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Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
freetype freetype2-demos - FreeType 2 demonstration programs
libfreetype6 - FreeType 2 font engine, shared library files
libfreetype6-dev - FreeType 2 font engine, development files
libfreetype6-udeb - FreeType 2 font engine for the debian-installer (udeb)
2.8.1-1.1 Hugh McMaster Yes
gnome-shell-extension-radio gnome-shell-extension-radio - GNOME shell extension for listening to Internet radio streams 8-1 Léo Andrès Yes
deepin-icon-theme deepin-icon-theme - Deepin Icon Theme 15.12.52-1 Yangfl No
trafficserver trafficserver - fast, scalable and extensible HTTP/1.1 compliant caching proxy se
trafficserver-dev - Apache Traffic Server Software Developers Kit (SDK)
trafficserver-experimental-plugins - experimental plugins for Apache Traffic Server
7.1.1-1 Jean Baptiste Favre No
roadfighter roadfighter - Drive a car in a death race
roadfighter-data - Drive a car in a death race (data file)
1.0.0-1 Carlos Donizete Froes Yes
pygithub python-github - Access to full Github API v3 from Python2
python3-github - Access the full Github API v3 from Python3
1.35-1 Emmanuel Arias No
scanmem gameconqueror - locate and modify a variable in a running process (GUI)
scanmem - locate and modify a variable in a running process
0.17-1 Sebastian Parschauer Yes
webmin webmin - web-based administration interface for Unix systems
webmin-acl - AdminUsers module for Webmin
webmin-adsl-client - ADSL module for Webmin
webmin-ajaxterm - ajaxterm module for Webmin
webmin-all - Module metapackage module for Webmin
webmin-apache - Apache module for Webmin
webmin-at - At module for Webmin
webmin-backup-config - Backup Configuration Files module for Webmin
webmin-bacula-backup - Bacula Backup System module for Webmin
webmin-bandwidth - Bandwidth Monitoring module for Webmin
webmin-bind8 - BIND module for Webmin
webmin-bsdexports - BSDexports module for Webmin
webmin-bsdfdisk - Partitions on Local Disks module for Webmin
webmin-burner - Burner module for Webmin
webmin-change-user - ChangeUser module for Webmin
webmin-cluster-copy - Cluster Copy Files module for Webmin
webmin-cluster-cron - Cluster Cron Jobs module for Webmin
webmin-cluster-passwd - Cluster Change Passwords module for Webmin
webmin-cluster-shell - Cluster Shell Commands module for Webmin
webmin-cluster-software - Cluster Software module for Webmin
webmin-cluster-useradmin - Cluster Users module for Webmin
webmin-cluster-usermin - Cluster Usermin module for Webmin
webmin-cluster-webmin - Cluster Webmin module for Webmin
webmin-cpan - CPAN module for Webmin
webmin-cron - Cron Manager module for Webmin
webmin-custom - Custom module for Webmin
webmin-dhcpd - DHCPD module for Webmin
webmin-dovecot - Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server module for Webmin
webmin-exim - Exim Mail Server module for Webmin
webmin-exports - Export Manager module for Webmin
webmin-fail2ban - Fail2Ban Intrusion Detector module for Webmin
webmin-fdisk - Partition Manager module for Webmin
webmin-fetchmail - Fetchmail module for Webmin
webmin-file - FileManager module for Webmin
webmin-filemin - File Manager module for Webmin
webmin-filter - Filter and Forward Mail module for Webmin
webmin-firewall - Firewall module for Webmin
webmin-firewall6 - Firewall6 module for Webmin
webmin-firewalld - FirewallD module for Webmin
webmin-fsdump - Dump module for Webmin
webmin-gray-theme - Gray Framed Theme module for Webmin
webmin-grub - GRUB module for Webmin
webmin-heartbeat - Heartbeat module for Webmin
webmin-htaccess-htpasswd - HTAccess Files module for Webmin
webmin-idmapd - Idmapd Daemon module for Webmin
webmin-inetd - Network Services and Protocols module for Webmin
webmin-init - Boot Manager module for Webmin
webmin-inittab - Inittab module for Webmin
webmin-ipfw - BSD Firewall module for Webmin
webmin-ipsec - IPsec module for Webmin
webmin-iscsi-client - iSCSI Client module for Webmin
webmin-iscsi-server - iSCSI Server module for Webmin
webmin-iscsi-target - iSCSI Target module for Webmin
webmin-iscsi-tgtd - iSCSI TGTd module for Webmin
webmin-jabber - Jabber module for Webmin
webmin-krb5 - Kerberos5 Configuration module for Webmin
webmin-ldap-client - LDAP Client module for Webmin
webmin-ldap-server - LDAP Server module for Webmin
webmin-ldap-useradmin - LDAP Users and Groups module for Webmin
webmin-logrotate - Logrotate module for Webmin
webmin-lpadmin - lpadmin module for Webmin
webmin-lvm - LVM module for Webmin
webmin-mailboxes - Read User Mail module for Webmin
webmin-mailcap - MIME Type Programs module for Webmin
webmin-man - Man module for Webmin
webmin-mon - mon module for Webmin
webmin-mount - Disk Manager module for Webmin
webmin-mysql - MySQL module for Webmin
webmin-net - Networking module for Webmin
webmin-nis - NIS module for Webmin
webmin-openslp - OpenSLP module for Webmin
webmin-package-updates - Software Package Updates module for Webmin
webmin-pam - PAM module for Webmin
webmin-pap - PPP Server module for Webmin
webmin-passwd - Passwd module for Webmin
webmin-phpini - PHP Configuration module for Webmin
webmin-postfix - Postfix module for Webmin
webmin-postgresql - PostgreSQL module for Webmin
webmin-ppp-client - PPP Client module for Webmin
webmin-pptp-client - PPTP module for Webmin
webmin-pptp-server - PPTPd module for Webmin
webmin-proc - Process Manager module for Webmin
webmin-procmail - Procmail module for Webmin
webmin-proftpd - ProFTPD module for Webmin
webmin-qmailadmin - QMail module for Webmin
webmin-quota - Quota module for Webmin
webmin-raid - RAID module for Webmin
webmin-samba - Samba Manager module for Webmin
webmin-sarg - Squid Report Generator module for Webmin
webmin-sendmail - Sendmail module for Webmin
webmin-servers - Servers module for Webmin
webmin-shell - Shell module for Webmin
webmin-shorewall - Shoreline Firewall module for Webmin
webmin-shorewall6 - Shorewall6 Firewall module for Webmin
webmin-smart-status - SMART Drive Status module for Webmin
webmin-software - PackageAdmin module for Webmin
webmin-spam - SpamAssassin module for Webmin
webmin-squid - Squid module for Webmin
webmin-sshd - SSHD module for Webmin
webmin-status - Status module for Webmin
webmin-stunnel - STunnel module for Webmin
webmin-syslog - Syslog module for Webmin
webmin-syslog-ng - System Logs NG module for Webmin
webmin-system-status - System Status module for Webmin
webmin-tcpwrappers - tcpwrappers module for Webmin
webmin-telnet - SSH Login module for Webmin
webmin-time - Time module for Webmin
webmin-tunnel - Tunnel module for Webmin
webmin-updown - UpDown module for Webmin
webmin-useradmin - User Manager module for Webmin
webmin-usermin - Usermin module for Webmin
webmin-vgetty - Vgetty module for Webmin
webmin-webalizer - Webalizer module for Webmin
webmin-webmin - Webmin module for Webmin
webmin-webmincron - Scheduled Webmin Functions module for Webmin
webmin-webminlog - WebminLog module for Webmin
webmin-wuftpd - FTP module for Webmin
webmin-xinetd - Xinetd module for Webmin
1.870+ds-1 Yangfl Yes


Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
opencascade libopencascade-data-exchange-7.2.0 - Open CASCADE Technology module for CAD data format interoperabili
libopencascade-data-exchange-dev - Open CASCADE Technology module for CAD data format interoperabili
libopencascade-foundation-7.2.0 - Open CASCADE Technology module underlying all other OCCT classes
libopencascade-foundation-dev - Open CASCADE Technology module underlying all other OCCT classes
libopencascade-modeling-algorithms-7.2.0 - Open CASCADE Technology module containing vast range of geometric
libopencascade-modeling-algorithms-dev - Open CASCADE Technology module containing vast range of geometric
libopencascade-modeling-data-7.2.0 - Open CASCADE Technology data structures for 2D/3D geometric primi
libopencascade-modeling-data-dev - Open CASCADE Technology data structures for 2D/3D geometric primi
libopencascade-ocaf-7.2.0 - Open CASCADE Technology module offering solutions for application
libopencascade-ocaf-dev - Open CASCADE Technology module offering solutions for application
libopencascade-visualization-7.2.0 - Open CASCADE Technology module providing complex mechanisms for g
libopencascade-visualization-dev - Open CASCADE Technology module providing complex mechanisms for g
opencascade-draw - Open CASCADE Technology CAE test harness
opencascade-misc - Open CASCADE Technology CAE platform shared library miscellaneous
7.2.0-1 Kurt Kremitzki Yes
awstats awstats - powerful and featureful web server log analyzer 7.6+dfsg-1+deb9u1 Abhijith P.A No
nautilus-admin nautilus-admin - Extension for Nautilus to do administrative operations 1.1.3-1 Carlos Maddela Yes
python-jieba python-jieba-doc - Jieba Chinese text segmenter (common documentation)
python3-jieba - Jieba Chinese text segmenter (Python 3)
0.39-1 Yangfl No
flameshot flameshot - Powerful yet simple-to-use screenshot software 0.5.0+git20180114-1 Boyuan Yang No
libreoffice-style-papirus libreoffice-style-papirus - Papirus symbol style for LibreOffice 20170228-1 Yangfl No
kxstitch kxstitch - Cross stitch pattern editor
kxstitch-common - Data files, icons and documentation for kxstitch
2.0.0-1 Jeremy Whiting No
scamper libscamperfile0 - file access library for scamper's binary dump format
libscamperfile0-dev - development headers for scamper's binary dump file access library
scamper - parallel Internet measurement utility
20171204-1 Ana Custura No
budgie-extras budgie-clockworks-applet - Applet to display clock across multiple time zones
budgie-countdown-applet - Applet providing a countdown capability on the Budgie Desktop
budgie-dropby-applet - Applet to popup when a USB device is connected
budgie-hotcorners-applet - Applet providing hotcorners capabilities for the Budgie Desktop
budgie-keyboard-autoswitch-applet - Applet adding the ability to set a different keyboard layout per
budgie-previews-applet - Applet providing window previews capabilities for the Budgie Desk
budgie-quicknote-applet - Applet providing simple notes capability for the Budgie Desktop
budgie-rotation-lock-applet - Applet to lock or unlock the screen rotation
budgie-showtime-applet - Applet displaying date and time on the Budgie Desktop
budgie-window-mover-applet - Applet allows moving windows between workspaces for the Budgie De
budgie-workspace-overview-applet - Applet providing quick access to workspaces for the Budgie Deskto
budgie-workspace-wallpaper-applet - Applet providing per workspace wallpaper
0.4.0-1 David Mohammed Yes
wireshark libwireshark-data - network packet dissection library -- data files
libwireshark-dev - network packet dissection library -- development files
libwireshark0 - network packet dissection library -- shared library
libwiretap-dev - network packet capture library -- development files
libwiretap0 - network packet capture library -- shared library
libwscodecs0 - network packet dissection codecs library -- shared library
libwsutil-dev - network packet dissection utilities library -- development files
libwsutil0 - network packet dissection utilities library -- shared library
tshark - network traffic analyzer - console version
wireshark - network traffic analyzer - meta-package
wireshark-common - network traffic analyzer - common files
wireshark-dbg - network traffic analyzer - debug symbols
wireshark-dev - network traffic analyzer - development tools
wireshark-doc - network traffic analyzer - documentation
wireshark-gtk - network traffic analyzer - GTK+ version
wireshark-qt - network traffic analyzer - Qt version
2.5.0+git20180116075952~2f31016e-0 Thomas Dreibholz No

Some days ago

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
youtube-dl-gui youtube-dl-gui - Front-end GUI of the popular youtube-dl media downloader 0.4-1 Félix Sipma No
tl-cpputils libtl-cpputils-dev - general C++ utility library used by Avast Threat Labs projects (d
libtl-cpputils1 - general C++ utility library used by Avast Threat Labs projects
1.0-1 Yangfl Yes
smart-mode-line elpa-smart-mode-line - powerful and beautiful mode-line for Emacs
elpa-smart-mode-line-powerline-theme - Smart Mode Line themes that use Emacs Powerline
2.10.1-1 Nicholas D Steeves Yes
mseed2sac mseed2sac - Convert MiniSEED time series data to SAC 2.2-1 Paride Legovini Yes
nitrokey-app nitrokey-app - Application to manage the Nitrokey 1.2.0-1~bpo9+1 Jan Luca Naumann No
sac2mseed sac2mseed - Convert SAC waveform data to MiniSEED 1.12-1 Paride Legovini Yes
reptyr reptyr - Tool for moving running programs between ptys 0.6.2-1.1 Mateusz Łukasik Yes
iptux iptux - Intranet communication tool for Linux 0.7.1-1 Boyuan Yang No
ddupdate ddupdate - Tool updating DNS data for dynamic IP addresses 0.2.0-1 Alec Leamas Yes
golang-github-kr-binarydist golang-github-kr-binarydist-dev - Go implementation of the bspatch algorithm 0.0~git20160721.0.b35f2d2-1 Nicolas Braud-Santoni No
golang-github-jtacoma-uritemplates golang-github-jtacoma-uritemplates-dev - URI Templates (RFC 6570) implemented in Go 1.0.0-1 Nicolas Braud-Santoni No
ipmiutil ipmiutil - IPMI management utilities 3.0.8-1 Jörg Frings-Fürst No
ario ario - GTK+ client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)
ario-common - GTK+ client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD) (Common files)
1.6-1 Marc Pavot Yes
capstone2llvmir libcapstone2llvmir-dev - Library for Capstone instruction to LLVM IR translation (developm
libcapstone2llvmir1 - Library for Capstone instruction to LLVM IR translation
1.0-1 Yangfl Yes
node-pinkyswear node-pinkyswear - very small implementation of the Promises/A+ specification 2.2.3+dfsg-1 Philip Rinn Yes
simple-scan simple-scan - Simple Scanning Utility 3.26.2-2 Jörg Frings-Fürst No
paper-icon-theme paper-icon-theme - Flat paper-like icon theme 1.4.0-1 Omar Jair Purata Funes No
pokemmo-installer pokemmo-installer - Installer and Launcher for the PokeMMO emulator 1.4.5-1 Carlos Donizete Froes Yes
guerillabackup guerillabackup - resilient, distributed backup and archiving solution 0.0.0-1 halfdog Yes
elpy elpa-elpy - Emacs Python Development Environment 1.17.0-1 Nicholas D Steeves Yes
deepin-qt5dxcb-plugin qt5dxcb-plugin - Qt platform theme integration plugin for DDE 1.1.6+ds+git20180111-1 Boyuan Yang No
libneat libneat-dev - NEAT Core API Development Files
libneat-docs - NEAT Core API Documentation
libneat-examples - NEAT Core API Examples
libneat-socketapi-dev - NEAT Sockets API Development Files
libneat-socketapi-examples - NEAT Sockets API Examples
libneat-socketapi0 - NEAT Sockets API
libneat0 - NEAT Core API
0.0.1~td183-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
imenu-list elpa-imenu-list - show the current Emacs buffer's imenu entries in a separate windo 0.8-1 Nicholas D Steeves Yes

Older packages

Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
svxlink libasyncaudio-dev - AsyncAudio library for SvxLink (development files)
libasyncaudio1.5 - AsyncAudio library for SvxLink
libasynccore-dev - AsyncCore library for SvxLink (development files)
libasynccore1.5 - AsyncCore library for SvxLink
libasynccpp-dev - AsyncCpp library for SvxLink (development files)
libasynccpp1.5 - AsyncCpp library for SvxLink
libasyncqt-dev - AsyncQt library for SvxLink (development files)
libasyncqt1.5 - AsyncQt library for SvxLink
libecholib-dev - EchoLib library for SvxLink (development files)
libecholib1.3 - EchoLib library for SvxLink
qtel - Graphical client for the EchoLink® protocol
qtel-icons - Icons for graphical client for the EchoLink® protocol
remotetrx - Remote controller for radio transceivers
svxlink-calibration-tools - Calibration tools for SvxLink amateur radio suite
svxlink-gpio - GPIO control scripts SvxLink amateur radio server
svxlink-server - Voice-over-IP server for ham radio operators
svxreflector - Conference server for SvxLink amateur radio servers
17.12.1-1 Felix Lechner No
ddccontrol ddccontrol - program to control monitor parameters
gddccontrol - program to control monitor parameters (graphical interface)
libddccontrol-dev - development files for ddccontrol
libddccontrol0 - shared library for ddccontrol
0.4.3-1 Miroslav Kravec No
twodict python-twodict - Simple two way ordered dictionary for Python 2
python3-twodict - Simple two way ordered dictionary for Python 3
1.2-1 Félix Sipma No
proxychains libproxychains-dev - proxy chains -- shared library (development)
libproxychains3 - proxy chains -- shared library (runtime)
proxychains - proxy chains - redirect connections through proxy servers
4.2.0-1 Daniel Echeverry No
libcdio libcdio-dev - library to read and control CD-ROM (development files)
libcdio-utils - sample applications based on the CDIO libraries
libcdio17 - library to read and control CD-ROM
libiso9660-10 - library to work with ISO9660 filesystems
libiso9660-dev - library to work with ISO9660 filesystems (development files)
libudf-dev - library to work with UDF filesystems (development files)
libudf0 - library to work with UDF filesystems
1.1.0-1 Daniel Echeverry No
atlas-cpp libatlas-cpp-0.6-3 - World Forge wire protocol library - runtime libs
libatlas-cpp-0.6-dev - World Forge wire protocol library - developer files
libatlas-cpp-0.6-tools - World Forge wire protocol library - tools
libatlas-cpp-doc - World Forge wire protocol library - documentation
0.6.4-1 Olek Wojnar No
bash-completion bash-completion - programmable completion for the bash shell 1:2.7-1 Gabriel F. T. Gomes Yes
libosmo-sccp libosmo-sccp-dev - Development files for libosmosccp, libosmomtp and libosmoxua
libosmomtp0 - Message Transfer Part for Signaling System 7
libosmosccp0 - Library for Signalling Connection Control Part (SCCP)
libosmoxua0 - Osmocom SCCP support library for generating and parsing messages
0.7.0-4 Thorsten Alteholz No
xymonq xymonq - query cli for Xymon 0.7-1 Jonas Weber Yes
butt butt - streaming tool for live audio very easy to use 0.1.16-1 Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana No
s5 libjs-s5 - simple HTML-based presentation system - template content
s5 - simple HTML-based presentation system
1.1.dfsg.2-7 Peter Pentchev No
streamlink livestreamer - transitional package - streamlink
python3-streamlink - Python module for extracting video streams from various websites
python3-streamlink-doc - CLI for extracting video streams from various websites (documenta
streamlink - CLI for extracting video streams from various websites to a video
0.9.0+dfsg.2-3 Alexis Murzeau Yes
evqueue-frontend-php evqueue-frontend-php - evQueue web management and configuration interface 2.0-1 Thibault KUMMER No
ddrutility ddrutility - set of data recovery utilities for use with GNU ddrescue 2.8-1 Paulo Roberto Alves de Oliveira No
gocryptfs gocryptfs - Encrypted overlay filesystem written in Go 1.4.2-1 Felix Lechner No
golang-github-kurin-blazer golang-github-kurin-blazer-dev - Go library for Backblaze's B2 0.2.1-1 Félix Sipma No
wikidiff2 php-wikidiff2 - external diff engine for mediawiki 1.5.1-3~bpo9+1 Kunal Mehta No
evqueue-core evqueue-agent - evQueue agent for managing remote tasks execution
evqueue-core - evQueue core module
evqueue-utils - evQueue utilities to manage daemon
2.0-2 Thibault KUMMER No
fcitx-skk fcitx-skk - Japanese SKK input engine for Fcitx 0.1.4-0.2 Boyuan Yang No
network-manager-fortisslvpn network-manager-fortisslvpn - network management framework (Fortinet SSLVPN plugin core)
network-manager-fortisslvpn-gnome - network management framework (Fortinet SSLVPN plugin GNOME GUI)
1.2.6-1 Lubomir Rintel No
shared-hosting shared-hosting - Framework for easy management of shared hosting accounts 1.5.10-1 Clay Freeman Yes
visidata visidata - rapidly explore columnar data in the terminal 0.99-1 Anja Boskovic Yes
filter-other-days filter-other-days - filter logfiles for today's date in an Artificial Ignorance-compa 1.0.1 AJ Jordan Yes
nullmailer nullmailer - simple relay-only mail transport agent 1:2.1-6 Felix Lechner No
frontaccounting frontaccounting - web-based double-entry accounting and ERP program 2.4.3-1 Janusz Dobrowolski Yes
planet-venus planet-venus - aggregate feed generator 0~git9de2109-4.1 Abhijith P.A No
jupyter-core jupyter - Interactive computing environment (metapackage)
jupyter-core - Core common functionality of Jupyter projects (tools)
python-jupyter-core - Core common functionality of Jupyter projects for Python 2
python-jupyter-core-doc - Core common functionality of Jupyter projects (documentation)
python3-jupyter-core - Core common functionality of Jupyter projects for Python 3
4.4.0-1 Gordon Ball Yes
lina lina - close to ISO Forth interpreter and compiler 5.3.0-1 Albert van der Horst Yes
sdcc sdcc - Small Device C Compiler
sdcc-doc - Small Device C Compiler (documentation)
sdcc-libraries - Small Device C Compiler (libraries)
sdcc-ucsim - Micro-controller simulator for SDCC
3.6.0+dfsg-1 Gudjon I. Gudjonsson No
fcitx fcitx - Flexible Input Method Framework
fcitx-bin - Flexible Input Method Framework - essential binaries
fcitx-data - Flexible Input Method Framework - essential data files
fcitx-frontend-all - Flexible Input Method Framework - frontends metapackage
fcitx-frontend-gtk2 - Flexible Input Method Framework - GTK+ 2 IM Module frontend
fcitx-frontend-gtk3 - Flexible Input Method Framework - GTK+ 3 IM Module frontend
fcitx-frontend-qt4 - Flexible Input Method Framework - Qt4 IM Module frontend
fcitx-libs - Flexible Input Method Framework - metapackage for libraries
fcitx-libs-dev - Flexible Input Method Framework - library development files
fcitx-module-dbus - Flexible Input Method Framework - D-Bus module and IPC frontend
fcitx-module-kimpanel - Flexible Input Method Framework - KIMPanel protocol module
fcitx-module-lua - Flexible Input Method Framework - Lua module
fcitx-module-x11 - Flexible Input Method Framework - X11 module and XIM frontend
fcitx-modules - Flexible Input Method Framework - core modules
fcitx-pinyin - Flexible Input Method Framework - classic Pinyin engine
fcitx-qw - Flexible Input Method Framework - QuWei engine
fcitx-table - Flexible Input Method Framework - table engine
fcitx-table-all - Flexible Input Method Framework - tables metapackage
fcitx-table-bingchan - Flexible Input Method Framework - Bingchan table
fcitx-table-cangjie - Flexible Input Method Framework - Cangjie table
fcitx-table-dianbaoma - Flexible Input Method Framework - Dianbaoma table
fcitx-table-erbi - Flexible Input Method Framework - Erbi table
fcitx-table-wanfeng - Flexible Input Method Framework - Wanfeng table
fcitx-table-wbpy - Flexible Input Method Framework - WubiPinyin table
fcitx-table-wubi - Flexible Input Method Framework - Wubi table
fcitx-table-ziranma - Flexible Input Method Framework - Ziranma table
fcitx-tools - Flexible Input Method Framework - various tools
fcitx-ui-classic - Flexible Input Method Framework - Classic user interface
gir1.2-fcitx-1.0 - GObject introspection data for fcitx
libfcitx-config4 - Flexible Input Method Framework - configuration support library
libfcitx-core0 - Flexible Input Method Framework - library of core functions
libfcitx-gclient1 - Flexible Input Method Framework - D-Bus client library for Glib
libfcitx-qt0 - Flexible Input Method Framework - Meta package for Qt library
libfcitx-utils0 - Flexible Input Method Framework - utility support library
1: Boyuan Yang No
nornet nornet-api - NorNet API
nornet-artwork - NorNet Artwork
nornet-database - NorNet Database
nornet-development - NorNet Development Tools
nornet-display - NorNet Display
nornet-filesrv - NorNet File Server
nornet-gatekeeper - NorNet Gatekeeper
nornet-management - NorNet Management Tools
nornet-monitor - NorNet Monitor
nornet-node - NorNet Node Control
nornet-server - NorNet Server
nornet-timesrv - NorNet Time Server
nornet-trace-service - NorNet Trace Service
nornet-tunnelbox - NorNet Tunnelbox Control
nornet-websrv - NorNet Web Server
nornet-wikisrv - NorNet Wiki Server
nornet-x11 - NorNet X11 Login
1.2.9-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
dia dia - Diagram editor
dia-common - Diagram editor (common files)
dia-gnome - Diagram editor (GNOME version)
dia-libs - Diagram editor (library files)
0.98+git20180109085135~082e3cc5-0 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
godot godot2 - Full 2D and 3D game engine with editor
godot2-runner - Godot game engine run-time
godot2-server - Headless Godot game engine run-time
2.1.4-stable-1 Kienan Stewart Yes
melodic-nornet melodic-compute - MELODIC Compute Node
melodic-controller - MELODIC Controller
melodic-desktop - MELODIC Desktop
melodic-development - MELODIC Development Tools
melodic-management - MELODIC Management Tools
melodic-server - MELODIC Server
melodic-storage - MELODIC Storage Node
0.4.2-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
neat-stuff neat-desktop - NEAT Desktop
neat-development - NEAT Development Tools
neat-management - NEAT Management Tools
0.4.1-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
obsidian-icon-theme obsidian-icon-theme - Intuitive Faenza-like icon theme 3.5-1 Omar Jair Purata Funes No
neko libapache2-mod-neko - Apache module for running server-side Neko programs
libneko2 - Lightweight virtual machine - shared library
neko - Lightweight virtual machine - compiler and tools
neko-dev - Lightweight virtual machine - headers
2.2.0-2 Andy Li No
xml-core xml-core - XML infrastructure and XML catalog file support 0.18-1 Rodrigo Siqueira Yes
libhtmlcleaner-java libhtmlcleaner-java - Java HTML Parser library
libhtmlcleaner-java-doc - Java HTML Parser library (documentation)
2.21-1 Alexandre Rossi No
dia-shapes dia-shapes - Diagram editor (additional shapes) 0.6.0-4 Rodrigo Siqueira Yes
python-selenium python-selenium - Python bindings for Selenium
python3-selenium - Python3 bindings for Selenium
3.8.0+dfsg1-2 Sascha Girrulat No
hencsat hencsat-client - HENCSAT Client
hencsat-controller - HENCSAT Controller
hencsat-desktop - HENCSAT Desktop
hencsat-development - HENCSAT Development Tools
hencsat-management - HENCSAT Management Tools
hencsat-router - HENCSAT Router
hencsat-server - HENCSAT Server
0.3.1-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
logrotate logrotate - Log rotation utility 3.13.0-1 Christian Göttsche No
cli-helpers python3-cli-helpers - Helper library for creating Python CLI applications (Python 3) 1.0.1-1 Lennart Weller Yes
keychain keychain - key manager for OpenSSH 2.8.4-1 Paulo Vital No

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Package Description Version Uploader Needs a sponsor?
fookb fookb - Xkb state indicator
fookb-plainx - Xkb state indicator -- plain X version (transitional package)
fookb-wmaker - Xkb state indicator -- WindowMaker version (transitional package)
4.0-1 Doug Torrance No
passphrase-identity passphrase-identity - Regenerable ed25519 keys for OpenSSH and OpenPGP 1.0.0-1 Michele Orru` No
qmdnsengine libqmdnsengine-dev - Multicast DNS library for Qt applications - development files
libqmdnsengine-doc - Multicast DNS library for Qt applications - documentation
libqmdnsengine-examples - Multicast DNS library for Qt applications - examples
libqmdnsengine0 - Multicast DNS library for Qt applications
0.1.0-1 Nathan Osman Yes
libvd libvd-dev - Volume Development Library (development headers)
libvd1 - Volume Development Library
1.1.0+svn7-1 D. Haley Yes
prelude-lml-rules prelude-lml-rules - Rules for Prelude LML [ Rules ] 3.1.0-0.1 Thomas Andrejak No
bitfield libbitfield-dev - bit array manipulation library in C -- development package
libbitfield1 - bit array manipulation library in C
1.0.1-1 Vitalie Ciubotaru Yes
mgba libmgba - Game Boy Advance emulator (common library for mGBA)
libretro-mgba - Libretro wrapper for mGBA
mgba-common - Game Boy Advance emulator (common files for mGBA)
mgba-qt - Game Boy Advance emulator (Qt frontend for mGBA)
mgba-sdl - Game Boy Advance emulator (SDL frontend for mGBA)
0.6.1+dfsg1-1 Sérgio Benjamim No
python-singa python3-singa - Deep learning library 1.1.1-1 Moaz Reyad Yes
kyotocabinet kyotocabinet-doc - Straightforward implementation of DBM - docs
kyotocabinet-utils - Straightforward implementation of DBM - utilities
libkyotocabinet-dev - Straightforward implementation of DBM - development headers
libkyotocabinet16v5 - Straightforward implementation of DBM - shared library
libkyotocabinet16v5-dbg - Straightforward implementation of DBM - debugging symbols
1.2.76-5 Shawn Landden Yes
retroarch retroarch - Simple frontend for the libretro library 1.6.7+dfsg1-1 Sérgio Benjamim No
fractgen fractgen - calculates fractal images 2.1.2-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
vbindiff vbindiff - visual binary diff, visually compare binary files 3.0-beta5-1.1 Mathieu Malaterre No
libretro-core-info libretro-core-info - Info files for Libretro cores 1.6.7+git20170831-1 Sérgio Benjamim No
deepin-wallpapers deepin-wallpapers - Default wallpapers for Deepin Desktop Environment 1.6-1 Yangfl No
retroarch-assets retroarch-assets - RetroArch assets for XMB, GLUI and Zarch 1.6.7+git20170830+dfsg1-1 Sérgio Benjamim No
flnet flnet - Amateur Radio Net Control Station Software 7.3.1-1 Ana Custura No
fllog fllog - Amateur Radio Logbook Server 1.2.4-1 Ana Custura No
clickhouse clickhouse-client - Client binary for clickhouse
clickhouse-common - Common files for clickhouse
clickhouse-server - Base package for clickhouse
clickhouse-utils - Various utilities for clickhouse analytics db
libclickhouse-dev - Clickhouse database library development files
libclickhouse1 - Clickhouse database library
1.1.54284-1 Jean Baptiste Favre No
sokochez sokochez - two players puzzle game 0.6.2-1 Baptiste Pouget No
fairsim imagej-plugin-fairsim - ImageJ plugin for SIM reconstruction
libfairsim-java - Java library for SIM reconstruction
libfairsim-java-doc - documentation of libfairsim-java
1.2.0-1 Carnë Draug No
rsplib libcpprspserver-dev - headers of the C++ RSerPool client/server API library
libcpprspserver3 - C++ RSerPool client/server API library
librsplib-dev - headers of the RSerPool client/server API library rsplib
librsplib3 - RSerPool client/server API library for session management
rsplib-dbg - Debug symbols of the RSerPool programs
rsplib-docs - documentation of the RSerPool implementation rsplib
rsplib-fgp-cfgfiles - RSerPool Fractal Generator Service example input files
rsplib-registrar - RSerPool Registrar service
rsplib-services - RSerPool example services
rsplib-tools - RSerPool test tools
3.1.8-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
libjlargearrays-java libjlargearrays-java - Java library for one dimensional arrays up to 2^63 elements
libjlargearrays-java-doc - documentation of libjlargearrays-java
1.6-1 Carnë Draug No
libjtransforms-java libjtransforms-java - Java library for multithreaded FFT up to 3 dimensions
libjtransforms-java-doc - documentation of libjtransforms-java
3.1-1 Carnë Draug No
slideshow slideshow - XHTML/JavaScript Slideshow Generator
slideshow-core - SlideShow infrastructure files
slideshow-example - SlideShow example
2.2.9-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
xdebug php-xdebug - Xdebug Module for PHP 2.5.5-3~bpo9+1 Pierre Rudloff Yes
gnome-twitch gnome-twitch - GNOME Twitch app for watching streams without a browser
gnome-twitch-player-backend-gstreamer-cairo - Player backend for GNOME Twitch based on gstreamer+cairo
gnome-twitch-player-backend-gstreamer-clutter - Player backend for GNOME Twitch based on gstreamer+clutter
gnome-twitch-player-backend-gstreamer-opengl - Player backend for GNOME Twitch based on gstreamer+opengl
gnome-twitch-player-backend-mpv-opengl - Player backend for GNOME Twitch based on mpv
0.4.1-2 Tim Dengel No
ocaml-obuild ocaml-obuild - simple package build system for OCaml 0.1.9-1 Andy Li No
python-daemonize python-daemonize - enable your code to run as a daemon process - Python 2.x
python3-daemonize - enable your code to run as a daemon process - Python 3.x
2.4.7-1 Luca Weiss No
composer composer - dependency manager for PHP 1.5.2-1~bpo9+1 Pierre Rudloff Yes
keyleds keyleds - Logitech Keyboard per-key lighting control
keyleds-dev - Logitech Keyboard per-key lighting control - headers
0.5.0-1 Julien Hartmann Yes
luakit2 luakit2 - fast and small web browser extensible by Lua, WebKit2 based 1.0 Grégory David Yes
doomsday doomsday - enhanced version of the legendary DOOM game
doomsday-common - enhanced version of the legendary DOOM game - common files
doomsday-data - enhanced version of the legendary DOOM game - data files
doomsday-server - enhanced version of the legendary DOOM game - server
doomsday-tools - enhanced version of the legendary DOOM game
2.0.3-0.1 Bernhard Übelacker No
zp zp - ZPAQ open standard maximum compressor (prebuilt levels) 1.0-2 Joao Eriberto Mota Filho No
sqlcl-package sqlcl-package - Oracle SQL Developer Command-Line Debian package builder 0.1.0 Lazarus Long No
scm libscm-dev - Embeddable library for SCM Scheme language interpreter
scm - Scheme language interpreter
5f2-2 Bryan Newbold Yes
inkscape-open-symbols inkscape-open-symbols - Open source SVG symbol sets that can be used as Inkscape symbols 1.1-3 Félix Sipma No
alttab alttab - task switcher for minimalistic WMs or standalone X session 1.1.0-1 Alexander Kulak No
dokuwiki-sync dokuwiki-sync - synchronise dokuwiki trees 0.1 Andrew Worsley No
vbam vbam - Nintendo Game Boy Advance emulator
vbam-common - Common files for VBA-M
vbam-sdl - Nintendo Game Boy Advance emulator (SDL frontend)
2.0.1-1 Sérgio Benjamim No
wmix wmix - Dockapp mixer for OSS 3.3-1 Doug Torrance No
goldencheetah goldencheetah - set of analysis tools for cycling performance 1:3.5~DEV1708-1 KURASHIKI Satoru No
xf86-input-tslib xserver-xorg-input-tslib - tslib touchscreen driver for X.Org/XFree86 server 1.1.1-1 Martin Kepplinger Yes
libdfp lib32dfp-dev - decimal floating point library (32bit development files)
lib32dfp1 - decimal floating point library (32bit runtime)
libdfp-dev - decimal floating point library (development files)
libdfp1 - decimal floating point library (runtime)
1.0.13-2 Frédéric Bonnard No
minetest-mod-infinite-chest minetest-mod-infinite-chest - Minetest module to get chests with an infinite number of slots 1.0.0-1 Julien Puydt Yes
plibsys libplibsys0 - Highly portable C system library
libplibsys0-dbg - Debug symbols for plibsys
libplibsys0-dev - Development files for plibsys
libplibsys0-doc - Documentation for plibsys
0.0.3~git20170912.7069e03 Alexander Saprykin Yes
identity4c libufpidentity-dev - UFP Identity development library for C applications
libufpidentity1 - UFP Identity library for C applications
1.1.0-3 Richard Levenberg No
chapel-1.16 chapel-1.16 - productive parallel computing
chapel-common-1.16 - productive parallel computing (common files)
chapel-compiler-1.16 - productive parallel computing (compiler)
chapel-doc-1.16 - productive parallel computing (documentation)
chapel-runtime-1.16 - productive parallel computing (runtime)
1.16.0-1 Ben Albrecht Yes
deepin-menu deepin-menu - Deepin menu service 3.2.0-1 Yangfl No
cxlflash cxlflash - IBM Capiflash IO Data Engine 4.3.2580-1 Rodrigo R. Galvao Yes
deepin-voice-recorder deepin-voice-recorder - Deepin's Voice recorder 1.3.6-1 Yangfl No
deepin-deb-installer deepin-deb-installer - Deepin Package Manager 1.2.1-1 Yangfl No
xcb-imdkit libxcb-imdkit-dev - XIM protocol implementation in XCB (development files)
libxcb-imdkit0 - XIM protocol implementation in XCB
0~20171020-1 Boyuan Yang No
wordpress wordpress - weblog manager
wordpress-l10n - weblog manager - language files
wordpress-theme-twentyfifteen - weblog manager - twentytfifteen theme files
wordpress-theme-twentyseventeen - weblog manager - twentyseventeen theme files
wordpress-theme-twentysixteen - weblog manager - twentysixteen theme files
4.7.5+dfsg-2+deb9u1~bpo8+1 Rodrigo Campos No
gudhi gudhui - GUI for some of the functionality of the GUDHI library
libgudhi-dev - Generic open source C++ library for topological data analysis
libgudhi-doc - Documentation for the GUDHI library for topological data analysis
libgudhi-examples - Example programs for the GUDHI library
python3-gudhi - Python 3 interface to the GUDHI library for topological data anal
2.0.1+dfsg-1 Gard Spreemann Yes
icecc icecc - distributed compiler (client and server)
libicecc-dev - development files for icecc (distributed compiler)
1.1-2~bpo9+1 Pablo Saavedra Rodiño No
thonny thonny - Python IDE for beginners 2.1.15-1 Aivar Annamaa No
dr-theobold dr-theobold - single-player, exploratory text-adventure game 0.4-2 Christopher Howard Yes
gnome-shell-extension-kimpanel gnome-shell-extension-kimpanel - KDE's kimpanel implementation for GNOME Shell 0~20171201-1 Boyuan Yang Yes
node-rollup-plugin-buble node-rollup-plugin-buble - Rollup plugin to convert ES2015 to more common javascript using b 0.15.0-1 Julien Puydt No
tikzit tikzit - visual PGF/TikZ graph editor 1.0+ds-3 Gard Spreemann No
auter auter - Automatic updates for Redhat and Debian based Linux servers 0.11-1 Paolo Gigante Yes
boost-numeric-bindings libboost-numeric-bindings-dev - Numeric Library Bindings for Boost 0.99-1 Stephen Sinclair No
hipercontracer hipercontracer - High-Performance Connectivity Tracer (HiPerConTracer) is a 1.1.4-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
condor condor - transitional dummy package
condor-dbg - transitional dummy package
condor-dev - transitional dummy package
condor-doc - transitional dummy package
htcondor - distributed workload management system
htcondor-dbg - distributed workload management system - debugging symbols
htcondor-dev - distributed workload management system - development files
htcondor-doc - distributed workload management system - documentation
libclassad-dev - HTCondor classads expression language - development library
libclassad8 - HTCondor classads expression language - runtime library
8.6.8~dfsg.1-1 Tim Theisen No
fatcat fatcat - FAT filesystem explore, extract, repair, and forensic tool 1.0.7-1 Grégoire Passault No
rtpaudio libaudiocodeccommon0 - Shared libraries for RTP Audio (common audio codec handling)
libaudiocommon0 - Shared libraries for RTP Audio (common audio data handling)
libaudiodecoder0 - Shared libraries for RTP Audio (audio decoding)
libaudioencoder0 - Shared libraries for RTP Audio (audio encoding)
libaudioreader0 - Shared libraries for RTP Audio (audio input reading)
libaudiowriter0 - Shared libraries for RTP Audio (audio output writing)
libmediainfo0 - Shared libraries for RTP Audio (media information handling)
libmpegsound-dev - Headers for the sound decoder library
libmpegsound0 - Sound decoder library
libqosmgr0 - Shared libraries for RTP Audio (QoS management)
librtpaudioclient0 - Shared libraries for RTP Audio (RTP client-side audio handling)
librtpaudiocommon0 - Shared libraries of the RTP Audio sound streaming system
librtpaudioserver0 - Shared libraries for RTP Audio (RTP server-side audio handling)
librtpclient0 - Shared libraries for RTP Audio (RTP client-side handling)
librtpcommon0 - Shared libraries for RTP Audio (common RTP handling)
librtpserver0 - Shared libraries for RTP Audio (RTP server-side handling)
libtdtoolbox0 - Shared libraries for RTP Audio (common helper functions)
rtpaudio - RTP Audio sound streaming system
rtpaudio-clients - RTP Audio clients
rtpaudio-server - RTP Audio server
2.0.0~beta4-1 Thomas Dreibholz Yes
mistune python-mistune - Markdown parser for Python 2
python3-mistune - Markdown parser for Python 3
0.8.3-1 Julien Puydt No
command-not-found command-not-found - Suggest installation of packages in interactive bash sessions 0.4 Shawn Landden Yes
qt5ct qt5ct - Qt5 Configuration Utility 0.34-1 Mateusz Łukasik Yes
qelectrotech qelectrotech - Electric schematic editor
qelectrotech-data - symbols needed for qelectrotech
qelectrotech-examples - examples files for qelectrotech
1:0.6~rc3-1 Denis Briand No
optee-client libteec-dev - OP-TEE client library (development)
libteec1.0 - OP-TEE client library (runtime)
tee-supplicant - OP-TEE client daemon
2.2.0-1 Bo Dong No
optee-test optee-xtest - OP-TEE sanity testsuite 2.2.0-1 Bo Dong No
optee-os optee-os - OP-TEE OS 2.2.0-1 Bo Dong No
fonts-sil-tagmukay fonts-sil-tagmukay - Tifinagh Unicode TrueType font with OT and Graphite support 2.000-1 Bobby de Vos No
qpdfview qpdfview - tabbed document viewer
qpdfview-djvu-plugin - tabbed document viewer - DjVu plugin
qpdfview-ps-plugin - tabbed document viewer - PostScript plugin
qpdfview-translations - tabbed document viewer - translations
0.4.17~beta1-1 Benjamin Eltzner No
oprofile libopagent-dev - system-wide profiler for Linux systems (opagent runtime dev files
libopagent1 - system-wide profiler for Linux systems (opagent runtime library)
oprofile - system-wide profiler for Linux systems
oprofile-jit - system-wide profiler for Linux systems (Java runtime library)
1.2.0-1 Roberto Oliveira Yes
bibtexconv bibtexconv - BibTeX Converter
ietf2bibtex - Create BibTeX entry for IETF document (RFC or Internet Draft)
1.1.12~b1-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
picocoin libccoin-dev - bitcoin library - development files
libccoin0 - bitcoin library - shared library
picocoin - spv client and block utilities
0.6-2 Joel De Jesus No
subnetcalc subnetcalc - IPv4/IPv6 Subnet Calculator 2.4.8-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
netperfmeter netperfmeter - Network Performance Meter (measurement program)
netperfmeter-plotting - Network Performance Meter (plotting program)
pdfproctools - PDF Processing Tools
1.7.6-1 Thomas Dreibholz No
lirc liblirc-client0 - infra-red remote control support - client library
liblirc-dev - Infra-red remote control support - development files
liblirc0 - Infra-red remote control support - Run-time libraries
liblircclient-dev - Transitional placeholder for obsoleted liblircclient-dev
liblircclient0 - Transitional placeholder for obsoleted liblircclient0
lirc - Infra-red remote control support - daemons and utils
lirc-doc - Infra-red remote control support - website and manual docs
lirc-x - infra-red remote control support - X utilities
0.10.1-1 Alec Leamas No
jpeces jpeces - Xinese Tangram puzzle and others 4.2.1-1 Innocent De Marchi Yes
bolt bolt - Thunderbolt daemon and control tool 0.1.1-1 Andrei Emeltchenko Yes
mblaze mblaze - UNIX utilities to deal with Maildir 0.2-1 Nicolas Braud-Santoni No
k2pdfopt k2pdfopt - PDF Reflow tool 2.42+ds-2 Yangfl Yes
spectrwm spectrwm - dynamic tiling window manager 3.1.0-2 Andrea Bolognani No
selenium-firefoxdriver firefoxdriver - Firefox WebDriver support 3.8.0-1 Sascha Girrulat No
php-netscape-bookmark-parser php-netscape-bookmark-parser - generic Netscape bookmark parser 2.0.4-1 James Valleroy Yes
kconfig-frontends kconfig-frontends - Standalone implementation of the Linux Kconfig parser and fronten Philippe Thierry Yes
libtoxcore libtox-dev - Distributed, secure messenger - development headers
libtoxav-dev - Distributed, secure messenger - a/v development headers
libtoxav1 - Distributed, secure messenger - a/v runtime files
libtoxcore-dev - Distributed, secure messenger - core development headers
libtoxcore1 - Distributed, secure messenger - core runtime library
libtoxdns-dev - Distributed, secure messenger - dns development headers
libtoxdns1 - Distributed, secure messenger - dns runtime files
libtoxencryptsave-dev - Distributed, secure messenger - crypto development headers
libtoxencryptsave1 - Distributed, secure messenger - crypto runtime files
0.1.10-2 Yangfl Yes
jieba python-jieba-doc - Jieba Chinese text segmenter (common documentation)
python3-jieba - Jieba Chinese text segmenter (Python 3)
0.39-1 Yangfl Yes
opencsg libopencsg-dev - image-based CSG library using OpenGL (development files)
libopencsg-example - image-based CSG library using OpenGL (example program)
libopencsg1 - image-based CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry) library using OpenG
libopencsg1-dbg - debugging symbols for libopencsg
1.4.2-1 chrysn Yes
acetoneiso acetoneiso - feature-rich application to mount and manage CD and DVD images 2.4-3 Nick Andrik Yes
rednotebook rednotebook - Modern desktop diary and personal journaling tool. It lets you 2.3-1 Phil Wyett Yes
audio-recorder audio-recorder - Audio recorder for GNOME and Unity Desktops 2.0.1bzr1249-1 Rolf Leggewie No
connman-ui connman-ui - Full-featured GTK-based tray icon UI for ConnMan 0~20150623-1 Shawn Landden Yes
fonts-sil-awami-nastaliq fonts-sil-awami-nastaliq - Smart Unicode font for the Nastaliq script 1.000-3 Bobby de Vos No
python-ck python-ck - Python2 light-weight knowledge manager
python3-ck - Python3 light-weight knowledge manager
1.9.4 Grigori Fursin No
openambit libambit0 - utilities for Suunto Ambit sport watches
libambit0-dev - utilities for Suunto Ambit sport watches
openambit - utilities for Suunto Ambit sport watches
0.4-1.2 Dominik Stadler Yes
yaze yaze - Yet Another Z80 Emulator
yaze-test - Yet Another Z80 Emulator - test suite
1.14+dfsg.2-2 Stephan Linz Yes
tio tio - simple TTY terminal I/O application 1.25-2 Jakob Haufe No
xournal xournal - GTK+ Application for note taking 1: xiota Yes
hippomocks hippomocks - C++ mocking framework 5.0-1 Philippe Coval Yes
ruby-gpgme ruby-gpgme - Ruby GPGME binding 2.0.14-1~bpo9+1 Georg Faerber No
qhttpengine libqhttpengine-dev - HTTP server for Qt applications - development files
libqhttpengine-doc - HTTP server for Qt applications - documentation
libqhttpengine-examples - HTTP server for Qt applications - examples
libqhttpengine1 - HTTP server for Qt applications
1.0.1+dfsg1-1 Nathan Osman No
jkcemu jkcemu - Java KC-Emulator 0.9.7-1 Stephan Linz Yes
perse perse - Permission settings manager for USB devices 1.0.4 Ville Ranki No
plasma-gmailfeed plasma-gmailfeed - plasmoid that shows your Gmail feed with notifications 1.1-1 Nicholas D Steeves Yes
deepin-movie-reborn deepin-movie - Deepin movie player
libdmr-dev - Deepin movie player - widget library (development files)
libdmr0.1 - Deepin movie player - widget library
3.1.1-1 Yangfl Yes
yapf python-yapf - public modules for yapf (Python 2)
python3-yapf - public modules for yapf (Python 3)
yapf - Python code formatter for different styles (Python 2)
yapf3 - Python code formatter for different styles (Python 3)
0.19.0-2 Ana Custura No
libunistring libunistring-dev - Unicode string library for C - development files
libunistring2 - Unicode string library for C
0.9.8-2 Jörg Frings-Fürst No
flask-login python-flask-login-doc - user session management for Flask -- documentation
python3-flask-login - user session management for Flask -- Python 3 module
0.4.0-2 Carl Suster No
nyx nyx - terminal status monitor for tor
tor-arm - transitional package
2.0.4-2 Nicolas Braud-Santoni Yes
igtf-policy-bundle igtf-policy-classic - IGTF classic profile for Certificate Authorities
igtf-policy-experimental - IGTF experimental Certificate Authorities
igtf-policy-iota - IGTF IOTA profile for Certificate Authorities
igtf-policy-mics - IGTF MICS profile for Certificate Authorities
igtf-policy-slcs - IGTF SLCS profile for Certificate Authorities
igtf-policy-unaccredited - IGTF unaccredited Certificate Authorities
1.88-1 Dennis van Dok No
granite gir1.2-granite-1.0 - extension of GTK+ libraries (introspection files)
granite-demo - extension of GTK+ libraries (demo binary)
libgranite-common - extension of GTK+ libraries (common files)
libgranite-dev - extension of GTK+ libraries (development files)
libgranite3 - extension of GTK+ libraries
0.4.1-1 Yangfl Yes
minetest-mod-xdecor minetest-mod-xdecor - Lightweight decoration module for minetest 1.0-1 Julien Puydt Yes
node-acorn-object-spread node-acorn-object-spread - Plugin for object spread in acorn for Node.js 3.1.0-1 Julien Puydt No