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Details about package dhcpcd5

Name: dhcpcd5 (PTS)
Uploader: Martin-Éric Racine <> (Debian QA page)
Description: dhcpcd-base - DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 dual-stack client (binaries and exit hooks)
dhcpcd - DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 dual-stack client (init.d script and systemd unit)
dhcpcd5 - DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 dual-stack client (dummy transitional package)

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Version: 9.5.2-1~deb12u1
Uploaded: 2023-07-26 07:52
Source package: dhcpcd5_9.5.2-1~deb12u1.dsc
Distribution: bookworm
Section: net
Priority: optional
Closes bugs: #1036085 #1036092 #1037190


 dhcpcd5 (9.5.2-1~deb12u1) bookworm; urgency=medium
   [ Martin-Éric Racine ]
   * Upstream maintenance release.
     Drop all patches. Merged or superseded upstream.
   * Migrate both VCS addresses to 5-less ones.
   * Backported Wheezy upgrade mitigation from unstable (Closes: #1037190).
     + Include /usr/share/dpkg/ needed for target version mingling.
     + Add epoch to bin:dhcpcd via override_dh_gencontrol.
       Wheezy had (1:3.2.3-11+deb7u1) so reintroduce the epoch for one target.
   [ Andreas Beckmann ]
   * Add dhcpcd.preinst to clean up upgrade leftovers from Wheezy.
   [ Shengjing Zhu ]
   * Drop Conflicts/Replaces dhcp-client (Closes: #1036085).
   * Drop deprecated ntpd integration (Closes: #1036092).
     No longer working since ntpd was superseded by ntpsec.

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