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Details about package librepo

Name: librepo
Uploader: Frédéric Pierret <> (Debian QA page)
Description: librepo-dev - librepo - development files
librepo0 - librepo - shared library
librepo-doc - Documentation for the librepo library (common documentation)
python3-librepo - Python bindings for the librepo library (Python 3)
python3-librepo-doc - Python 3 bindings for the librepo library (common documentation)

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Upload #1


Version: 1.10.5-1
Uploaded: 2020-06-30 14:37
Source package: librepo_1.10.5-1.dsc
Distribution: unstable
Section: libs
Priority: optional


   [ Mihai Moldovan ]
   * New upstream release.
   * debian/patches:
     + Refresh.
     + Add for making
       builds (really the documentation) more reproducible.
   * debian/control:
     + Update to standards version No changes necessary.
     + Add libxml2-dev build dependency.
     + Change versioned dependency on dh to >= 9~.
     + Drop old Python{,3}-Version fields. The base python packages are new
     + Drop Python 2 binpkgs.
     + Fix python3-librepo suggesting python3-librepo-doc instead of
       python-librepo-doc (which is gone now anyway).
     + Reorder run-time dependencies.
     + Add Vcs-{Browser,Git} tags.
     + Add Multi-Arch tags to binpkgs.
     + Let librepo-dev suggest librepo-doc.
     + Add run-time dependency upon python3-distutils or its former package
       libpython3-stdlib (but only if earlier than 3.7~) to python3-librepo.
   * debian/copyright:
     + Update.
   * debian/rules:
     + Disable ZCHUNK support. There is no such package in Debian (yet).
     + Make dh_missing fail on uninstalled files.
     + Same for dh_install, but only when using dh < 12.
     + Drop Python 2 support.
     + Make delete operations verbose.
     + More quoting of arguments.
     + Remove integrated copies of {jquery,underscore}.js.
     + Quote $@ variable in dh call.
   * debian/:
     + Remove
     + Add librepo0.symbols.
     + Add (empty) python3-librepo.symbols.
     + Add {,python3-}librepo-doc.links.
     + Add python3-librepo.lintian-overrides.
     + Add {,python3-}librepo-doc.doc-base.
     + Add source/lintian-overrides.
     + Add {,python3-}librepo-doc.examples.
   * debian/python3-libcomps-doc.links:
     + Replace {jquery,underscore}.js with system versions.
   * debian/librepo-doc.links:
     + Replace jquery.js with system version.
   * debian/python3-librepo.lintian-overrides:
     + Silence ldconfig activation trigger warning. Yes, it might be technically
       correct, but it's being generated by debhelper, so there's no good way to
       get rid of it.
   * debian/{python3-librepo,librepo0}.symbols:
     + Populate.
     + Add Build-Depends-Package tag mentioning librepo-dev package.
   * debian/{,python3-}
     + Adapt to new build directory.
   * debian/librepo-doc.doc-base:
     + Register C interface documentation with doc-base.
   * debian/python3-librepo-doc.doc-base:
     + Register Python interface documentation with doc-base.
   * debian/source/lintian-overrides:
     + Silence warning about missing librepo/version.h and doc/c/
       files. We remove these files in the clean target since they are
       auto-generated from templates, but they are still included verbatim in
       the upstream tarball.
   * debian/{,python3-}librepo-doc.examples:
     + Install examples.

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