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Details about package dnf

Name: dnf
Uploader: Frédéric Pierret <> (Debian QA page)
Description: dnf - Dandified Yum package manager
dnf-data - Dandified Yum package manager (data files)
dnf-doc - Documentation for the DNF package manager (common documentation)
yum4 - transitional package
nextgen-yum4 - DNF (Dandified Yum) Yum CLI compatibility layer
python3-dnf - Python interface to DNF (Python 3)
python3-dnf-doc - Python 3 interface to DNF (common documentation)

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Upload #1


Version: 4.2.9-1
Uploaded: 2020-06-30 14:35
Source package: dnf_4.2.9-1.dsc
Distribution: unstable
Section: admin
Priority: optional


   [ Mihai Moldovan ]
   * New upstream release.
   * debian/control:
     + Update to standards version No changes necessary.
     + Fix homepage.
     + Change dependency on *-hawkey to *-libdnf.
     + Add versioned dependency to *-libdnf dependencies for >= 0.35.3-1~.
     + Add versioned dependency to libcomps dependencies for >= 0.1.8-1~.
     + Add versioned dependency to python*-rpm dependencies for >= 4.14.0-1~.
     + Add versioned dependency to python3-dnf dependency for current version.
     + Drop dependencies upon librepo, upstream did it and they should be
       transitive anyway.
     + Drop dependencies upon python-lzma.
     + Drop Python 2 binpkgs.
     + Reorder run-time dependencies.
     + Drop old Python{,3}-Version fields. The base python packages are new
     + Add versioned build dependency on libmodulemd1 >= 1.4.0-1~.
     + Add versioned run-time dependency on libmodulemd1 >= 1.4.0-1~ to dnf.
     + Add build dependency on python-enum34.
     + Add run-time dependency on python-enum34 to dnf.
     + Add recommended dependency on python3-unbound to python3-dnf.
     + Add run-time dependency on python-unbound to yum4.
     + Add run-time dependency on deltarpm to yum4.
     + Drop python*-iniparse dependencies.
     + Add run-time dependency on sqlite3 to dnf.
     + Rename yum4 binpkg to nextgen-yum4.
     + Make yum4 a transitional package.
     + Let nextgen-yum4 Break, Replace and Provide earlier yum4 packages.
     + Let dnf break dnf-plugins-core << 4.0.6-1~.
     + Add dependencies upon python3-hawkey.
     + Fix python3-dnf suggestion to python3-dnf-doc, not python-dnf-doc.
     + Change versioned dh dependency to >= 9~.
     + Add Vcs-{Browser,Git} tags.
     + Add Multi-Arch tags to binpkgs.
     + Drop {lib,}python3-dev build dependencies, we really only need the
       interpreter since no libraries are being generated/compiled.
     + Add python3 build dependency.
     + Split up dnf into dnf and dnf-data binpkgs to avoid circular
     + Let dnf depend upon dnf-data.
     + Change python3-dnf dependency from dnf to dnf-data, breaking the
       dependency loop.
   * debian/rules:
     + Make dh_missing fail on uninstalled files.
     + Create and use temporary home directory for tests.
     + Better quoting.
     + Stop creating tests/dnfpersist, cmake will already do that.
     + Remove yum compat files we do not want to install, because they are
       provided by the proper yum package. Roughly corresponds to dnf.spec's
       yum_compat_level = preview.
     + Remove automatic files we do not want to install because we do not need
       or want any automatic updates in Debian.
     + Drop Python 2 support.
     + Remove integrated copies of {jquery,underscore}.js.
     + Also remove dnf-automatic-3 binary.
     + Quote $@ variable in dh call.
     + Re-root HTML documentation to an "html" subdir.
     + Drop dh_bash-completion usage.
     + Pass BASH_COMPLETION_FALLBACKDIR to low-effortly support older distros.
     + Add run-time dependency upon python3-distutils or its former package
       libpython3-stdlib (but only if earlier than 3.7~) to python3-librepo.
   * debian/copyright:
     + Update.
   * debian/:
     + Rename yum4.install to nextgen-yum4.install.
     + Add nextgen-yum4.links.
     + Add dnf.links.
     + Remove nextgen-yum4.install, content moved to nextgen-yum4.links.
     + Add nextgen-yum4.lintian-overrides.
     + Add python3-dnf-doc.links.
     + Drop python-* files.
     + Add python3-dnf-doc.doc-base.
     + Drop dnf.bash-completion or rather move content to dnf.install. The build
       system already installs the file to the correct location in most
       occasions. For old distros, we can provide a workaround.
     + Add source/lintian-overrides.
     + Rename dnf.dirs to dnf-data.dirs.
     + Copy to
     + Add dnf-data.install.
   * debian/dnf.dirs:
     + Create additional directories in etc/dnf.
   * debian/dnf.install:
     + Install new dnf.modularity.7 man page.
     + Remove dnf.automatic.8 man page. We don't want automatic stuff on Debian.
   * debian/patches:
     + Refresh.
     + Drop 000140_tests-test_history_undo.py_use-testing-persistdir.patch
       since the whole test has been stubbed out.
     + Add 800000_etc_dnf_dnf.conf_revert-add-best-as-default-behavior-
           0d47031b4deb3167ecdab7b3c0f5a75142e5d8be.patch as applied by Fedora
       in order to not let dnf use the highest available version or just fail.
     + Add 800100_dnf_db_group.py_revert-consequences-of-fail-safe-mechanism-
           ff341af41b821280643af4d0954a5f2ae4e9adc8.patch as applied by Fedora
       to not error out when missing modular data, but rather just issue a
     + Add 800200_dnf_rpm___init__.py_revert-detection-for-armv7hcnl-
           4f4de67ccf8934af10e78eff1b532eb61e295151.patch as applied by Fedora
       to remove a yet-unknown architecture.
     + Add 000200_etc_bash_completion.d_CMakelists.txt_provide-custom-
           bashcompdir-fallback.patch allowing setting a fallback path if no
       cmake bash-completion config file is available.
   * debian/nextgen-yum4.links:
     + Create dnf-3 -> yum4 symlink.
     + Create dnf.8.gz -> yum4.8.gz symlink.
   * debian/dnf.links:
     + Create dnf-3 -> dnf symlink.
     + Create dnf-3 -> dnf symlinks for man pages.
   * debian/nextgen-yum4.lintian-overrides:
     + Ignore false-positive warning for a possible spelling mistake.
   * debian/python3-dnf-doc.links:
     + Replace {jquery,underscore}.js with system versions.
   * debian/
     + Adapt to new build directory.
     + Pull (newly-created) html directory instead of individual things.
   * debian/python3-dnf-doc.doc-base:
     + Register user manual and Python API documentation.
   * debian/source/lintian-overrides:
     + Silence warning about an "empty" section. Debian wants to ignore the
       existence of COPYING (and licensing) files, but I don't.
   * debian/dnf-data.install:
     + Split up/move content from dnf.install.

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