly - Bitly addon for io language
iolang-blowfish - Blowfish addon for io language
iolang-box - Box addon for io language
iolang-cairo - Cairo addon for io language
iolang-cgi - CGI addon for io language
iolang-clutter - Clutter addon for io language
iolang-continuedfraction - ContinuedFraction addon for io language
iolang-curses - Curses addon for io language
iolang-dbi - DBI addon for io language
iolang-distributedobjects - DistributedObjects addon for io language
iolang-doc - documentation for io language
iolang-editline - EditLine addon for io language
iolang-facebook - Facebook addon for io language
iolang-flux - Flux addon for io language
iolang-flux-resources - Flux resources for io language
iolang-fnmatch - Fnmatch addon for io language
iolang-font - Font addon for io language
iolang-googlesearch - GoogleSearch addon for io language
iolang-httpclient - HttpClient addon for io language
iolang-image - Image addon for io language
iolang-libsndfile - LibSndFile addon for io language
iolang-libxml2 - Libxml2 addon for io language
iolang-loki - Loki addon for io language
iolang-loudmouth - Loudmouth addon for io language
iolang-lzo - LZO addon for io language
iolang-md5 - MD5 addon for io language
iolang-mysql - MySQL addon for io language
iolang-notificationcenter - NotificationCenter addon for io language
iolang-obsidian - Obsidian addon for io language
iolang-ogg - Ogg addon for io language
iolang-opengl - OpenGL addon for io language
iolang-postgresql - PostgreSQL addon for io language
iolang-python - Python addon for io language
iolang-qdbm - QDBM addon for io language
iolang-random - Random addon for io language
iolang-range - Range addon for io language
iolang-rational - Rational addon for io language
iolang-readline - ReadLine addon for io language
iolang-regex - Regex addon for io language
iolang-securesocket - SecureSocket addon for io language
iolang-sgml - SGML addon for io language
iolang-sha1 - SHA1 addon for io language
iolang-socket - Socket addon for io language
iolang-sqldatabase - SqlDatabase addon for io language
iolang-sqlite3 - SQLite3 addon for io language
iolang-syslog - Syslog addon for io language
iolang-systemcall - SystemCall addon for io language
iolang-theora - Theora addon for io language
iolang-thread - Thread addon for io language
iolang-tokyocabinet - TokyoCabinet addon for io language
iolang-twitter - Twitter addon for io language
iolang-user - User addon for io language
iolang-uuid - UUID addon for io language
iolang-vertexdb - VertexDB addon for io language
iolang-volcano - Volcano addon for io language
iolang-vorbis - Vorbis addon for io language
iolang-yajl - Yajl addon for io language
iolang-zlib - Zlib addon for io language
libiobasekit-dev - basekit for io language (development files)
libiobasekit1 - basekit for io language
libiocoroutine-dev - coroutine library for io language (development files)
libiocoroutine1 - coroutine library for io language
libiogarbagecollector-dev - garbage collector for io language (development files)
libiogarbagecollector1 - garbage collector for io language
libiovm-dev - VM for io language (development files)
libiovm1 - VM for io language
2017.09.06+dfsg-1 Yangfl Yes
ibus-kmfl ibus-kmfl - kmfl engine for IBus 1.0.8-1 kokoye2007 Yes
cjson libcjson-dev - Ultralightweight JSON parser in ANSI C (development files)
libcjson1 - Ultralightweight JSON parser in ANSI C
1.7.5-1 Yanhao Mo Yes
json-editor.js libjs-json-editor - JSON Schema based editor 0.7.28+ds-1 Joel Cross Yes
pytest-flask python-pytest-flask - A set of pytest fixtures to test Flask extensions and
python-pytest-flask-doc - documentation for the pytest-flask Python library
python3-pytest-flask - A set of pytest fixtures to test Flask extensions and
0.10.0-1 Alexandros Afentoulis Yes
cod-tools cod-tools - tools for manipulating CIF format files
codcif - error-correcting CIF parser
libcexceptions0 - C exception handling library
libcod-cif-parser-bison-perl - error-correcting CIF parser - Perl bindings
libcod-cif-parser-yapp-perl - error-correcting CIF parser - YAPP implementation
libcod-precision-perl - COD precision handling module for Perl language
libcod-usermessage-perl - COD message formatting module for Perl language
libgetoptions0 - Command line argument processing library for C
python-pycodcif - error-correcting CIF parser - Python bindings
2.1+dfsg-1 Andrius Merkys No
shotwell shotwell - digital photo organizer
shotwell-common - digital photo organizer - common files
0.28.2-1 Jörg Frings-Fürst No
instead instead - Simple text adventures/visual novels engine
instead-data - Data files for INSTEAD
3.2.1-1 Sam Protsenko No
tvb-gdist tvb-gdist - Compute geodesic distances 1.5.5-1 umar haruna abdullahi No
ibus-table-myanmar ibus-table-my-unicode - ibus-table input method: Unicode
ibus-table-my-zawgyi - ibus-table input method: Zawgyi-One
ibus-table-shn-zawgyitai - ibus-table input method: Zawgyi Tai
1.0 kokoye2007 Yes
bauble bauble - biodiversity collection manager software application 1.0.56-4 Mario Frasca Yes
python-aiohttp-swagger python3-aiohttp-swagger - Swagger API Documentation builder for aiohttp server 1.0.5+ds-1 Joel Cross No
lxml python-lxml - pythonic binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries
python-lxml-dbg - pythonic binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries (debug ext
python-lxml-doc - pythonic binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries (documenta
python3-lxml - pythonic binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries
python3-lxml-dbg - pythonic binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries (debug ext
4.2.1-1~bpo9+1 Nicholas D Steeves Yes
html5-parser python-html5-parser - fast, standards compliant, C based, HTML 5 parser for python
python3-html5-parser - fast, standards compliant, C based, HTML 5 parser for python
0.4.4-1~bpo9+1 Nicholas D Steeves Yes
calibre calibre - powerful and easy to use e-book manager
calibre-bin - powerful and easy to use e-book manager
3.21.0+dfsg-1~bpo9+1 Nicholas D Steeves Yes
zerotier-one zerotier-one - ZeroTier network virtualization service 1.2.4+ds-1 Yangfl Yes
minieap minieap - Extensible 802.1x client with Ruijie v3/v4 support 0.92-1 GengYu Rao Yes
gloo libgloo-dev - Collective communications library (development files)
libgloo0 - Collective communications library (shared object)
libgloobuilder0 - Collective communications library (shared object)
0.5.0~20180130-g0a400ae-1 Mo Zhou No
cwm cwm - lightweight and efficient window manager for X11 6.3-1 James McDonald No
xdemorse xdemorse - decode Morse signals to text 3.4.1-1 David William Richmond Davies-Jones No
lsmount lsmount - is a small program for formatting the /proc/mounts output 0.2.2-1 Andreas Schwarz Yes
shared-hosting shared-hosting - Framework for easy management of shared hosting accounts 1.6.0-1 Clay Freeman Yes
logrotate logrotate - Log rotation utility 3.14.0-1 Christian Göttsche No
ttf-myanmar-fonts ttf-myanmar-fonts - ttf myanmar fonts:
ttf-myanmar-fonts-ayar - ttf myanmar fonts: ayar;
ttf-myanmar-fonts-myanmar3 - ttf myanmar fonts: Myanmar3;
ttf-myanmar-fonts-myanmarcensus - ttf myanmar fonts: MyanmarCensus;
ttf-myanmar-fonts-pyidaungsu - ttf myanmar fonts: Pyidaungsu;
ttf-myanmar-fonts-unicode - ttf myanmar unicode fonts
ttf-myanmar-fonts-zawgyi - ttf myanmar fonts: ZawgyiOne2008;
2.0.5-1 kokoye2007 Yes
vagrant-hostmanager vagrant-hostmanager - Vagrant plugin for managing /etc/hosts on guests and host 1.8.8-1 Kienan Stewart No
multimc multimc - Unofficial program to manage Minecraft instances with ease 0.6.2-1 Zebulon McCorkle Yes
automatic-save-folder xul-ext-automatic-save-folder - download helper which automates the sorting and saving of files 1.0.5bRev129-2 Sascha Girrulat No
udftools udftools - tools for UDF filesystems and DVD/CD-R(W) drives 2.0-2 Pali Rohár Yes
igmpproxy igmpproxy - IGMP multicast routing daemon 0.2.1-1 Pali Rohár Yes
flake8-polyfill python3-flake8-polyfill - polyfill package for Flake8 plugins 1.0.2-1 Ghislain Vaillant Yes
retroshare retroshare - Secure communication with friends
retroshare-feedreader-plugin - FeedReader plugin for the Retroshare communication platform
retroshare-nogui - headless version of Retroshare software
retroshare-voip-plugin - VOIP plugin for the Retroshare communication platform
0.6.4-1 Cyril Soler No
luakit luakit - fast and small web browser extensible by Lua, WebKit2 based 2017.08.10 Grégory David Yes
libcdio-paranoia cd-paranoia - audio CD reading utility which includes extra data verification f
libcdio-cdda-dev - library to read and control digital audio CDs (development files)
libcdio-cdda2 - library to read and control digital audio CDs
libcdio-paranoia-dev - library to read digital audio CDs with error correction (developm
libcdio-paranoia2 - library to read digital audio CDs with error correction
10.2+0.94+2-3 Pavel Sofishchenko Yes
libgpg-error gpgrt-tools - GnuPG development runtime library (executable tools)
libgpg-error-dev - GnuPG development runtime library (developer tools)
libgpg-error-mingw-w64-dev - library of error values and messages in GnuPG (Windows developmen
libgpg-error0 - GnuPG development runtime library
libgpg-error0-udeb - library for common error values and messages in GnuPG components (udeb)
1.29-4~bpo9+1 Jacob Adams Yes
btrfs-progs btrfs-progs - Checksumming Copy on Write Filesystem utilities
btrfs-progs-udeb - Checksumming Copy on Write Filesystem utilities (udeb) (udeb)
btrfs-tools - transitional dummy package
4.15.1-2~bpo9+1 Nicholas D Steeves Yes
sphinxcontrib-doxylink python3-sphinxcontrib.doxylink - Sphinx extension for linking to Doxygen documentation (Python 3) 1.5-1 Ghislain Vaillant Yes
libpodofo libpodofo-dev - PoDoFo development files
libpodofo-utils - PoDoFo utilities
libpodofo0.9.5 - PoDoFo - library to work with the PDF file format
0.9.5-8 Mattia Rizzolo No
ceph ceph - distributed storage and file system (metapackage)
ceph-base - common ceph daemon libraries and management tools
ceph-common - common utilities to mount and interact with a ceph storage cluste
ceph-fuse - FUSE-based client for the Ceph distributed file system
ceph-mds - metadata server for the ceph distributed file system
ceph-mgr - manager for the ceph distributed file system
ceph-mon - monitor server for the ceph storage system
ceph-osd - OSD server for the ceph storage system
ceph-resource-agents - OCF-compliant resource agents for Ceph
ceph-test - Ceph test and benchmarking tools
libcephfs-dev - Ceph distributed file system client library (development files)
libcephfs-java - Java library for the Ceph File System
libcephfs-jni - Java Native Interface library for CephFS Java bindings
libcephfs2 - Ceph distributed file system client library
librados-dev - RADOS distributed object store client library (development files)
librados2 - RADOS distributed object store client library
libradosstriper-dev - RADOS striping interface (development files)
libradosstriper1 - RADOS striping interface
librbd-dev - RADOS block device client library (development files)
librbd1 - RADOS block device client library
librgw-dev - RADOS client library (development files)
librgw2 - RADOS Gateway client library
python-ceph - Meta-package for Python libraries for the Ceph libraries
python-cephfs - Python libraries for the Ceph libcephfs library
python-rados - Python libraries for the Ceph librados library
python-rbd - Python libraries for the Ceph librbd library
python-rgw - Python 2 libraries for the Ceph librgw library
python3-ceph-argparse - Python 3 utility libraries for Ceph CLI
python3-cephfs - Python 3 libraries for the Ceph libcephfs library
python3-rados - Python 3 libraries for the Ceph librados library
python3-rbd - Python 3 libraries for the Ceph librbd library
python3-rgw - Python 3 libraries for the Ceph librgw library
rados-objclass-dev - RADOS object class development kit.
radosgw - REST gateway for RADOS distributed object store
rbd-fuse - FUSE-based rbd client for the Ceph distributed file system
rbd-mirror - Ceph daemon for mirroring RBD images
rbd-nbd - NBD-based rbd client for the Ceph distributed file system
12.2.4+ds2-1 Shengjing Zhu No
libclc libclc-amdgcn - OpenCL C language implementation - amdgcn support
libclc-dev - OpenCL C language implementation - development files
libclc-ptx - OpenCL C language implementation - ptx support
libclc-r600 - OpenCL C language implementation - r600 support
0.2.0+git20180312-2~bpo9+1 Jérémy VIES Yes
vsftpd vsftpd - lightweight, efficient FTP server written for security
vsftpd-dbg - lightweight, efficient FTP server written for security (debug)
3.0.3-8+mentors1 Nicolas Dandrimont No
raphael libjs-raphael - JavaScript library to work with vector graphics 2.2.7-1 David William Richmond Davies-Jones Yes
gpgme1.0 libgpgme-dev - GPGME - GnuPG Made Easy (development files)
libgpgme11 - GPGME - GnuPG Made Easy (library)
libgpgmepp-dev - C++ and Qt bindings for GPGME (development files)
libgpgmepp-doc - C++ and Qt bindings for GPGME (documentation for developers)
libgpgmepp6 - C++ wrapper library for GPGME
libqgpgme7 - library for GPGME integration with Qt
python-gpg - Python interface to the GPGME GnuPG encryption library (Python 2)
python3-gpg - Python interface to the GPGME GnuPG encryption library (Python 3)
1.11.1-1~bpo9+1 Jacob Adams Yes
kmfl-keyboard-myanmar kmfl-keyboard-myanmar-myanmar3 - Keyboard for Myanmar Script
kmfl-keyboard-myanmar-mywin - Keyboard for Win Layout
kmfl-keyboard-myanmar-paoh - Keyboard for Pa Oh Script
kmfl-keyboard-myanmar-sgawkaren - Keyboard for Pa Oh Script
kmfl-keyboard-myanmar-shan - Keyboard for Shan Script
1.0-1 kokoye2007 Yes
python-musicpd python3-musicpd - Python MPD client library 0.4.2-1 Geoffroy Youri Berret Yes
irda irda-dkms - IrDA subsystem and device drivers. 20180226~451378d-1 Christopher Schramm No
android-tools android-tools-adbd - Android Debug Bridge daemon
android-tools-fsutils - Android ext4 utilities with sparse support
android-tools-mkbootimg - Android tool to create Android boot images
5.1.1.r38-1.1~bpo9+1 Pierre Rudloff Yes
osmocom-analog osmocom-analog - Implementation of analog cellular networks 0+20180301gitfc1c5de-1 Kira Obrezkova No
mesa libegl-mesa0 - free implementation of the EGL API -- Mesa vendor library
libegl1-mesa - transitional dummy package
libegl1-mesa-dev - free implementation of the EGL API -- development files
libgbm-dev - generic buffer management API -- development files
libgbm1 - generic buffer management API -- runtime
libgl1-mesa-dev - free implementation of the OpenGL API -- GLX development files
libgl1-mesa-dri - free implementation of the OpenGL API -- DRI modules
libgl1-mesa-glx - transitional dummy package
libglapi-mesa - free implementation of the GL API -- shared library
libgles2-mesa - transitional dummy package
libgles2-mesa-dev - free implementation of the OpenGL|ES 2.x API -- development files
libglx-mesa0 - free implementation of the OpenGL API -- GLX vendor library
libosmesa6 - Mesa Off-screen rendering extension
libosmesa6-dev - Mesa Off-screen rendering extension -- development files
libwayland-egl1-mesa - transitional dummy package
libxatracker-dev - X acceleration library -- development files
libxatracker2 - X acceleration library -- runtime
mesa-common-dev - Developer documentation for Mesa
mesa-opencl-icd - free implementation of the OpenCL API -- ICD runtime
mesa-va-drivers - Mesa VA-API video acceleration drivers
mesa-vdpau-drivers - Mesa VDPAU video acceleration drivers
mesa-vulkan-drivers - Mesa Vulkan graphics drivers
18.0.2-2~bpo9+1 Jérémy VIES Yes
ibus-keymagic ibus-keymagic - keymagic engine for IBus
ibus-keymagic-ayar-phonetic - ibus keymagic ayar-phonetic;
ibus-keymagic-beolssalba - ibus keymagic beolssalba;
ibus-keymagic-cessalba - ibus keymagic cessalba;
ibus-keymagic-ddeolssalba - ibus keymagic ddeolssalba;
ibus-keymagic-gugeolssalba - ibus keymagic gugeolssalba;
ibus-keymagic-khmer-nida - ibus keymagic khmer-nida;
ibus-keymagic-loringian-miu - ibus keymagic loringian-miu;
ibus-keymagic-malayalam-inscript - ibus keymagic malayalam-inscript;
ibus-keymagic-malayalam-mozhi - ibus keymagic malayalam-mozhi;
ibus-keymagic-meolssalba - ibus keymagic meolssalba;
ibus-keymagic-mon - ibus keymagic mon;
ibus-keymagic-mon-anonta - ibus keymagic mon-anonta;
ibus-keymagic-monbur - ibus keymagic monbur;
ibus-keymagic-myanmar3 - ibus keymagic myanmar3;
ibus-keymagic-myanmar3x - ibus keymagic myanmar3x;
ibus-keymagic-myansan - ibus keymagic myansan;
ibus-keymagic-mywin - ibus keymagic mywin;
ibus-keymagic-ou-khamti - ibus keymagic ou-khamti;
ibus-keymagic-ou-mon - ibus keymagic ou-mon;
ibus-keymagic-ou-myanmar - ibus keymagic ou-myanmar;
ibus-keymagic-ou-palaung - ibus keymagic ou-palaung;
ibus-keymagic-ou-pao - ibus keymagic ou-pao;
ibus-keymagic-ou-shan - ibus keymagic ou-shan;
ibus-keymagic-ou-taile - ibus keymagic ou-taile;
ibus-keymagic-ou-taitham - ibus keymagic ou-taitham;
ibus-keymagic-panglongshan - ibus keymagic panglongshan;
ibus-keymagic-paoh - ibus keymagic paoh;
ibus-keymagic-parabaik - ibus keymagic parabaik;
ibus-keymagic-sunssalba - ibus keymagic sunssalba;
ibus-keymagic-unimon - ibus keymagic unimon;
ibus-keymagic-yunghkio - ibus keymagic yunghkio;
ibus-keymagic-zawgyi - ibus keymagic zawgyi;
ibus-keymagic-zawgyinonsmart - ibus keymagic zawgyinonsmart;
ibus-keymagic-zawgyitai - ibus keymagic zawgyitai;
ibus-keymagic-zawgyiunicode - ibus keymagic zawgyiunicode;
ibus-keymagic-zgunicode - ibus keymagic zgunicode;
1.5.2 kokoye2007 Yes
fling fling - Flexible Ping
nornet-fling-service - NorNet Fling Service
2.2.18-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
python3-openid python3-openid - Python3 OpenID package for modern servers and consumers 3.1.0-1.1 Andre Bianchi No
latte-dock latte-dock - Dock based on plasma frameworks 0.7.4-1 Scarlett Gately Clark No
cen64 cen64 - Cycle-Accurate Nintendo 64 Simulator 0.3+git20180227-2 Dan Hasting No
live-tasks live-task-base - Live base environment support
live-task-cinnamon - Live environment support for Cinnamon
live-task-extra - Live extra environment support
live-task-gnome - Live environment support for GNOME
live-task-kde - Live environment support for KDE
live-task-localisation - Live environment localisation support
live-task-localisation-desktop - Live graphical desktop environment localisation support
live-task-lxde - Live environment support for Lxde
live-task-lxqt - Live environment support for LXQt
live-task-mate - Live environment support for Mate
live-task-recommended - Live recommended environment support
live-task-xfce - Live environment support for Xfce
0.3 Ana Custura No
social-auth-core python3-social-auth-core - This is the core component of the python-social-auth ecosystem 1.7.0-1 Andre Bianchi No
you-get you-get - command-line utility to download media contents from the Web 0.4.1040-1 Mo Zhou Yes
oidentd oidentd - replacement ident daemon 2.2.3-1 Unit 193 No
hvac python-hvac - Python 2 client library for Hashicorp Vault
python3-hvac - Python 3 client library for Hashicorp Vault
0.5.0-1 Gregor Riepl Yes
caret caret - Computerized Anatomical Reconstruction and Editing Toolkit 5.6.6~dfsg.1-1.3 Daniel Sperka No
appmenu-qt appmenu-qt - application menu for Qt 0.3.0-1 Scarlett Gately Clark No
dbus-broker dbus-broker - Linux D-Bus Message Broker 13-2 Daniele Nicolodi Yes
fling-server fling-server - Flexible Ping Server
nornet-fling-server-service - NorNet Fling Server Service
1.0.12-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
fonts-myanmar fonts-myanmar - Myanmar fonts collection
fonts-myanmar-angoun - Myanmar fonts angoun
fonts-myanmar-ayar - Myanmar fonts ayar
fonts-myanmar-chatu - Myanmar fonts chatu
fonts-myanmar-chatulight - Myanmar fonts chatulight
fonts-myanmar-gantgaw - Myanmar fonts gantgaw
fonts-myanmar-khyay - Myanmar fonts khyay
fonts-myanmar-kuttar - Myanmar fonts kuttar
fonts-myanmar-mon - Myanmar mon fonts MON3 Anonta 1
fonts-myanmar-myanmar3 - Myanmar fonts Myanmar3
fonts-myanmar-myanmarcensus - Myanmar fonts Myanmar Census
fonts-myanmar-myanmarsanspro - Myanmar fonts Myanmar Sans Pro
fonts-myanmar-namkhone - Myanmar shan fonts Namkhone
fonts-myanmar-nayone - Myanmar fonts nayone
fonts-myanmar-njaun - Myanmar fonts njaun
fonts-myanmar-pauklay - Myanmar fonts pauklay
fonts-myanmar-phetsot - Myanmar fonts phetsot
fonts-myanmar-phiksel - Myanmar fonts phiksel
fonts-myanmar-phikselsmooth - Myanmar fonts phikselsmooth
fonts-myanmar-ponenyet - Myanmar fonts ponenyet
fonts-myanmar-pyidaungsu - fonts Pyidaungsu
fonts-myanmar-sabae - Myanmar fonts sabae
fonts-myanmar-sagar - Myanmar fonts sagar
fonts-myanmar-sanpya - Myanmar fonts sanpya
fonts-myanmar-squarelight - Myanmar fonts squarelight
fonts-myanmar-tagu - Myanmar fonts tagu
fonts-myanmar-thuriya - Myanmar fonts thuriya
fonts-myanmar-unicode - Myanmar Unicode fonts
fonts-myanmar-waso - Myanmar fonts waso
fonts-myanmar-yinmar - Myanmar fonts yinmar
fonts-myanmar-zawgyi - Myanmar font Zawgyi One2008;
1.0 kokoye2007 Yes
elixir-lang elixir - functional meta-programming aware language 1.6.5-1 Evgeny Golyshev No
hw-probe hw-probe - Hardware probe and system info collection tool 1.3-12 Mikhail Novosyolov Yes
papirus-libreoffice-theme libreoffice-style-papirus - Papirus symbol style for LibreOffice 20170228-1 Yangfl No
node-policyfile node-policyfile - Flash Socket Policy File Server for Node.js 0.0.6-1 Andreas Moog Yes
node-ip node-ip - IP address utilities for node.js 1.1.5-2 Andreas Moog No
mate-equake-applet mate-equake-applet - Mate panel applet which monitors earthquakes Jeroen van Aart Yes