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Details about package "rdma-core"

Name: rdma-core
Uploader: Talat Batheesh <> (Debian QA page)
Description: ibacm - InfiniBand Communication Manager Assistant (ACM)
ibverbs-providers - User space provider drivers for libibverbs
ibverbs-utils - Examples for the libibverbs library
iwpmd - Userspace component for iWarp RDMA services
libibcm-dev - Development files for the libibcm library
libibcm1 - InfiniBand Communication Manager (CM) library
libibcm1-dbg - InfiniBand Communication Manager (CM) library
libibumad-dev - Development files for libibumad
libibumad3 - InfiniBand Userspace Management Datagram (uMAD) library
libibumad3-dbg - InfiniBand Userspace Management Datagram (uMAD) library
libibverbs-dev - Development files for the libibverbs library
libibverbs1 - Library for direct userspace use of RDMA (InfiniBand/iWARP)
libibverbs1-dbg - Debugging symbols for the libibverbs library
librdmacm-dev - Development files for the librdmacm library
librdmacm1 - Library for managing RDMA connections
librdmacm1-dbg - Debugging symbols for the librdmacm library
rdma-core - RDMA core userspace infrastructure and documentation.
rdmacm-utils - Examples for the librdmacm library
srptools - Tools for Infiniband attached storage (SRP)

Package versions

Version 12-1.1


Version: 12-1.1
Uploaded: 2016-12-29 11:33
Source package:
Section: net
Priority: extra
Closes bugs: 848971

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