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Package list


Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
plowshare plowshare - download and upload files from file sharing websites
plowshare4 - transitional dummy package
2.1.7-3 Carl Suster Yes
matrix-archive-keyring matrix-archive-keyring - OpenPGP archive key for the package repository
matrix-archive-config - APT configuration for the package repository
1:2019.04.16+ds.0.1 Linda Lapinlampi Yes


Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
command-not-found-ng command-not-found-ng - Suggest installation of packages in interactive bash sessions 25 Shawn Landden Yes
python-gasp python3-gasp - procedural Python graphics library for beginning programmers 0.3.7 Marco Sirabella No

Some days ago

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
lebiniou lebiniou - displays images that evolve with sound 3.31-1 Olivier Girondel No
dte dte - small and easy to use console text editor 1.7-1 Mirek Kratochvil Yes
nornet nornet-management - NorNet Management Tools
nornet-x11 - NorNet X11 Login
nornet-development - NorNet Development Tools
nornet-api - NorNet API
nornet-node - NorNet Node Control
nornet-tunnelbox - NorNet Tunnelbox Control
nornet-filesrv - NorNet File Server
nornet-artwork - NorNet Artwork
nornet-monitor - NorNet Monitor
nornet-display - NorNet Display
nornet-gatekeeper - NorNet Gatekeeper
nornet-websrv - NorNet Web Server
nornet-wikisrv - NorNet Wiki Server
nornet-timesrv - NorNet Time Server
nornet-database - NorNet Database
nornet-server - NorNet Server
1.3.7-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
python-softlayer python-softlayer - Python client for SoftLayer API (Python 2)
python3-softlayer - Python client for SoftLayer API (Python 3)
5.7.1-1 Ana Custura No
errbot errbot - Chatbot designed to be simple to extend with plugins written in Python 6.0+ds-1 Birger Schacht No
fossology fossology-dev - architecture for analyzing software, development utils
fossology - open and modular architecture for analyzing software
fossology-common - architecture for analyzing software, common files
fossology-web - architecture for analyzing software, web interface
fossology-scheduler - architecture for analyzing software, scheduler
fossology-db - architecture for analyzing software, database
fossology-ununpack - architecture for analyzing software, ununpack and adj2nest
fossology-copyright - architecture for analyzing software, copyright
fossology-buckets - architecture for analyzing software, buckets
fossology-mimetype - architecture for analyzing software, mimetype
fossology-nomos - architecture for analyzing software, nomos
fossology-pkgagent - architecture for analyzing software, pkgagent
fossology-delagent - architecture for analyzing software, delagent
fossology-wgetagent - architecture for analyzing software, wget_agent
fossology-debug - architecture for analyzing software, debug UI
fossology-monk - architecture for analyzing software, monk
fossology-monkbulk - architecture for analyzing software, monk bulk scanning
fossology-decider - architecture for analyzing software, decider
fossology-deciderjob - architecture for analyzing software, deciderjob
fossology-readmeoss - architecture for analyzing software, OSS readme generator
fossology-unifiedreport - architecture for analyzing software, Microsoft Word report generator
fossology-reuser - architecture for reusing clearing result of other uploads, reuser
fossology-spdx2 - architecture for analyzing software, SPDX v2.0 generator
fossology-reportimport - architecture for analyzing software, report importer
3.5.0-1 Gaurav Mishra Yes

Older packages

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
waybar waybar - Highly customizable Wayland bar for Sway and Wlroots based compositors 0.5.1-1 Birger Schacht No
gradle gradle - Powerful build system for the JVM
libgradle-core-java - Powerful build system for the JVM - Core libraries
libgradle-plugins-java - Powerful build system for the JVM - All plugins
gradle-doc - Powerful build system for the JVM - Documentations
4.4.1-6 Tiago Stürmer Daitx Yes
lib3mf lib3mf1 - Lib3MF is a C++ implementation of the 3D Manufacturing Format
lib3mf-doc - Lib3MF is a C++ implementation of the 3D Manufacturing Format (documentation)
lib3mf-dev - Lib3MF is a C++ implementation of the 3D Manufacturing Format (development)
1.8.1+ds-3 Torsten Paul No
pelib libpelib-dev - PE file manipulation library - development headers
libpelib1 - PE file manipulation library
1.0-1 Yangfl No
dhcpoptinj dhcpoptinj - DHCP option injector 0.4.4-1 Andreas Misje Yes
nsd nsd - authoritative domain name server 4.1.27-1 Markus Schade No
nuitka nuitka - Python compiler with full language support and CPython compatibility 0.6.3+ds-1 Kay Hayen No
libstb libstb0 - single-file public domain (or MIT licensed) libraries for C/C++
libstb-dev - single-file public domain (or MIT licensed) libraries - development headers
0.0~git20190304.5.g2c2908f-1 Yangfl No
ddnet ddnet - Teeworlds modification with a unique cooperative gameplay
ddnet-server - Server for DDNet
ddnet-tools - Tools for DDNet
ddnet-data - Data for DDNet
12.0.1-1 Yangfl No
guerillabackup guerillabackup - resilient, distributed backup and archiving solution 0.0.1-1 halfdog Yes
colorzero python-colorzero - Construct, convert, and manipulate colors in a Pythonic manner.
python3-colorzero - Construct, convert, and manipulate colors in a Pythonic manner.
python-colorzero-doc - Construct, convert, and manipulate colors in a Pythonic manner.
1.1-1 Dave Jones Yes
cuba libcuba4 - multidimensional numerical integration -- library package
libcuba-dev - multidimensional numerical integration -- development package
libcuba-doc - multidimensional numerical integration -- documentation package
partview - partition viewer for the Cuba library Partview reads Cuba
4.2-1 Francesco Montanari Yes
python-ldap python-ldap - LDAP interface module for Python
python3-ldap - LDAP interface module for Python3
python-ldap-dbg - LDAP interface module for Python (debug extension)
python3-ldap-dbg - LDAP interface module for Python3 (debug extension)
python-pyldap - LDAP interface module for Python 2.7 - transition package
python3-pyldap - LDAP interface module for Python 3.x - transition package
3.2.0-1 W. van den Akker No
peony peony - file manager for the UKUI desktop
peony-common - file manager for the UKUI desktop (common files)
libpeony-extension1 - libraries for Peony components
libpeony-extension-dev - libraries for Peony components (development files)
libpeony-extension-doc - libraries for Peony components (API documentation files)
gir1.2-peony-2.0 - GObject introspection data for Peony handsome_feng No
streamlink python3-streamlink - Python module for extracting video streams from various websites
python3-streamlink-doc - CLI for extracting video streams from various websites (documentation)
streamlink - CLI for extracting video streams from various websites to a video player
livestreamer - transitional package - streamlink
1.0.0+dfsg-1~bpo9+1 Alexis Murzeau No
x11vnc x11vnc - VNC server to allow remote access to an existing X session 0.9.16-1 Antoni Villalonga Yes
openmm libopenmm-dev - high performance toolkit for molecular simulation (development files)
libopenmm0 - high performance toolkit for molecular simulation
7.3.0-1 Andrius Merkys No
diff-so-fancy diff-so-fancy - Good-looking diffs with diff-highlight and more 1.2.5-1 Yangfl No
fonts-myanmar fonts-myanmar - Myanmar fonts collection
fonts-myanmar-zawgyi - Myanmar font Zawgyi One v2008;
fonts-myanmar-myanmar3 - Myanmar fonts Myanmar3
fonts-myanmar-myanmarcensus - Myanmar fonts Myanmar Census
fonts-myanmar-pyidaungsu - fonts Pyidaungsu
fonts-myanmar-unicode - Myanmar Unicode fonts
fonts-myanmar-ayar - Myanmar fonts ayar
fonts-myanmar-angoun - Myanmar fonts angoun
fonts-myanmar-chatulight - Myanmar fonts chatulight
fonts-myanmar-chatu - Myanmar fonts chatu
fonts-myanmar-gantgaw - Myanmar fonts gantgaw
fonts-myanmar-khyay - Myanmar fonts khyay
fonts-myanmar-kuttar - Myanmar fonts kuttar
fonts-myanmar-nayone - Myanmar fonts nayone
fonts-myanmar-njaun - Myanmar fonts njaun
fonts-myanmar-pauklay - Myanmar fonts pauklay
fonts-myanmar-phetsot - Myanmar fonts phetsot
fonts-myanmar-phikselsmooth - Myanmar fonts phikselsmooth
fonts-myanmar-phiksel - Myanmar fonts phiksel
fonts-myanmar-ponenyet - Myanmar fonts ponenyet
fonts-myanmar-sabae - Myanmar fonts sabae
fonts-myanmar-sagar - Myanmar fonts sagar
fonts-myanmar-sanpya - Myanmar fonts sanpya
fonts-myanmar-squarelight - Myanmar fonts squarelight
fonts-myanmar-tagu - Myanmar fonts tagu
fonts-myanmar-thuriya - Myanmar fonts thuriya
fonts-myanmar-waso - Myanmar fonts waso
fonts-myanmar-yinmar - Myanmar fonts yinmar
fonts-myanmar-myanmarsanspro - Myanmar fonts Myanmar Sans Pro
fonts-myanmar-namkhone - Myanmar shan fonts Namkhone
fonts-myanmar-mon - Myanmar mon fonts MON3 Anonta 1
0.0-1 kokoye2007 Yes
xcompmgr xcompmgr - X composition manager 1.1.8-1 Antoni Villalonga Yes
jcc python-jcc - generator for a Python extension from Java classes (Python 2)
python3-jcc - generator for a Python extension from Java classes (Python 3)
jcc - generator for a Python extension from Java classes (transitional)
3.5-1 Emmanuel Arias Yes
siconos siconos - modeling and simulation of nonsmooth dynamical systems (simulation runner tool)
siconos-mechanics-tools - modeling and simulation of nonsmooth dynamical systems (mechanics tools)
libsiconos-numerics6 - modeling and simulation of nonsmooth dynamical systems (numerics lib)
libsiconos-numerics-dev - modeling and simulation of nonsmooth dynamical systems (numerics dev)
libsiconos-kernel6 - modeling and simulation of nonsmooth dynamical systems (kernel lib)
libsiconos-kernel-dev - modeling and simulation of nonsmooth dynamical systems (kernel dev)
libsiconos-control6 - modeling and simulation of nonsmooth dynamical systems (control lib)
libsiconos-control-dev - modeling and simulation of nonsmooth dynamical systems (control dev)
libsiconos-mechanics6 - modeling and simulation of nonsmooth dynamical systems (mechanics lib)
libsiconos-mechanics-dev - modeling and simulation of nonsmooth dynamical systems (mechanics dev)
libsiconos-io6 - modeling and simulation of nonsmooth dynamical systems (io lib)
libsiconos-io-dev - modeling and simulation of nonsmooth dynamical systems (io dev)
python3-siconos - modeling and simulation of nonsmooth dynamical systems (python3)
4.2.0+git20181026.0ee5349+dfsg.2-1 Stephen Sinclair Yes
network-manager-l2tp network-manager-l2tp - network management framework (L2TP plugin core)
network-manager-l2tp-gnome - network management framework (L2TP plugin GNOME GUI)
1.2.12-1 Douglas Kosovic No
yaramod libyaramod-dev - YARA parser for C++ - development headers
libyaramod2 - YARA parser for C++
libyaramod-doc - YARA parser for C++ - documentation
python3-yaramod - YARA parser for C++ - Python 3 binding
2.4.1-1 Yangfl No
minder minder - Mind-mapping application 1.1.3-1 Yangfl Yes
xautolock xautolock - Program launcher for idle X sessions 1:2.2-5.2 Antoni Villalonga Yes
darkice darkice - Live audio streamer 1.3-3 Marc Bigler No
blueman blueman - Graphical bluetooth manager 2.1~alpha3-1 Christopher Schramm No
ibus-table-myanmar ibus-table-myanmar - ibus-table input method: Myanmar (dummy package)
ibus-table-burmese - ibus-table input method: Burmese
ibus-table-zawgyi - ibus-table input method: Zawgyi
0.0-1 kokoye2007 Yes
osmose-emulator osmose-emulator - Sega Master System and Game Gear console emulator 1.4-1~bpo9+1 Carlos Donizete Froes Yes
ibus-keymagic ibus-keymagic - keymagic engine for IBus
ibus-keymagic-ayar-phonetic - ibus keymagic ayar-phonetic;
ibus-keymagic-beolssalba - ibus keymagic beolssalba;
ibus-keymagic-cessalba - ibus keymagic cessalba;
ibus-keymagic-ddeolssalba - ibus keymagic ddeolssalba;
ibus-keymagic-gugeolssalba - ibus keymagic gugeolssalba;
ibus-keymagic-khmer-nida - ibus keymagic khmer-nida;
ibus-keymagic-loringian-miu - ibus keymagic loringian-miu;
ibus-keymagic-malayalam-inscript - ibus keymagic malayalam-inscript;
ibus-keymagic-malayalam-mozhi - ibus keymagic malayalam-mozhi;
ibus-keymagic-meolssalba - ibus keymagic meolssalba;
ibus-keymagic-mon-anonta - ibus keymagic mon-anonta;
ibus-keymagic-monbur - ibus keymagic monbur;
ibus-keymagic-mon - ibus keymagic mon;
ibus-keymagic-myanmar3 - ibus keymagic Myanmar3;
ibus-keymagic-myanmar3x - ibus keymagic Myanmar3x;
ibus-keymagic-myansan - ibus keymagic myansan;
ibus-keymagic-mywin - ibus keymagic mywin;
ibus-keymagic-ou-khamti - ibus keymagic ou-khamti;
ibus-keymagic-ou-mon - ibus keymagic ou-mon;
ibus-keymagic-ou-myanmar - ibus keymagic ou-Myanmar;
ibus-keymagic-ou-palaung - ibus keymagic ou-palaung;
ibus-keymagic-ou-pao - ibus keymagic ou-pao;
ibus-keymagic-ou-shan - ibus keymagic ou-shan;
ibus-keymagic-ou-taile - ibus keymagic ou-taile;
ibus-keymagic-ou-taitham - ibus keymagic ou-taitham;
ibus-keymagic-panglongshan - ibus keymagic panglongshan;
ibus-keymagic-paoh - ibus keymagic paoh;
ibus-keymagic-parabaik - ibus keymagic parabaik;
ibus-keymagic-sunssalba - ibus keymagic sunssalba;
ibus-keymagic-unimon - ibus keymagic unimon;
ibus-keymagic-yunghkio - ibus keymagic yunghkio;
ibus-keymagic-zawgyi - ibus keymagic zawgyi;
ibus-keymagic-zawgyinonsmart - ibus keymagic zawgyinonsmart;
ibus-keymagic-zawgyitai - ibus keymagic zawgyitai;
ibus-keymagic-zawgyiunicode - ibus keymagic zawgyiunicode;
ibus-keymagic-zgunicode - ibus keymagic zgunicode;
ibus-keymagic-pyidaungsu - ibus keymagic pyidaungsu;
1.4-1 kokoye2007 Yes

Uploaded long ago

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
qcoan qcoan - Automaton and Turing Machine Simulator
qcoan-dbg - debugging symbols for qcoan
2.0-5 Elmar Stellnberger Yes
dday-normandy dday-normandy - World War II First Person Game
dday-normandy-data - World War II First Person Game (data file)
5.3.0-1 Carlos Donizete Froes Yes
vkd3d libvkd3d-dev - Direct3D 12 to Vulkan translation - development files
libvkd3d-utils1 - Direct3D 12 to Vulkan translation - utilities library
libvkd3d1 - Direct3D 12 to Vulkan translation - library
vkd3d-demos - Direct3D 12 to Vulkan translation - demos
1.1-2~bpo9+1 Jens Reyer No
monit monit - utility for monitoring and managing daemons or similar programs 1:5.25.2-2~bpo9+1 Sergey B Kirpichev No
theme-d-gnome theme-d-gnome - GNOME library for programming language Theme-D 0.7.5-3 Tommi Höynälänmaa No
python-pyxs python3-pyxs - Pure Python XenStore client implementation
python-pyxs-doc - Pure Python XenStore client implementation (documentation)
0.4.1-1 Benjamin Hof Yes
python-pyocr python3-pyocr - Python wrapper for OCR engines (Python 3) 0.5.3-1 Thomas Perret No
eggdrop eggdrop - Advanced IRC Robot
eggdrop-data - Architecture independent files for eggdrop
1.8.4-3 Cédric Barboiron Yes
kismon kismon - GUI client for kismet (wireless scanner/sniffer/monitor) 0.9.0-3 Patrick Salecker Yes
ddcutil ddcutil - Control monitor settings 0.9.5-1~exp1 Sanford Rockowitz No
brightness-controller brightness-controller - Easily adjust your display brightness and color temperature 2.2.3-2 Archisman Panigrahi Yes
radicale-auth-pam thon3-radicale-auth-pam - PAM authentication plugin for Radicale (Python 3) 0.2-1 Joe Nahmias Yes
liquidsoap liquidsoap - audio streaming language
liquidsoap-mode - Emacs mode for editing Liquidsoap code
1.1.1-7.2+deb9u1 Kyle Robbertze No
bwm-ng bwm-ng - small and simple console-based bandwidth monitor 0.6.2~td1.1-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
pyshacl python3-pyshacl - Python SHACL Validator 0.9.9-1 Ashley Sommer Yes
libpam-fingerprint libpam-fingerprint - Pluggable Authentication Module for fingerprint authentication 1.5 Philipp Meisberger Yes
exadrums exadrums - Software drum module (graphical user interface) 0.3.0-1 Jeremy Oden No
yadifa yadifa - Internet Domain Name Server
libyadifa-dev - development libraries and header files for YADIFA
2.3.9-1 Markus Schade No
nvtop nvtop - Interactive NVIDIA GPU process monitor 1.0.0-1 Maxime Schmitt No
melodic-nornet melodic-management - MELODIC Management Tools
melodic-development - MELODIC Development Tools
melodic-server - MELODIC Server
melodic-controller - MELODIC Controller
melodic-storage - MELODIC Storage Node
melodic-compute - MELODIC Compute Node
melodic-desktop - MELODIC Desktop
0.5.0-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
scdoc scdoc - Simple man page generator written for POSIX systems written in C99 1.9.3-1 Birger Schacht No
openliberty openliberty - Server runtime for Java developers Michael Zhang Yes
spyne python-spyne - Python library for writing and calling soap web service
python3-spyne - Python library for writing and calling soap web service
2.13.4a0-1 Bastian Germann No
pygithub python-github - Access to full Github API v3 from Python2
python3-github - Access the full Github API v3 from Python3
1.43.3-1 Emmanuel Arias Yes
pysword python3-pysword - native Python reader module for the SWORD Project (Python 3) 0.2.6-1 Bastian Germann Yes
dm-zoned-tools dm-zoned-tools - dmzadm tool to manage device mapper devices for ZBC/ZAC disks 0.0~git20180830.9188cc0-1 Andrew Worsley Yes
nornet-ca nornet-ca - NorNet Root CA 1.0.7-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
libpam-rfid libpam-rfid - Pluggable Authentication Module for hardware authentication via RFID 1.4 Philipp Meisberger Yes
libexadrums libexadrums-dev - Software drum module (development)
libexadrums0 - Software drum module (library)
0.3.0-1 Jeremy Oden No
swupdate swupdate - reliable way to update an embedded system 2018.11 Stefano Babic Yes
neat-stuff neat-management - NEAT Management Tools
neat-development - NEAT Development Tools
neat-desktop - NEAT Desktop
0.8.1-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
manticore manticore - High performance full-text search engine Adrian Nuta Yes
visp libvisp-ar-dev - development files for libvisp-ar
libvisp-ar3.2 - visual servoing platform ar library
libvisp-blob-dev - development files for libvisp-blob
libvisp-blob3.2 - visual servoing platform blob tracking library
libvisp-core-dev - development files for libvisp-core
libvisp-core3.2 - visual servoing platform core library
libvisp-detection-dev - development files for libvisp-detection
libvisp-detection3.2 - visual servoing platform detection library
libvisp-dev - development files for ViSP
libvisp-doc - visual servoing library - documentation
libvisp-gui-dev - development files for libvisp-gui
libvisp-gui3.2 - visual servoing platform gui library
libvisp-imgproc-dev - development files for libvisp-imgproc
libvisp-imgproc3.2 - visual servoing platform imgproc library
libvisp-io-dev - development files for libvisp-io
libvisp-io3.2 - visual servoing platform io library
libvisp-klt-dev - development files for libvisp-klt
libvisp-klt3.2 - visual servoing platform klt tracking library
libvisp-mbt-dev - development files for libvisp-mbt
libvisp-mbt3.2 - visual servoing platform mbt library
libvisp-me-dev - development files for libvisp-me
libvisp-me3.2 - visual servoing platform me tracking library
libvisp-robot-dev - development files for libvisp-robot
libvisp-robot3.2 - visual servoing platform robot library
libvisp-sensor-dev - development files for libvisp-sensor
libvisp-sensor3.2 - visual servoing platform sensor library
libvisp-tt-dev - development files for libvisp-tt
libvisp-tt-mi-dev - development files for libvisp-tt-mi
libvisp-tt-mi3.2 - visual servoing platform tt-mi library
libvisp-tt3.2 - visual servoing platform tt library
libvisp-vision-dev - development files for libvisp-vision
libvisp-vision3.2 - visual servoing platform vision library
libvisp-visual-features-dev - development files for libvisp-visual-features
libvisp-visual-features3.2 - visual servoing platform visual-features library
libvisp-vs-dev - development files for libvisp-vs
libvisp-vs3.2 - visual servoing platform vs library
3.2.0-1 Fabien Spindler No
gpuowl gpuowl - GPU Mersenne primality tester 5.0 Valerio Bellizzomi Yes
ocs-url ocs-url - Helper for opening ocs:// urls 3.1.0-1 Scarlett Gately Moore No
runa-tracebox runa-tracebox - Runa's Tracebox 0.5.0~td1.5-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
python-pipenv-pipes python3-pipenv-pipes - Pipenv Environment Switcher (Python 3)
pipenv-pipes - Pipenv Environment Switcher (Binary)
0.7.1-1 Joel Cross No
austin austin - Frame stack sampler for CPython 0.6.1-beta-1 Gabriele N. Tornetta Yes
theme-d theme-d-translator - Programming language extending Scheme with static typing
theme-d-rte - Theme-D runtime environment
theme-d-stdlib - Theme-D Standard Library
theme-d-doc - Documentation for programming language Theme-D
libthemedsupport - Theme-D support library
th-scheme-utilities - TH Scheme Utilities library
1.1.16-1 Tommi Höynälänmaa No
hipercontracer libhipercontracer1 - HiPerConTracer library
libhipercontracer-dev - HiPerConTracer library development files
hipercontracer - HiPerConTracer command-line programs
hipercontracer-trigger - HiPerConTracer trigger tool
1.3.0~rc1.2-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
bissetii bissetii - This package bissetii provides a way to install its Go themes. 1.5.0+debian ZORALab Enterprise Yes
tesseract-lang-legacy tesseract-ocr-afr-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Afrikaans (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-amh-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Amharic (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-ara-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Arabic (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-asm-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Assamese (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-aze-cyrl-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Azerbaijani (Cyrillic) (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-aze-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Azerbaijani (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-bel-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Belarusian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-ben-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Bengali (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-bod-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Tibetan Standard (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-bos-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Bosnian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-bul-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Bulgarian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-cat-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Catalan (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-ceb-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Cebuano (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-ces-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Czech (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-chi-sim-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Chinese - Simplified (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-chi-tra-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Chinese - Traditional (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-chr-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Cherokee (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-cym-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Welsh (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-dan-frak-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Danish (Fraktur) (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-dan-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Danish (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-deu-frak-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for German (Fraktur) (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-deu-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for German (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-dzo-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Dzongkha (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-ell-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Greek (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-eng-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for English (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-enm-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for English, Middle (1100-1500) (leg
tesseract-ocr-epo-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Esperanto (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-equ-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for equations
tesseract-ocr-est-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Estonian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-eus-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Basque (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-fas-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Persian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-fin-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Finnish (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-fra-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for French (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-frk-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Frankish (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-frm-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for French, Middle (ca.1400-1600) (l
tesseract-ocr-gle-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Irish (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-glg-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Galician (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-grc-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Greek, Ancient (to 1453) (legacy
tesseract-ocr-guj-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Gujarati (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-hat-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Haitian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-heb-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Hebrew (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-hin-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Hindi (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-hrv-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Croatian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-hun-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Hungarian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-iku-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Inuktitut (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-ind-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Indonesian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-isl-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Icelandic (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-ita-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Italian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-ita-old-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Italian - Old (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-jav-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Javanese (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-jpn-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Japanese (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-kan-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Kannada (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-kat-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Georgian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-kat-old-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Old Georgian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-kaz-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Kazakh (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-khm-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Khmer (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-kir-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Kyrgyz (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-kor-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Korean (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-kur-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Kurdish (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-lao-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Lao (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-lat-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Latin (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-lav-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Latvian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-lit-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Lithuanian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-mal-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Malayalam (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-mar-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Marathi (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-mkd-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Macedonian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-mlt-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Maltese (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-msa-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Malay (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-mya-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Burmese (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-nep-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Nepali (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-nld-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Dutch (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-nor-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Norwegian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-ori-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Oriya (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-osd-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for script and orientation
tesseract-ocr-pan-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Punjabi (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-pol-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Polish (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-por-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Portuguese (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-pus-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Pashto (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-ron-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Romanian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-rus-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Russian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-san-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Sanskrit (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-sin-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Sinhala (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-slk-frak-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Slovak (Fraktur) (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-slk-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Slovakian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-slv-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Slovenian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-spa-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Spanish (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-spa-old-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Spanish, Castilian - Old (legacy
tesseract-ocr-sqi-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Albanian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-srp-latn-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Serbian (Latin) (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-srp-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Serbian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-swa-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Swahili (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-swe-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Swedish (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-syr-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Syriac (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-tam-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Tamil (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-tel-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Telugu (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-tgk-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Tajik (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-tgl-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Tagalog (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-tha-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Thai (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-tir-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Tigrinya (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-tur-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Turkish (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-uig-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Uyghur (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-ukr-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Ukrainian (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-urd-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Urdu (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-uzb-cyrl-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Uzbek (Cyrillic) (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-uzb-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Uzbek (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-vie-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Vietnamese (legacy)
tesseract-ocr-yid-legacy - tesseract-ocr language files for Yiddish (legacy)
4.0.0~git33-590567f-1 Alexander Pozdnyakov No
hencsat hencsat-management - HENCSAT Management Tools
hencsat-firewall - HENCSAT Firewall
hencsat-development - HENCSAT Development Tools
hencsat-server - HENCSAT Server
hencsat-desktop - HENCSAT Desktop
hencsat-client - HENCSAT Client
hencsat-controller - HENCSAT Controller
hencsat-router - HENCSAT Router
0.6.0-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
tracebox tracebox - Tracebox 0.4.4~td1.2-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
libneat libneat-dev - NEAT Core API Development Files
libneat-docs - NEAT Core API Documentation
libneat-examples - NEAT Core API Examples
libneat-socketapi-dev - NEAT Sockets API Development Files
libneat-socketapi-examples - NEAT Sockets API Examples
libneat-socketapi0 - NEAT Sockets API
libneat0 - NEAT Core API
0.0.1~td193-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
strawberry strawberry - audio player and music collection organizer 0.4.2-1 Thomas Pierson No
socketapi libsctpsocket-dev - development package for socketapi2
libsctpsocket2 - socket API library for sctplib
2:2.2.14~rc1.1-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
dragonfly-reverb dragonfly-reverb - Reverberation type "hall" 1.1.3-1 trebmuh-guest No
libheif libheif1 - ISO/IEC 23008-12:2017 HEIF file format decoder - shared library
libheif-dev - ISO/IEC 23008-12:2017 HEIF file format decoder - development files
libheif-examples - ISO/IEC 23008-12:2017 HEIF file format decoder - examples
heif-thumbnailer - ISO/IEC 23008-12:2017 HEIF file format decoder - thumbnailer
heif-gdk-pixbuf - ISO/IEC 23008-12:2017 HEIF file format decoder - gdk-pixbuf loader
1.4.0-1 Joachim Bauch Yes
zipios libzipios-dev - small C++ library for reading zip files (development)
libzipios2 - small C++ library for reading zip files (library)
libzipios-doc - small C++ library for reading zip files (documents)
libzipios++0v5 - transitional package Francois Mazen Yes
rauc rauc-bin - RAUC - Robust Auto-Update Controller - binary
rauc-integration - RAUC - Robust Auto-Update Controller - integration
1.0~rc1-1 Arnaud Rebillout Yes
roadfighter roadfighter - Drive a car in a death race
roadfighter-data - Drive a car in a death race (data file)
1.0.0-1 Carlos Donizete Froes Yes
xhk xhk - XLib halfkey implementation 1.1-1 Kentaro Hayashi Yes
owlrl python3-owlrl - OWL-RL and RDFS based RDF Closure inferencing for Python 5.2.0-1 Ashley Sommer Yes
rumur rumur - model checker for the Murphi language 2019.02.04-1 Matthew Fernandez Yes
infinitetux infinitetux - 2D platformer game inspired by Infinite Mario 1.1 Pedro Pena Yes
simulamet simulamet-management - SimulaMet Management Tools
simulamet-development - SimulaMet Development Tools
simulamet-desktop - SimulaMet Desktop
0.5.0-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
tsctp tsctp - SCTP Test Tool 0.7.1~rc1.0-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
clamav-unofficial-sigs clamav-unofficial-sigs - update script for 3rd-party clamav signatures 5.6.2-1 Brent Clark No
arduino-package arduino-package - Utility for creating Arduino Debian packages 1.0 Philipp Meisberger Yes
odoo odoo - Open Source Apps To Grow Your Business 12.0.20190125-1 Christophe Monniez Yes
python-fingerprint python-fingerprint - Python 2 written library for using ZhianTec fingerprint sensors
python3-fingerprint - Python 3 written library for using ZhianTec fingerprint sensors
1.5.1 Philipp Meisberger Yes
nornet-trace nornet-trace-importer - NorNet Trace Importer
nornet-trace-service - NorNet Trace Service
nornet-trace-trigger - NorNet Trace Trigger
2.0.0-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
gamewake gamewake - Alarm clock application 3.5.1 Philipp Meisberger Yes
ocaml-flac libflac-ocaml - OCaml interface to the flac library -- runtime files
libflac-ocaml-dev - OCaml interface to the flac library -- development files
0.1.4-1 Kyle Robbertze No
pyfltk python3-fltk - Python wrapper for the Fast Light Toolkit
python3-fltk-doc - Documentation for pyFltk
python3-fltk-dbg - Python wrapper for the Fast Light Toolkit - Debugging symbols Robert Arkiletian Yes
ruby-debian ruby-debian - ruby interface for dpkg 0.3.10 Carlos Maddela Yes
popout3d popout3d - Creates 3D images from photographs taken with an ordinary camera. 1.5.0-1 Chris Rogers Yes
note note - small program managing notes from commandline 1.3.26-3 Emmanuel Arias Yes
doxygen doxygen - Documentation system for C, C++, Java, Python and other languages
doxygen-latex - Documentation system for C, C++, Java, Python and other languages
doxygen-doc - Documentation for doxygen
doxygen-gui - GUI configuration tool for doxygen
1.8.15-1 Paolo Greppi Yes
ima-evm-utils ima-evm-utils - Linux IMA Extended Verification Module signing tools
libimaevm0 - Linux IMA Extended Verification Module signing tools - library
libimaevm-dev - Linux IMA Extended Verification Module signing tools - development files
1.1-1 Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov Yes
python-bacpypes python-bacpypes - BACnet application and network layer in Python
python3-bacpypes - BACnet application and network layer in Python
0.17.5-1 Rob Wiesler Yes
hinawa-utils hinawa-utils - Utilities to control Audio and Music units on FireWire (IEEE1394)
python3-hinawa-utils - Library to control Audio and Music units on FireWire (IEEE1394)
0.1.0-2 Kentaro Hayashi No
yarock yarock - Qt based music player 1.3.1+dfsg-1 Scarlett Gately Moore No
python-rfid python-rfid - Python 2 written library for an 125kHz RFID reader
python3-rfid - Python 3 written library for an 125kHz RFID reader
1.2 Philipp Meisberger Yes
eclipse-package eclipse-package - Utility for creating Eclipse Debian packages 1.0.1 Philipp Meisberger Yes
mosquitto mosquitto - MQTT version 3.1/3.1.1 compatible message broker
mosquitto-dev - Development files for Mosquitto
libmosquitto1 - MQTT version 3.1/3.1.1 client library
libmosquitto-dev - MQTT version 3.1/3.1.1 client library, development files
libmosquittopp1 - MQTT version 3.1/3.1.1 client C++ library
libmosquittopp-dev - MQTT version 3.1 client C++ library, development files
mosquitto-clients - Mosquitto command line MQTT clients
1.5.8-1 Roger Light No
pulseaudio-qt libkf5pulseaudioqt-dev - Pulseaudio bindings development files for Qt
libkf5pulseaudioqt1 - Pulseaudio bindings library for Qt
1.0.0-1 Scarlett Gately Moore No
libetpan libetpan17 - mail handling library
libetpan-dev - mail handling library - development files
libetpan-doc - mail handling library - API documentation
libetpan-dbg - debugging symbols for libetpan
1.9.3-1~bpo9+1 Shaun A. Johnson Yes
slideshow slideshow-infrastructure - SlideShow infrastructure files
slideshow - XHTML/JavaScript Slideshow Generator
slideshow-example - SlideShow example
2.3.0~rc1.0-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
appimagelauncher appimagelauncher - AppImage helper 1.0.3+dfsg-1 Scarlett Gately Moore No
postfix-mta-sts-resolver postfix-mta-sts-resolver - Daemon providing MTA-STS map to Postfix 0.2.7-1 Benjamin Hof Yes
python-pynetstring python3-pynetstring - netstring library for Python 3 0.1~dev2+git20180925.40cd4a61-1 Benjamin Hof Yes
ddns-updater ddns-updater - DDNS client to register your dynamic IP address 1.2 Philipp Meisberger Yes
ghostwriter ghostwriter - Distraction-free, themeable Markdown editor 1.7.4-2~bpo9+1 Sebastien CHAVAUX Yes