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Details about package "opendnssec"

Name: opendnssec
Uploader: Mathieu Mirmont <> (Debian QA page)
Description: opendnssec-common - common configuration files for OpenDNSSEC suite
opendnssec - dependency package to install full OpenDNSSEC suite
opendnssec-doc - documentation for OpenDNSSEC suite
opendnssec-enforcer - tool to prepare DNSSEC keys (common package)
opendnssec-enforcer-mysql - tool to prepare DNSSEC keys (MySQL backend)
opendnssec-enforcer-sqlite3 - tool to prepare DNSSEC keys (sqlite3 backend)
opendnssec-signer - daemon to sign DNS zone files periodically
libhsm-bin - library for interfacing PKCS#11 Hardware Security Modules
opendnssec-signer-run - runscript to supervise the opendnssec-signer daemon
opendnssec-enforcer-run - runscript to supervise the opendnssec-enforcer daemon

Package versions

Version 1:2.1.4-1


Version: 1:2.1.4-1
Uploaded: 2019-09-05 00:01
Source package:
Distribution: unstable
Section: admin
Priority: optional
Closes bugs: 927998 928021

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